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  1. Hi all, two little pics about our IB at the last Classic Days at Bugatti Track the next WE Very Very hot track, and a lot in the car, at least 50°C i think... but a lot off FUN 😎 Mine is BabyInterscope
  2. original alloy case with stamp "state of Gabon state" on the paper
  3. Home-made luggage rack, called "veronique" in france Thanks
  4. Hi all, just found/bought this 3l2 the last week, 4 winter tires and go... in the alpes. enjoy
  5. already posted on pelican.... and no further answer for me. i would like really a standard ignition like 123, easy to put on the car, in // with the standard motronic who stay in the car, disabled, but in the car. just change the coil and the ignition. that i have in mind.
  6. Not really, the standard ecu isn't progarmmable ecu, an 123 ignition is ok to have modified curve, and the same on the next CSI ignition, i hope the done the job for 3.2 carrera like i have on my two minis...
  7. ok, nobody with standard electronic ignition like 123ignition?
  8. What is your engine configuration Phill?
  9. Hi all, in last september, on Montlhery track in france, a lot off IB on the track on a special serie. #Racing12Project, 35 pre 1989 models. (not only IB cars) it was amazing some pics. https://img.club911.net/6a8ae15?preview https://img.club911.net/41669e2?preview https://img.club911.net/8049129?preview https://img.club911.net/0a89759?preview
  10. Hi all, now my car run with the original motronic with PMO carbs, and i want to pass on a standard ignition programmable, so, some idea? CSI doesn't have 123Ignition, i have no return... so, if you have an idea? Thanks ++ Olivier
  11. simple in my case, 3L8 and 6 speed gearbox with LSD, and RS like set up frame... and i like the IB look
  12. Hi All, someone have done this job? if yes, some links to view all parts we need? else, i have big red on front, and if i can found 16' font whell who pass on these brakes, or 15' wth 3 parts specific wheels, it's better... if you have some nformation, tell me please. Thanks ++
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