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  1. Not sure if it has been shared before. Weighs 1850 according to the owner. He says "it's flickable" but can not manage to make the rear end slide...
  2. WP0ZZZ

    Oil Cooling

    Exactly. I'm now evaluating whether it's simpler/cheaper to change the stock SC front heat exchanger for a 3.2 style one change the oil lines running from the engine to the stock SC heat exchanger add a second oil heat exchanger to be extra safe and ready for the day when I upgrade the engine
  3. WP0ZZZ

    Oil Cooling

    It was probably a decision based on cost... I have to say that in normal operation oil temperatures are perfectly fine. Yesterday, however, was quite hot and track driving put a thermal stress far beyond what I can achieve when driving fast on a public road! I have been looking at Elephant Racing finned oil lines. They are made out of brass which is a good thermal conductor. About 5 metres of finned oil lines exposed to airflow (I don't have rocker panels) could be a nice radiator in itself Has anyone around here tried them?
  4. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!
  5. WP0ZZZ

    Oil Cooling

    At motorway speeds temperature is below 9 o'clock.
  6. WP0ZZZ

    Oil Cooling

    Thanks for all the comments. Later today, I'll check whether the front radiator gets hot. Something that I didn't mention and might be relevant is that when I bought the car the oil lines had been replaced with rubber hoses with external metal braiding. Although I removed the rocker panels (which should improve line cooling), I think that the rubber lines might less energy dissipation than the originals... Not sure if it's useful but in normal motorway traffic the oil temp gauge was below 9 o'clock although I guess that in this case all the energy dumping could be handled by the engine mounted cooler alone?
  7. WP0ZZZ

    Oil Cooling

    I did a trackday with my SC today with temps just south of 30 C and after a few hot laps the oil temperature was reaching the red line. I have the conventional SC front oil radiator: Would the Carrera 3.2 radiator be a significant improvement?
  8. Removable Bluetooth speaker to keep me entertained on the 100 mile trip to the track.
  9. Just out of curiosity, what are those brackets for?
  10. Quick question: what's the ideal oil level for track driving on an SC?
  11. The problem with losses that is stated in the article can be avoided by asking for wheel horsepower. But there are other corrections that are sometimes applied such as atmospheric pressure, temperature...
  12. Wait, different tyres on different axles? Now I can see the poo pooing coming! 😉
  13. F*cking brilliant. Thanks Beru...
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