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  1. Maybe now there are better options for racing. I imagine that in the late 60s buying a 911 S and racing it for a season cost more than a house at the time! The idea of driving to a race made me think of the PR stunt from Porsche with the 997.2 GT3 RS that they drove to the Nurburgring and raced in the 24h!
  2. Do you mean modifying the gear ratios?
  3. I was very encouraged when I saw this video but his method didn't work for me even when using an impact wrench
  4. This is very worrying. Any hypothesis as to why they failed so early? I'm halfway through replacing the 4 CV joints in my SC and maybe I should re-install the old boots on the new joints rather than use the new boots that came with the kit...
  5. Then I guess the "sports purpose" moniker has evolved from mainly racing to mainly sporty driving on the road.
  6. That was an interesting read. Makes the forthcoming SSIs with larger diameter tubes look even more interesting! Re the comment about cars feeling stronger after driving them hard than after a month of just driving to the supermarket, I have felt that with most cars. I wonder if it's more about the driver mind being positive and confident rather than the actual car performance. PS. I merged the pdfs into a single file but since the last forum restructuring I seem unable to attach files to my posts.
  7. I don't have any personal experience with those engines. But I'm planning to start modifying my stock 3.0 at some point next year 😃
  8. crazy 😲 Do you have any particular preference for Schrick over Pauter rockers? Schrick vs stock: https://lnengineering.com/products/rocker-arms/single-billet-911-rocker-std-ratio-dlc-coated-swivel-feet-adj-not-inc.html With 10:1 and twin plugs, will you get into knock problems when tuning the advance?
  9. Am I right in thinking that those "sports purposes" 911s from the late 60s and early 70s were used mainly for racing?
  10. Wow, that's hard porn! A couple of questions if you don't mind: 1. How hard are you going to rev it? 2. What compression ratio are you going to get with the new Mahles and rods?
  11. That was a nice read. I'm still impressed that Jack's car is quickest than a frikin 991 GT3.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I prefer the simple look of the hook welded around the removable bracket. I'll put it on my to do list and give it a go with my underused welding machine 😅
  13. As someone who spent 15 years driving mostly within the tyres' limit of adhesion, doing a couple of slippery track courses totally changed my perspective about car control. It showed me how unprepared I was. I'm still pretty much a beginner but I'm much more comfortable now:
  14. Do you know if this sort of tow hook is commercially available? It would be very handy for a lowered car.
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