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  1. Try Frazerpart 0151 665 0911
  2. I used McMillan for a PPI. Not too bad but his bill for corrective work was a rip off and the work was poor. Came home with no power steering fluid after he was supposed to change it and Im still waiting for my exhaust silencer which he was asked to replaced with a cup pipe.
  3. so long you maintained oil pressure all is well.
  4. ras62

    Rod bolts (again)

    The initial 20nm plus 90 results in 45 lb/ft which is correct, about 50nm. A little grease under the nut to stop binding.
  5. I've never seen an engine removed without the gearbox.
  6. Hope it goes well. Its a simple enough job. Biggest issue is usually rust in the lower corners so good to keep some Krust handy and some primer if needed.
  7. Factory part numbers don't mean much to windscreen companies. They will ask the model of car so its worth checking top tint etc etc when discussing what they supply as some will be different from others.
  8. Make sure it comes with the internal antenna.
  9. ras62

    James May

    With that attitude to classic vehicles he comes across as a fraud. Fully invested in the luvvie London save the world BS, a Fezza in the garage makes him a social pariah. Car looks lovely though.
  10. So you have decided where the new motor is going!?
  11. My 2p. As with any rep, in a world of ever rising 911 prices the cost to build probably had some merit depending on how well executed the build was. However we are no longer seeing rising prices so the cost to build argument no longer holds water. Some will be great cars no doubt but when the original can be purchased for 50-100% more then I don't see value. Long gone are the days when throwing money at a project meant getting it all back come sale time. I must say I struggle with hype afforded with anything with 3.8 in the title. Real world these motors are just a 4% capacity increase ov
  12. A much more convincing effort? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PORSCHE-993-RS-Evo/274482893513?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144
  13. I've done a few hundred miles on the new pads now and can confirm after the bed in process they do what they say on the tin. Much less dust!
  14. One of my pet hates is how much brake dust the AMG wheels seem to collect. I have just swapped out the Textar pads for some EBC Redstuff carbon pads which they say are low dust. I've still only done 60 miles on them but I think their claims are valid. Much less dust so far!
  15. I've only ever seen 8 hole wheels on some earlier cars but I guess you could spec whatever was available. The monkar is a lovely wheel but it would be very expensive to refurbish due to the various different finishes.
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