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  1. i went on one a couple of weeks ago with the family, at cowley it was well worth it, the sheer enormity, watching the robots in their 'cells' carrying out perfect welds, no humans allowed, eerie but amazing, literally raw sheet panels from swindon, turned into a perfect car 45 times an hour, you did see humans assembling the interiors, the guide said in the 60s cowley employed 28000, its now 2000 and i think they are looking to get that down, although its a great car, i still preferred the original in the museum when you go in. Well worth a visit.👍
  2. a 20 year lay up can be seen as good news, 20 years when it wasnt wearing itself out, well done
  3. yet another great buy andrew, hows the general all round shape of the car? p.s i love decals, they look right on all 911s, was never massive on a ducktail, but i can see it a lot clearer on this car.
  4. sc1982

    Sc Engine noise

    have you put the ht leads back on correctly
  5. sc1982

    oil pumps

    i think its fine
  6. sc1982

    oil pumps

    your car does exactly what mine did, oil pressure high when on cold start, then drops down on idle when warm, but needle lifts with revs.
  7. sc1982

    Targa time

    i dropped by yesterday to see this car, i can confirm that it is indeed , a very top restoration, i learnt more in an hour listening to Andrew, than i had in 3 years, you need to actually see the car, yeh the pictures are great, but when you do see it, you could be forgiven for thinking it had just rolled off the production line in 1983, the attention to detail and the parameters that are insisted upon, makes you look at other claimed 'restorations' in a different way.
  8. sc1982

    oil pumps

  9. sc1982

    oil pumps

    what part of the engine operates the pump?
  10. sc1982

    oil pumps

    i was told its only possible to fit a new one during a total strip down, i suppose its a mechanical device that is submerged in oil constantly, that not much can go wrong, i would want it changed if i had a full rebuild or if i bought a car that claimed a full rebuild. reading up, i found that they can break, but mostly when another component breaks and the debris destroys them, so maybe a top end rebuild protects the oil pump from those components breaking and destroying it.
  11. sc1982

    oil pumps

    when you hear of cars that have had an engine rebuild, lets say a full rebuild, would it be standard procedure to change the oil pump? i sometimes wonder why people only have a 'top end' done, when this vital component of the oil pump could need changing, or is this pump bulletproof and as long as the oil is clean, it would just keep going?
  12. sc1982


    how much would a specialist charge to supply and fit a new air-box?
  13. sc1982


    i met andrew911sc, when he bought my spoiler, he is clever, decent bloke, knows his mechanics. My spelling is great, my mechanics are less than average.
  14. the beauty of a coupe is you can open the roof, you have the best of all worlds.
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