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  1. I think I may have to resort to getting a plain white one and painting the crest. Not looking forward to that task. But looking on the internet, several white cars with white wheels have coloured crests. If someone did indeed paint them they did go into a lot of effort.
  2. Thanks for all the replies. I have attached a picture of mine. Has anyone got a similar one for sale? Sumudu
  3. Hope everyone is keeping safe. Does anybody have a white Fuch wheel centre cap with a coloured crest for sale? Unfortunately one of mine has come off and I cannot find one which matches the other three anywhere among the usual sellers. Thanking in advance Sumudu
  4. I have a pair of dark blue pinstripe Recaro front seats for sale. I was told that they came off a 3.2 IB car, but I think they are originally from a 928. But they are exactly same as the ones in a 911. There is a slight difference in the connections to the electric motors under the seats, but the external appearance is the same. My car has pinstripe seats. The bolster on the drivers side is worn. I bought these seats from ebay to replace them. But unfortunately when I brought them home I realised that they are a different colour. Mine are black and these are a kind of navy blue. Yes-Oops. Overall they are of pretty good quality. There is a small cigarette burn on the seat of the left sided seat and some thinning of the fabric on the bolster. One of the handles are also missing. (All pictured) I spent around £780 for the pair. Happy to let go at cost or the best offer if reasonable. Please ring or message me on 07947214594. I am based in Liverpool and they will need to picked up. They can be transported in a car, but with some difficulty. (I learnt the hard way- 3 scratches in my car).
  5. "6" in 46 means it is the 1986 model and I think "4" implies it is 4 channel? unit. Read somewhere that it was how Blaupunkt named their units.
  6. Thanks for the replies guys. After several months of looking, I managed to find one on ebay today! There appears to be a number of different types of windscreens with several part numbers. Hope the one which I got fits. Nige- I have never claimed for a windscreen before. Would it make a difference to the premium next year?
  7. Hi all, My car (1986 911 3.2) developed a 5 cm hairline crack after being hit by a ?stone. Does anyone have a windscreen with a built in aerial which is no longer needed? Thanks in advance
  8. SB1

    Car boot finds

    Hi Andrew, I paid £600 of a SQR46 on ebay around one year ago. Think "6" in 46 implies that it is the 1986 model. Just out of interest, how much did you pay for it?
  9. Hi Russ This chap has one for sale. https://www.chromelondon.com/86-88-blaupunkt-toronto-sqr-46-stereo-radio-cassette--mint-warranty--porsche-aston-martin-mercedes-maserati--ferrari-rolls-5275-p.asp They are a bit difficult to find. Took me about 6 months to find one on ebay and paid £600. Sumudu
  10. Hi, Could I have the 1987 brochure please, thanks
  11. Does anybody have black pinstripe fabric seats for a 3.2 for sale? I need a drivers seat. Please message me if you do. Thanks

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