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  1. Defo going rear view mirror or no rear view mirror 😌
  2. I was absently Monday cleaning my interior when I knocked the rear view mirror off the windscreen! And can I get it stuck back on? Of course not. Basically I've tried to reflux it back on but it falls off because the mirror is too heavy. If I can get the Circular bracket off and stick that back on it might work I've tried using Loctit to glue it Can anyone recommend how to get this circular bracket off or a better way to do it??? Thank you
  3. Now listed on eBay but if anyone wants it let me know
  4. Open to offers this forum has been good to me 😎
  5. Bought with a plan to retrofit to my SC but I've decided it's not worth the effort The arm has paint chips so will need a repaint Not sure of the date but pretty sure it will fit SC's and later Carreras The guy I bought it from said the motor was working fine when he had it, but to be honest I haven't tested it Does £150 sound reasonable? You can either collect free from North London Muswell Hill or I can post it all to you for an additional £4.50 postage
  6. I bought my 82 SC a couple of years ago and used Andy Prill to carry out a detailed inspection including a test drive. His report was excellent and allowed me to negotiate with the dealer and they ended up doing a considerable amount of work inc full service, 4 new tyres, 4 new koni shocks and quite a few other bits and bobs - all at no extra cost His report was very comprehensive and gave me a lot of confidence through the buying process.
  7. Yup I think it's the amp I found so I need to look under the front footwell for the tuner unit
  8. I unplugged a unit under the seat and I thought this was it but apparently not
  9. Just removed my non functioning Blaupunkt Bamberg QTS Radio/Cassette for repair but I can't see the tuner unit. Anyone know where this might be located? Thanks
  10. @Kev tbh I'm not sure - it was an US import so probably fitted by the dealer - there's no mention of air con fitted on my CoP. I had it disconnected but this is something I bitterly regretted last summer Lol. If I was going to do anything I'd get one of Jonny's fitted 😎
  11. We took some oil out and now I've got the SC back again thanks again everyone They filled it on a cold engine 😱 I've learnt my lesson!
  12. No - a local garage did it - but they are going to sort it
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