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  1. I'm translating the page of tuned crate engines from Mittlemotor. Some serious drooling going on now... https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=de&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.mittelmotor.de%2Fracing%2Fde%2F10-1-motor%2F0-112-kurbelwelle%3Fstart%3D5
  2. An excellent way to sell a few more after the "limited" edition.
  3. Sounds like a great idea, should we start a specific thread for that? Makes a lot of sense. Would be a pity to get it wrong...
  4. It would be interesting but I doubt we are ever going to get a good and fair comparison. I suspect that there is not one ITB solution that is clearly better than the rest and performance will depend on a multitude of parameters such as cams, exhaust, ignition, map, etc. Is it 34 mm for Euro cars from 1980?
  5. If I'm not mistaken, Jenvey manufactures 2-bolt ITBs in two sizes: for 34 mm intake ports and for 41 mm intake ports. Does anyone remember the diameter of the SC's intake ports? I seem to remember that it changed depending on the year.
  6. Makes total sense. Paul Stephens has a structure and a marketing machine that adds market value to a car.
  7. There are many good ones. I would first pick the engine tuner and then ask which ECUs they are familiar with.
  8. I agree with everything you said. In my opinion MFI is beautifully unecessary. A bit like mechanical watches.
  9. If it weighed less than 1200 kg I could do with that look. It's less ugly than a McLaren Senna...
  10. Same story for me. I'm obsessed with Porsche: I've spent 10 years where my only cars have been Porsches, I currently own three and at times I've had four. 95% of my car books are about Porsche. My electronic library of Porsche technical documentation is 15 gigabytes and has almost 10000 files. I have many Porsche-themed t-shirts. I've worked for Porsche. I only read Porsche forums... Yet, my favourite car is the Ferrari F40.
  11. That's one way to see it, but I arrive at the ITB/EFI modification from another angle. If I could afford it, my aircooled 911 would have an RSR engine from the 70s with mechanical injection and I would make sure that it's kept in top condition by a mechanical injection guru. But since I can't afford it I have decided to settle for ITBs (similar to those in an RSR) and EFI which does the same job as the mechanical injection but the expertise to tune it is more readily available!
  12. Thanks for sharing that, I didn't know that Stuttgart Classica were offering kits like that. Although I agree with @Phill that the Rasant kits look better. I believe that a kit like that could be used on an SC as well. Once you remove all the factory intake and injection, the 3.0 engine of an SC and the 3.2 engine of a Carrrera look quite similar! What sort of fettling and customising do you typically need to do?
  13. Really nice, thanks for sharing. I’m at the planning stage of converting my SC to EFI and ITBs and the packages from Rasant look very interesting. Do you know of any European company offering similar kits?
  14. I'm very excited about this car. This level of obsession for low weight is rarely seen! This design feature reminds me of the F40:
  15. By the numbers it sounds pretty low but it doesn't look so low in the detail pictures. Do you have sideview picture of the car?
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