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  1. The N-260 in northern Spain is superb (although bear in mind I've only done it on motorcycles or in a Caterham Seven - it's that kind of road). Reasonable/nice places to stay/see: Hotel Terradets on the lakeside at Cellers, south of Tremp on the C-13 Lunch or coffee stop at La Morera in Castejon de Sos on the N-260 (and get a sticker for the car) The Plaza Mayor up in the old town in Ainsa is a lovely square for lunch. There's a public car park a short walk from the square. Also a choice of three smart hotels up there, if you're feeling flush, one of which has its own und
  2. Yes, I'd forgotten about bushes. I replaced all mine with SuperPro polybushes - another very worthwhile upgrade. Turbo track rod ends on the steering rack too - eliminates slack.
  3. It all depends on what you want from the car (I backdated and lightweighted mine) but generally, I'd say: - the single best thing I've done to my car is to fit Bilstein dampers: Sportstrasse (fast road), which are colour coded yellow these days - then lower it (maybe 20mm or so) and set the rake, camber, caster and toe, using more camber than standard (lots of advice on this forum) - fit the Classic Retrofit CDI+ ignition box (using an early, black, Bosch coil, which your car probably already has). Then if you go for 964 cams, get an ignition map from Classic Retrofit, with fi
  4. In the late '70s, my group of mates (so not family cars): Sunbeam Alpine, Mk 1 Capri, Morris Minor (with a supercharged A-Series engine), 1600 Beetle, Bond Bug, Ford Pop (with 2.0 Pinto engine), and two of us with Mk1 Escorts. Diverse indeed.
  5. Yes, nice looking car. An '83 SC is superb, trust me!
  6. OMG, that's gorgeous. And do I see Blue Dots in the rear lenses?!
  7. Thank you, guys. My car also suffers the door check strap clicking, so I will use your solution. Cheers!
  8. On my SC (if my memory's not playing tricks on me) the wire for the door switch comes from 'behind' (i.e. forward of, strictly speaking) the dash, so it goes downwards (a bit) towards the door switch.
  9. I've been in touch with the manufacturer, and based on 10 narrow-body sets and 5 wide-body sets of wheel arch liners, they've quoted: Narrow-body set £83.50 + VAT = £100.20 Wide-body set £87.00 + VAT = £104.40 ... both 'ex works', i.e. not delivered. Now, I'm not sure quite how this would work, but assuming Lukas is not in the UK and if people are relying on me to collect and despatch the liner sets, then last time the myHermes delivery cost was £6.49 per set within the UK; plus there'll be petrol & wrapping costs on top; so I would reckon that adds maybe £13 to £15 per
  10. Had the Oxf-AZ jab on Sunday evening (invitation letter, being over 60), very mild reaction on Monday afternoon, since then I've felt fine.
  11. Hi, Lukas, I'm happy to email the manufacturer and ask for prices. On your lists above, I think SteveE was making his own wheel arch liners, and it might be that Andy911 got a set from David Gander. @David GanderDid that happen? But having 10 narrow-body and five wide-body sets would be good, as they are best cut in sets of five at a time.
  12. I understand Julian Reap's backlog is about 12 months now, so it might be a long wait.
  13. Edd China answering interview questions, including why he left Wheeler Dealers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-41nLtleX0 Forgive me if you've seen it already, but here's the pilot for his Garage Revival show featuring a Mk1 Golf GTi in Norway (where they have somewhat tougher regulations). Great to see the footage of the modded car being driven in the snow.
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