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  1. Why? All he's going to say is I said hip hop hippie to the hippie the hip hop and you don't stop..................
  2. Hi, Does anyone have photos ,or a schematic of the wiring to the three door switchs for an 83 turbo.........probably the same as any Euro spec car for that year with electric windows? regards Graham
  3. Going back to the Windscreen issue i have just had National windscreens turn up to replace the screen on my 83 turbo three times before they arrived I told them what screen it has ( green with green top tint and HEATED!) So tbh it was no surprise that they turned up with a non heated screen but with built in antenna (single wire) Upon speaking to the office they told me a correct screen was £1024 ! And that my insurance company capped the price of a screen at £500. Funny I said.......it's £275 on Design 911s site!....... that fell on deaf ears. i spoke with the ins co and they told me that I can buy a screen and have it fitted independently then as long as the total isn't over £500 and I pay the £90 screen excess that they will then refund me on receipt of the invoices........can I be bothered or do I just fit a screen without the elements in it. After all it will never see ice ha ha
  4. Looks the spit of the one I just refurbed on my 83 turbo
  5. You may well be right Busybee! I could it seems put it on the open market and maybe get a little Moore but........I am not either greedy or desperate and would like to see it go to someone on here.
  6. Well Mr Gander youre getting warm!
  7. Well Gents it appears I was a little off the mark with my guesstimate!, I am just waiting for the shop who are building my engine to remove the Fabspeed equipment off the engine and it will be ready to say goodbye to. i really appreciate your thoughts and input regards Graham
  8. Youre Right Ivan ! 930 turbo although the invoice does state regards Graham
  9. I will shortly be selling the engine I removed from my car that was installed when I bought it i put around 500 miles on it until I stripped the car for a bare metal rebuild last year. The engine performed superbly as you would expect. it will come with everything apart from the starter motor, and tinware the clutch it will have an original used exhaust system which is all good The Fabspeed parts are being put on my other (matching numbers for my car) engine The engine for sale was rebuilt by Ninemeister back in 2012 but has only covered some 2000 miles since as it was in a car that was written off just after the rebuild and sat around until it got put in my car after the engine I am having rebuilt failed. I am thinking that it's got to worth around £15k what do you guys think?
  10. Well done Oliver! Nothing ever cheap on these cars! The proverbial can of worms........so you never really pinpointed the actual single guilty component?
  11. Of course on a 930 turbo that rope is at least twice the length depicted 😂🤣
  12. So you are right Northy, I just called Powerflex and the grease supplied with their bushes is a PTFE Silicone grease which is apparently specially formulated and should NOT require re applying ! They told me that this grease cannot be obtained separately but if you ever feel the need to regressed they would gladly send you some free gratis ...........which they are doing for me because one pack of the bushes I bought from them has the grease sachet missing! so there you are folks
  13. Would this be a suitable lube for poly bushes Gents?
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