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  1. hi, I have to assume that you have sold them... I need one piston only...
  2. JYT

    Sc Engine noise

    a small jubilee clip screw fell into cylinder 5, I managed to remove it and engine is ok...until I have time and cash to rebuild it. how much would you be looking for your pistons...?
  3. JYT

    Sc Engine noise

    thank you all for your help. her's a self explanatory picture of the top of piston No5!
  4. JYT

    Sc Engine noise

    rockers all good.
  5. JYT

    Sc Engine noise

    hi, I have just rebuilt the CIS on my SC (cracked airbox) and when I started the engine is now making this awful knocking noise. https://youtu.be/63hwGK-h4Ls The engine was running fine and smooth before I did the CIS. I also changed the belt, and try running without but noise is the same. I have checked the spark plugs and all ok, too pic down the plug holes and all piston tops seems black with no debris. it seems louder than rocker noise. anyone has experienced this?
  6. hi, thanks, it's how do I access the back of the switch that is using me headache... do I have to remove the blower system etc...?
  7. hi there, Does anyone have any experience of removing on of these switches from the dash? I removed the radio hoping to have access only to find that the switches are actually screwed into the chassis part of the dash with no access to the back of them...
  8. JYT

    Wiring Diagram

    I'm on Mac but that works thanks.
  9. JYT

    Wiring Diagram

    I can't seem to be able to access that link...
  10. JYT

    Wiring Diagram

    hi, anyone has or knows where to download decent wiring diagram(s) for a 1982 SC? thanks
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