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  1. You can find the requirements in their website if you go to the downloads section of each lift model. For example, for this lift: the requirements are https://twinbusch.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=155#horizontalTab2
  2. Interesting. I'm more interested in protection against walls and armcos like in your point 2. For the fibreglass bumpers to be somewhat effective, did you mount them onto the stock bumper tubes?
  3. That was my feeling... If I'm not mistaken they represent about 35 kg of weight saving and a reduction of moment of inertia. The gains are appealing...
  4. Please post photos! I'm also looking at Twin Busch lifts. They seem to have competitive pricing and they seem good enough for the home mechanic. Did you pour a large concrete slab on your garage floor? I'm unsure about the thickness/strenght of the concrete floor in my garage but I suspect it is not as thick as Twin Busch requires in their documentation.
  5. Not yet. I'm still pondering whether the weight benefit is worth it compared to the chances of deforming the chassis in an impact. What's the general opinion around here about fibreglass bumpers? Is there a significant loss in bumper effectiveness?
  6. WP0ZZZ

    Preferred tyre choice

    I’ve been looking for S-02 in 245 for my 951 and haven’t been able to find them. Have they stopped manufacturing them in that size?
  7. I guess I made the word up 😆This is what I meant:
  8. Just for fun I calculated the bending stiffness of two flat panels of equal weight: one made out of plywood and one made of aluminium. A 3-ply birch panel (3.6 mm thickness) oriented in the right direction has about 11 times the bending stiffness of a flat aluminium panel of the same weight. However, in the perpendicular direction (i.e. with the bending load not aligned with the fibres on the "skins") the plywood panel is about 30% less stiff than the aluminium panel of the same weight. A 5-ply birch panel (6.4 mm thickness), however, is about 11 times stiffer in the strong direction and about 4 times stiffer in the weak direction. It would be interesting to compare those numbers with a dimple died aluminium panel. I guess aluminium would become much more competitive.
  9. Can you tell the brand/model of the tyres from the pictures?
  10. Thanks for all the information. So, if I have understood correctly, the Heigo bars like the one in SP72's link bolt directly to already existing seat belt mounts but their stiffness/strenght is inferior to that of bars atached to plates welded to the chassis. It seems like a hard decision. On the one hand I like the idea of not welding into the chassis but on the other I'm comitting to this car as a project for many years to come and maybe it's better to do it right from the beginning... I have seen that 997 GT3s have two lugs projecting forward on the roll bar to which it is possible to temporarily/permanently attach the front part of a roll cage. Is there anything similar for impact bumper 911s? It would be very handy for me since I can't get through an MOT with the front part of the roll cage installed
  11. I would like to install a 4-point half-cage with a harness bar in my SC. Since I use it exclusively for track and fast road driving, I figure that the added safety of the cage, bucket seats and harness is worth the effort. My main question is: bolted or welded? Other than that I will appreaciate any insight that you might have on brands, installation, etc. Cheers.
  12. Exactly, my thoughts. For fine adjustement you need to tweak length on both threads of each track rod. Adjusting, length only on the outer thread is too coarse.
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