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  1. Oh, you lucky man! Great looking car, love it in Peru Red. Looking foward!
  2. Ha! That's nothing! Round here (Newbury, West Berks), the authorities have adopted a protocol whereby if there's any roadside work (e.g. a manhole cover in the pavement), they close that side of the road and put up cones and temporary traffic lights. I'm not making this up. The cones & lights appear to go up the day before and are taken down the day afterwards, so one day of work on the pavement becomes three days (and two nights, for gawd's sake) of temporary traffic lights. At any one time, there are four or five roads locally like this. How's that for a rant? Perhaps I should go into the traffic light rental business.
  3. I think the cream horn was my favourite, or maybe the lemon drizzle cake ...?
  4. Same issue as Nige. Air con in all the cars (inc the IB), so that might explain it. Just ordered some isopropyl alcohol, so thank you!
  5. That bodyshell just gets better and better looking as time goes by. Love the recessed headlights.
  6. Great fabrication. And cakes, too. You've invented fabricaketion.
  7. Riviera Autobody in Ewelme, Oxfordshire OX10 6HQ. You can see what they do from their website, rivieraautobody.co.uk (but better to call the mobile than fill in the form).
  8. Great when plans come together so well - well done!
  9. If you've the patience, you can use adhesive-backed chrome film (available as a roll of wide tape) and cut separate pieces to fit into each panel of the light boxes. Tedious, but it works.
  10. Then, being a bear of little brain, after getting more glue on me than the workpiece, I realised the right answer was to peel it back a bit at a time and spray just a section and press it back into place: Then push the edges into place, using a round-ended trim tool: And amazingly, the finished result looks remarkably professional, so I'm pleased. Hopefully it'll last another 17 years before it falls on me again ...
  11. So, to address the 'falling headlining' issue, I purchased some 10mm scrim (a new term to me) foam and cut it to shape: Then using Livedale Trimbond spray adhesive, I glued it to the leather panel and offered it up in a trial fitting: For some reason, that last photo keeps rotating upside down, no matter what I try to do to correct it. The car wasn't really on its roof.
  12. I just feel the need to say another thank you to Jonny Hart, 'cos the Electrocooler air con has made my SC usable during this heatwave, so much so that it's been my daily driver this summer. In fact, here it is, on a journey through Wales, when I decided to take the scenic route past Talyllyn, recently:
  13. Yes. Add on a couple of hundred for glass removal & re-installation.
  14. Depending on where you are, it might be worth giving Northway Porsche a call. It seems to me that engine rebuilds are still coming in at around £10k - £12k from what I hear. Full paint is maybe £3k to £5k - the upper end typically includes some corrosion correction.
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