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  1. Hi Jay, Yes I have both, I’ll send you a PM. Thanks, Matt
  2. Hi Chris, No problem I’ll PM you. Matt
  3. Thanks Chris, PM on its way. Matt
  4. Hi, A few bits sat in a box I would like to see gone! Pricing as always is subjective and I'm happy to be told its over priced and willing to take an offer (for all would be great!) as I'm guessing on the prices. Head lamp lens - looks brand new but may have the odd mark - £30 Indicator lens - 2 x side repeater (non Gen) new. The pair - £5 Indicator lens - 2 x front bumper (1 has a slight star chip, the other is in better shape but both used) the pair - £5 Idle Control Valve - Used (fitted a new one as had a revving on idle, new one made no difference but couldn't return so left on the car) - £20 Speaker covers - (both have cracks but I believe you can have the plastic 'printed' but need the centers) the pair - £10 Sill end cap (new - drivers side) - £15 Jacking point cover (used) - the pair £5 Door Striker Plate Drivers side (new) - £30 Rear quarter stone guards clear (pair) - £20 Distributor cap & rotor arm (cap - 1 spring doesn't hold the cap down - you maybe able to fix it) £5 All plus P&P. Thanks, Matt Head lamp lens Indicator repeaters Indicator Lens Idle control valve Speaker covers Sill end cap Jacking point cover Door striker plate Stone guards Dizzy and rotor arm
  5. Matts

    Fuchs 8 & 7 x 16

    Hi Ian & Longman, I agree there are alternatives and I was open to offers, it was more of a post to say that they hadn’t gone. I wasn't in a rush to sell but had an offer this morning and now sold 😀 Thanks, Matt
  6. Matts

    Fuchs 8 & 7 x 16

    Still for sale, no offer made.
  7. Hi Martin, Not a great deal but they are now not sat on my desk 😀 Matt
  8. Matts

    Fuchs 8 & 7 x 16

    Hi Martin, The tyres are OLD (10 year++ I wouldn't recommend using them) Yes open to offers, PM me. Thanks, Matt
  9. Sorry Martin they sold on eBay yesterday.
  10. Matts

    Wheel Arch Liners

    Hi Matt, Great i’ll pm you. Matt
  11. Matts

    Wheel Arch Liners

    Hi Matt, They are narrow body, I couldn’t remember how much I paid but as you say it looks like £70 + shipping. Thanks, Matt
  12. Matts

    Wheel Arch Liners

    Yes, still available.
  13. Matts

    Wheel Arch Liners

    Hi, Selling a set of wheel arch liners, not used and still have the original delivery sticker on. I think I paid £90, happy to be corrected, looking for the same + postage or collection from Northampton area. Thanks, Matt
  14. Matts

    Fuchs 8 & 7 x 16

    Hi Rohantha, Thanks for asking but at present I’d prefer to sell them as a set. Matt
  15. Any offers before they go on eBay?

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