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  1. @SkunkWorks Sorry, I've only just seen this post. If you're serious, then yes, I'd be happy to liaise with the manufacturer about getting another run of wheel arch liners cut, if you'll handle all the commercials. Please be aware that there are two sizes: standard narrow-body cars (e.g. 3 litre SC) and wide body (e.g. 930 turbo). Please also be aware that we've previously had two 'false starts' where people have said that they'll do all the financials and distribution, so I've approached the manufacturer for prices and lead times on their behalf, only for them not to follow up; so the manufacturer might need convincing that this time we actually mean it.
  2. Again, big thanks to @Richard Bernau, we're at Sporthotel Exclusive in San Vigilio di Marebbe for the second year running.
  3. I went to the first two, in 2019 and 2020 and rather enjoyed them. Not quite everyone's cup of tea, as it's a bit 'curated' and getting food & drink requires the ability to use modern tech (QR codes). And our very own @Leicestershire of this parish might have a different view ...
  4. Hi, Mark, TEC charged about £360 for that work. Bear in mind that both inlets and both outlets were already there, so TEC's work was confined to the internals.
  5. If you've read this thread previously, you'll know that the exhaust back box is a modified Dansk item. I got Infinity Exhausts to take it apart and put some silencing in, as the Dansk design doesn't really work with the 2-in 2-out layout. However, Infinity specialise in straight-through pipes, and my exhaust was always just a little bit on the loud side. Not so much for the occupants (it was a rather nice raspy sound, actually, not drony at all), but definitely for people following and for the neighbours. So this winter, a little project was to make it a bit quieter. I took the back box to The Exhaust Company in Thatcham and asked them to see what they could do. Here's a picture of 'before' (the Infinity Exhausts design), followed by 'after' (the TEC design): As you can see, the TEC design is more of a chambered layout. And the result is rather pleasing: you can still definitely hear it, but it's much quieter on start-up and nowhere near as noisy for following traffic.
  6. Folding comfy camping chair AND a lightweight tripod st00l for those hikes round the circuit. Light, packable fleece top/hoodie for when you find yourself round the other side of the circuit when it gets dark but you can't tear yourself away. Umbrella Several really cheap front door mats - if you use the showers, as you step out of the shower, you step onto a muddy floor left by others. But not if you take a super-cheap mat, put it on the floor just outside your shower curtain, then you've got something nice and clean to stand on while you put your socks/shoes/flip-flops on. And you just leave the mat there for the next guy, who thinks you are mega-considerate.
  7. Yes, wow, that's a great looking space.
  8. Forgive me if I'm going mad, but I think that, until recently, when I used to put the key in and turn the ignition on, there was an electrical/electronic whirring from somewhere in the moments before I turned the key that last bit to start the engine. I reckon that subconsciously I thought it was the fuel pump or such but never really gave it any thought. Recently, the car has been completely silent before that last turn of the key. Was it my imagination? I don't think the noise was the blower fan, as that's controlled by two old-style levers down by the handbrake, and I'm sure they were off during the summer, and anyhow, they still operate the blower in the manner you'd expect ... but is my memory playing tricks on me? Or is there something that should be running that now isn't?
  9. Oh, you lucky man! Great looking car, love it in Peru Red. Looking foward!
  10. Ha! That's nothing! Round here (Newbury, West Berks), the authorities have adopted a protocol whereby if there's any roadside work (e.g. a manhole cover in the pavement), they close that side of the road and put up cones and temporary traffic lights. I'm not making this up. The cones & lights appear to go up the day before and are taken down the day afterwards, so one day of work on the pavement becomes three days (and two nights, for gawd's sake) of temporary traffic lights. At any one time, there are four or five roads locally like this. How's that for a rant? Perhaps I should go into the traffic light rental business.
  11. I think the cream horn was my favourite, or maybe the lemon drizzle cake ...?
  12. Same issue as Nige. Air con in all the cars (inc the IB), so that might explain it. Just ordered some isopropyl alcohol, so thank you!
  13. That bodyshell just gets better and better looking as time goes by. Love the recessed headlights.
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