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  1. Interesting. I'll keep an eye on those. It's not everyday that we get a new tire in 245/45 R16! Oooops! I just checked and they don't make it in 225/50 R16 so no luck for my 951
  2. You can also buy them from (possibly cheaper if those prices in the email don't include VAT). I seem to remember that JZM in the UK was going to sell 15 and 16 inch Fuchs but I'm not 100% sure.
  3. Everyone I know who has tried the A052 on track has been blown away by their performance. However, I would be hesitant to use them on a car that's driven mainly on the road.
  4. In that case I would be quite surprised if it performed better than a modern tyre like the Toyo TR1.
  5. Do you know if the current A008P has an updated rubber compound compared to the original?
  6. Really nice piece of jewellery but, if it needs to be watercooled, I still prefer a 997.
  7. It's been a while but I finally got to check the oil temperature gauge. I submerged the oil sensor of the engine on a little pan with olive oil heated to 150 C and monitored the car temperature gauge as the oil cooled down. Sensor and gauge seem ok so it appears that the car's oil was indeed running hot after 5 fast laps at about 30 deg ambient temperature. The brass tube radiator up front was very hot when I checked with an IR thermometer. What would be the next thing to check in your opinion? Is there a way to check that the engine oil cooler is working properly?
  8. Aha! That must be where I had seen it recently. I didn't remember. For those not on Instagram, this is from 22 January: "Hi guys. Hope you are all staying safe. We got the first 41mm prototypes send out for testing and we are working on new SSI projects, so stay tuned. We just want to show you a special tool we got from John back in the days. It’s an alignment tool for our big flange. Once in place in the jig to the last mm. Then they are hammered so the header tube expands in the flange - and trust us, it is stuck for good."
  9. WP0ZZZ

    Lightweight SC

    Your car looks great! It's quite similar to mine. Although I'm yet to get those great narrow body SC/RS bumpers.
  10. I know this is an old thread but do you have any news on these?
  11. Maybe now there are better options for racing. I imagine that in the late 60s buying a 911 S and racing it for a season cost more than a house at the time! The idea of driving to a race made me think of the PR stunt from Porsche with the 997.2 GT3 RS that they drove to the Nurburgring and raced in the 24h!
  12. Do you mean modifying the gear ratios?
  13. I was very encouraged when I saw this video but his method didn't work for me even when using an impact wrench
  14. This is very worrying. Any hypothesis as to why they failed so early? I'm halfway through replacing the 4 CV joints in my SC and maybe I should re-install the old boots on the new joints rather than use the new boots that came with the kit...
  15. Then I guess the "sports purpose" moniker has evolved from mainly racing to mainly sporty driving on the road.
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