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  1. Thanks for all the feedback. I'd love to do the drive bit. But next week she's going into the bodyshop for a few month, to deal with the issues most 35yo 911's suffer.
  2. After finding that the new Bilstein inserts for my Boge struts come with a nice new shroud/dust cover to replace the holey old ones, I now have a very first world dilemma. They are a proud Bilstein green. So do I? a) Rattle can spray them black so they look like the originals, but they is a risk that however hard you prep, they may start flake after time. b) Leave them green, because nobody should see them unless you have the wheel off or peer under the arch.
  3. Only just seen your post, but did the same thing earlier today. A wrecking bar for leverage and then just wiggle them out, with a trolley jack underneath the cross member just to stop it flexing.
  4. Once all the bolts are out, torsion cap removerd, anti-roll bar off, etc. should the front control arm just pull out towards the front of the car? Mine seems stuck and I'm worried about bending the crossmember.
  5. I'm not convinced by the Foamex. I've put up many signs made from it and it doesn't grip staples well and they can tear it. When covering with leather/leatherette, you need to put some tension in it to avoid it sagging and looking like Nora Batty's stockings, that's what the staples are there for in the first place, rather than just glue. First I need to see if I can get the coverings of my old door cards without destroying them. Nothing ventured......
  6. Has anybody tried replacing the board in door cards? The leather(ette) on mine is in good condition, but the boards are warped and rotten in places. In an effort to be a bit more recycling/repair minded (and save some cash), I've thought about getting some 3mm hardboard and having a go, but wondering if anybody else had tried it?
  7. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll have a look at both.
  8. As part of the restoration of my 87 Targa, I need to replace a lower wishbone (MOT issue) and I thought at the same time I might as well give the front suspension and overhaul. I'm thinking:- Replace wishbone Install Turbo Tie Rods New Ball joints both sides New Bilstein Inserts Powerflex bushes, Wishbones, ARB and Strut Top Mount. New flexible Brake hoses Struts and remaining Wishbone powder coated. Wheel Bearings if needed. Is there anything anybody else would do at the same time? Is it worth removing the crossmember and getting that powder coated as well?
  9. My strut mounts bolts in are covered in gunky stuff, when Bentley talks about replacing the upper strut mount it says " Clean off sealing compound around strut mount plates and mark there locations on the inner fender." Anybody know what this sealing compound is?
  10. Thanks for that I was thinking it would be around the 1500-2000 range, but wanted to get some confirmation. She's not too bad in the usual spots, but one of the main reasons for getting sills (inner definitely gone) and bowls (possibly OK) done is because she has some bad rust at the join of the passenger side slam panel and rear wing at about door handle height. The result of a bad repair. So it makes sense to get everything done at once. Luckily there is an official OEM repair panel for the damaged part of the wing. I'm hoping the bodyshop can use that rather than forking out for an ent
  11. Decided that the old girls needs to get the kidney bowls and sills done, also has some corrosion on the passenger slam panel. It's is a bit of how long is a length of string question, but as a rough guide how much should I be looking at as a quote for a specialist body shop to replace these.
  12. Please do, I'd be interested in the quality of work they do as they aren't a million miles from me.
  13. Had a bit of an issue yesterday, I had my side lights on for about half an hour, when I smelt an electrical burning. I was only a couple of miles from home so got back and found that the headlights where on and couldn't be turned off, they go out when the ignition is off, but the headlight switch has no effect. Where would people recommend I start looking at the problem? Short in the headlight switch or wiring?
  14. Installed the Continental version last week, looks right.
  15. You would want something like this. https://www.autoelectricsupplies.co.uk/product/264/category/53 Would need 2 feeds, one from the lighting circuit and one from the door switch.
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