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  1. Just went to borrow the lead off my car to try on another car which isn't working..the leed fell to bits .the other leads are all looking good and tidy metal around the out side.anyways thought I would ask if any one has a spare one i can buy off you .. just so i can keep the car running .. and once I'm using the car I will go throught the whole ignition system..
  2. My friend was around.. he told me a story about a ghynwho had a few cars and every day he would take the outbth garage to work on other ones and put them back said the screw his engine one day when he went out in it. He laughed at me for not driving it .. he also said it needs a run up to tempiture and so so on... he also advised just sort it out when I'm going to use it so maybe I take the fuel out off it also as that's no good for it either .. 1st world problems ... I will leave it. Thanks form the help. At least its starts.
  3. http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/997272-911-sc-no-spark-solved.html A good little read might help someone in the future.
  4. After watching a utube video I'm thinking it might just be a spark plug needs replacing..
  5. Yes I will thanks I'm sure it just had one just before I bought it but yes good idea. Lucky inhavent been driving this car as hmm not sure how far I would off gotten firstbthebair box then the fuse and then thenrustbin the tank and blocked fuel pump, really if anyone buys an old car imagine you would need to check all off this before had. I started it again today.. a little bit off say off a cough say on the first turn. But once fired up say the next 6 start stops fire up great. I will change the filter.. I'm just happy it's not like it was. And it starts.. so in the future a good clean
  6. Yes I started it this morning was fine. And then again with battery on charge over the day. Started again at 10 pm was a lot colder seemed okay again.. Will try again in the morning.. yes I should change the fuel filter I has cleaned the one out in the tank. And be4 the fuel pump was blocked with rust so I imagine the filter in the engine coukdmbe the same.. I would like to do fuel pressure test at some point.. and check the wur mesh. I'll keep,standing it and once instant driving it I will go through fine tune all.. just want it keep it ticking over and starting as much as I can.. I sort off
  7. This might just be that the car hasn't run for months and old fuel it started fine this morning after battery also had a charge again over night. Will keep starting it from cold every morning and hopefully the problem irons it's self out but I should check the coil and the wur for blocked .. I'm hoping things just got a little sticky and now the new fuel is cleaning it out..
  8. I'm working on the other car and mate was over and no spark from the coil so got one out off two is ignition ... Will try check the coil first and points gap clean all up..
  9. Okay last time I left car for 3 months it was rusty blocked fuel pump and tank and filter. I cleaned all that out and whoop whoop off fired her up and kept that up each few week. And she was fine. Hasn't been started for 3 months.. I know just cannot leave them but I have. So once she's warmed up she started fine.. I'll prob answer my own question here injectors WUR. I have changed the fuel this time as thatsbwhat I was doing last time but got court up with fixing and getting going. So I have just taken the fuel out and add Essos 97 super unleaded, which seems to be ethanol free even if
  10. All back in went to check it.. with turning the key nothing. I was like stuff .. when to check it jumping no6 nothing took battery out connected straight to pump worked . Battery back in their again no6 fuse jumping Nothing touch the red solenoid and it started so the red one is new as I thought that was the problem when I got the car. But no.. but now it's loose connection...starts fine now.. fired up started away could hear bumbling air at the engine with fuel going through.. I have put the old tank back in and the old pump.. I don't use the car and after my mate saying most tanks a rusty i
  11. I just ordered a new tank.. I can never see the rust not coming back...
  12. Yes thinking off new tank now, which fuel filter do u things best not to restrict fuel flow. Many thanks
  13. I just put a chain in and gave it a shack.. loads off rust on top that you cannot see. So prob best new dansak tank or inspection hatch.. prob go for new tank.
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