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  1. GimmeShelter

    RS Door Cards

    Definitely recommend Simon Farrell at PF911.
  2. Hi, @MonkeyChapI've just found this thread while looking for main/dip beam wiring diags. You may be interested to know that on my 1983 SC, dipped beam remains on when you switch main beam on, and this is apparently what Porsche intended (except for Switzerland, as it says in the diagram below) (fuses 5 & 6, in the Porsche numbering sequence, being for dipped beam): So in fact the wiring comes from the light switch (at the top of the diagram above) directly to the dipped beam circuit (fuses 5 & 6) and from the light switch to the column stalk switch to the high beam circuit (fuses 7 & 8 in Porsche numbering) (but doesn't break the dip circuit) when the column stalk is pushed forward. I hope this is helpful, but if not, please disregard!
  3. (Sorry, a bit late to this thread, but) +1 for Sean at Iridium Engineering. I had an E46 M3 for 11 years and he was very much better than any of the official network.
  4. Wow, great video. Who is that singing? Love the music almost as much as the cars.
  5. @Ian Comerford, @Busybee, thanks for the comments, guys.
  6. Many thanks, Haith, for those superb video recommendations!
  7. I just want to say a BIG thank you to Jonny Hart of Classic Retrofit. He spent a chunk (nearly three hours) of yesterday sorting out a running issue with my car (principally coils - I turned up with a selection and found that operating characteristics vary from one Bosch coil to another, would you believe - and also fuel mixture) to make it run with a mapped CR CDI unit. I learned a lot, plus I also got to see his workshop and test rigs, which are impressive. And my car runs better than ever.
  8. In 1997 I also had two kids, a mortgage, my second Impreza Turbo (got me into boxer engines, I guess), and was three years away from my first 911.
  9. GimmeShelter

    6 pin Cdi

    Hopefully I've sent you a PM! And made some space in my inbox. Cheers
  10. Those French breathalysers: on a motorcycling trip a few years ago, one of our group decided to try one, one morning, to check he was in the clear after some beers the night before. It showed all OK. Then that evening, out of a mixture of scepticism and curiosity, after *ahem* quite a few beers, he tried another ... and it too showed all OK. So we concluded the authorities abandoned enforcement largely because they just didn't work and perhaps a drunken public might even try to use an 'OK' result as evidence that they were OK to drive.
  11. Re Stuttgart, etc, what are people doing about German emissions rules? Bit of background: a little group of us visited the Porsche Museum in June last year, travelling in Caterham Sevens. Our cars being more recent, we were able to get emissions stickers for our windscreens, allowing us to drive in the Stuttgart area. But with our IB's being of an age before the relevant Euro emissions regs, I haven't found a solution (there's an 'exemption' for cars over 30 years old, but you need to register it with the German authorities, I think, which explains the 'H' plates you see on some older German Porsches, and there are conditions on use/journeys, etc). Is there another solution? Or just leave the car outside the emissions zone and take public transport?
  12. GimmeShelter

    6 pin Cdi

    Hi, please forgive me for dithering on this one - I've been having problems with my CR CDI unit and am having difficulty sorting this out so was wondering if I'd be better off buying a second-hand one - would you accept £250?
  13. GimmeShelter

    6 pin Cdi

    Is this the same as on my 1983 SC? The part number on mine appears to be 0 227 300 004 (having been out and peered at it with the phone torch). I might be interested in having a spare.
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