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  1. Ive just had Electrostart in daventry refurb mine £150, droppit off and 3 days later new bearings, bushges and controller along with shot blast and paint.
  2. Just found a description on Pelican parts so out to the shed to retry - smoke me a kipper ...
  3. Its only three parts - s-catch / spring / split pin. I managed to get one together once before but cannot for the life of me remember how its done. Anybody fit one recently or have some wisdom they can impart? I have the wing off so access to it is easier at the moment
  4. Might have a bit of time in hand now as im awaiting a few parts!
  5. need to get this side dialed in first
  6. Oh I want my fan strap plated like that :-) I'd like to pop my dials and refurb them bez a bit, anybody done this? Once I get the drivers wing on and lights wired up I"m having a go at the fan removal!
  7. nothing a dip and flick of fill wont sort.
  8. Prices seem all over the place! Wings going from £130-600, bumpers £100-300 So here is my best guess Wings £160 each, one will need a headlamp bowl Bumper £80 Valance £100 Front Infills £40/pair Rear infills £80/pair Door pockets £150 pair Postage will be extra or collection as described above
  9. Pockets I don't really know what they are all worth! I paid a stuff load of the wings on the basis they were good and ready to put on, turns out they weren't etc Will start checking on ebay to compair and then add in prices.
  10. Here are the wings, the surface rust is from them being used on the car
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