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  1. Tremendous photos. Thanks.
  2. In the saga of building my 3.0 SC, we bought ducktails from several people and found that the EB Motorsport one was the best.
  3. Indeed, great looking cars, and love the 356's number plate.
  4. Well, it's Saturday now, so I've made alternative plans for tomorrow.
  5. Looks great, and thank you for the maps.
  6. Yes, please, Spongebob. I'd like the ticket.
  7. I went just for the Sunday and thought it was very good. I found the marshalling friendly and I thought the car parking arrangements were excellent - well thought out. People (some of whom I knew, others I was meeting for the first time) were keen to chat, and enough interesting cars ... all in all, a good event. Incidentally, chatting to the guy who built the 917 was especially educational, e.g. getting a car where the driver's feet are forward of the front axle line through IVA to the point of road registration ... building a front crash structure in a 917 ... providing CAE simulated 30mph crash test data to VOSA ... inspiring. Well done, that man. Must add: I have no affiliation with Boxengasse.
  8. GimmeShelter

    Backdate Time

    Gorgeous car, great attention to detail! Love it.
  9. Just caught up with this thread. Haith, what a fantastic car, well done!!
  10. I've just had a similar conversation with a very nice lady at the Sporthotel Exclusive in San Vigilio. She said that Barbara is not there at the moment, but she has seen the emails coming through and will reply to them very soon. Incidentally, I stayed at a hotel in this region a few years ago. It too was run by a German-speaking family, and I learned that the whole region is German-speaking (because of the former Austro-Hungarian empire, apparently). We also drove through three valleys where they speak modern-day versions of Latin, known as Ladin. And to think that we all thought Latin was as dead as dead can be ... The whole area is stunningly beautiful.
  11. I've just spoken with Anke at the hotel My Tirol, to check that she'd received my email. She said she has received quite a few Gruppe Bernau emails and will be replying to them all this afternoon.
  12. This is what the car looks like. Stance seems OK, I think.
  13. Oh, and clearance under the front undertray (ballasted, as it says in the photo above) is 105mm. Which maybe is a bit low. On the other hand, it didn't scrape on those dreadful square speed bumps on the local road that I have to use to get home.
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