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  1. Hey there, I'm starting to prepare everything for reassembly and its the subject if cleaning! Cases, heads, cam carriers, valve covers....... Can people out there share their experiences, method against results with pictures if possible. Any hot tips what to avoid, what to clean afterwards, oil galleries piston squirters etc etc Looking forward to seeing and reading your experiences. Big thanks in advance! Steve
  2. Gezzer

    Turbo piston rings

    Thanks very much! I'll get them ordered, any idea for the best place to buy, original mahle is best I presume?
  3. Gezzer

    Turbo piston rings

    Thanks but I have 97mm bore, from an early 3.3 I guess.
  4. Hi there.....maybe someone can help me? I have a 3.1 sc-l from 1980 . The engine was factory produced using early turbo barrels, SC crank with high compression mahle pistons. As it was a special run spares are no longer available. I suspect the ring pack have the same dimensions as the standard early turbo, has anyone got a set of rings that they could measure for me? The pistons and barrels are in good condition, I will replate and hone the barrels but I want to be sure to order the correct rings. Many thanks in advance Steve
  5. Excellent tip, many thanks!
  6. Hi there, Looking to start (eventually) my engine restoration, i wonder if anyone has any tips or links for the the restoration of the fibreglass air duct? It's a red 3.0 item, 600 quid to replace... I guess gelcoat and cracks are reasonably straight forward to repair but what about the colour? Any tips or links gratefully received! Steve
  7. Gezzer

    3.1L factory option?

    Hey Paul, For the 3.2ss i spoke at length with the guy at EBS in the states. He can supply second hand 3.2 cylinders, re-plated with matched pistons of your choice. Stretching your 3.0 cylinders isn't really a great idea. More expensive is the Mahle kit or the Nickie's kit. EBS supply all of them. 964 cams are available easily as an affordable upgrade Quote from Don Weaver at EBS Note european fuel is higher quality so doesn't need twin plugging unless you go mad on the compression. Or go even bigger......... 🙂 Cheers Steve
  8. found some good gen on my hunt !! This from Porsche stuttgart classic dept hi i found this: we spook to an old master craftsmann who is retired now. He told us that the following modifications were done on these engines: -12 upper studs for cylinders changed against Dilavar-studs - cylinders and pistons changed from 95mm to 97mm (serial from 3,3 Turbo 930 103 973 00) - baffle plates from Turbo - compression ratio 9,8:1 with cylinder gasket 0,25 9,6:1 with cylinder gasket 0,5 - camshaft adjustment 0,9-1,1 - spark plugs changed from platin 260 to 265 - distributor with vacuum controlled advance (Bosch 0237306001) - fuel distributor changed to 10% higher ratio - clutch plate from 2,7l - van housing with impeller,pulley from 3,3l Turbo mit freundlichen Grüßen Marc Noack Teileverkauf Kundenzentrum-Classic
  9. Hi again, So i've been in contact with Porsche Belgium who confirm that the car and engine are matching!! It was delivered from the final assembly line as a 3.0 and the 3.1 kit was fitted in post delivery. Sadly there are no records and the dealer in Koblenz is out of business. P's and C's have been measured and are in spec so its looking good, I've been told the rings are the same as the 3.3 turbo so i'm going to order 1 set to check. Now i need to hunt down a good engineering shop to return the heads and bottom end. There was a nut missing of the oil pump and some dubious damage to the Intermediate drive gear.
  10. Gezzer

    3.1L factory option?

    Hi All, I just discover one.......in my garage!! I thought i had a parts bin engine but it turns out its another 3.1SC !!
  11. Wow, holy ****.........hahaha Now i started reading your comment with a bit of yeah yeah yeah...... Then i read it again...... Brain ticked slowly......It's been a long day Then i read this interesting article, https://www.excellence-mag.com/issues/180/articles/point-one#.XA_xlC2ZORs Then i went downstairs and found this !!! Block stamped as a 3.1 , uprated Bosch fuel distributer and a quick check of the original documents has it as 154KW @ 5800 and 3083cc but still calls it a 911 3.0!! Now that kind of changes the landscape!! Thanks jehatwhitland , you've made my day!! Only problem now is it would seem my hot-rod project is somewhat misguided and it'll now have to be a restoration!!
  12. OK so i've been in touch with EBS in the states again.... They recommend to junk the 97mm P&C's as they are not suitable for reboring. They've offered me a secondhand set of 3.2 barrels that they will rebore, plate and match to pistons! Half the price of a new set of 98mm nickies or the 98mm Mahle Thanks very much!! One issue sorted, next heads!
  13. So this gets more interesting!! I have discovered its fitted with 97mm turbo cylinders from a 3.3!! I'm not really sure if this is the way to go!!! This is turning into a real franken-motor!
  14. Hi Phil, Ive been following your thread with great interest, almost certainly going to follow you!! Thanks!
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