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  1. You really need to start at corner weight before anything else. Ride height adjustments can dramatically affect CW in extreme circumstances. So long as everything is free and serviceable a good independent will have it sorted in a few hours.
  2. ras62

    Respray questions

    My car is being done atm. Mostly the paint was removed by disc but some areas like headlamp bowls need to be sandblasted to get into the crevices. There was so much paint on mine that on the gutters he used paint stripper. Rust repairs mostly done by either cutting out the problem areas or adding metal and grinding back. Some of the products available today are first class, various shops will have a particular system they like to use.
  3. Correct they are 95mm, excuse the typo. Not much point cleaning the crowns really. Cost is around £1k a set these days depending on what they need to do.
  4. This set have been refurbished honed and nikasil coated by Langcourt so are as good as new. Any questions ping me a mail. £1000 plus postage.
  5. 275 will be fine on a 9" rear but I wouldn't go any bigger, 245 40 front. I would advise you go for a tyre with a soft sidewall, probably a quiet noise rating is an indication of this as the ride quality is not anywhere near as good as when using 16 inch wheels. I think the sweet spot is 17s.
  6. Your wife! Seriously! I wouldn't like a straight right from that lady!! Imho you have bought a peach there. It is a rare car, not many cars found their way to the uk in the 18 months or so of M119 / 5 speed gearbox production. The pano roof is another huge bonus. I have just replaced the oil feed tubes on mine, telltale sign was a noisy lifter. A little embarrassing sat in traffic sounding like an old pinto engine Cortina. I also added a https://www.wiechers-sport.de/en/ strut brace early this week and I must say it is surprisingly effective. With the roof down there's a lot less scuttle / steering shake over rough roads and the high speed cornering much more controlled. The car sits flat. It now drives better and feels as solid with the roof down as it does with the hard top in place.
  7. I had the front of my SL painted last year. wings, bonnet and bumper was £700. Bumper off and stripped, grill removed etc. It should be remembered it's a lot easier to paint a panel than it is going right back to the metal.
  8. I think this is where the skill of the painter comes into play. With water based paints much more paint leaving the gun actually goes onto the panel than with earlier systems saving time and money. A painter will also have a feel for their own equipment, type of gun and nozzle, pressure being used and distance of gun to panel etc. Another advance of the newer systems is the use of the etch primers which effectively protect the metal like the zinc coatings originally did. In fact better as it can effectively self heal as it is absorbed by the steel.
  9. Interested to know why you only want the front/rear hoods taken down to the metal? My car in in shop now for a full resto, I did the strip down including wings off and glass out. I expect it will cost slightly over £3k all finished. The process with modern water based paint systems goes something like this. Car is marked for high / low spots which are then sorted when back to the metal, all panels, doors etc are removed. Etch primer is then applied to protect and seal the metal then high build primer and flatting. A coat of wet on wet primer then applied and this again flatted. This coat is especially hard. Colour goes on next probably 3 applications then two coats of 2k laquer. The idea of less is more applies. Less paint applied well keeps definition. Too much paint is a bad job, maybe sounds counterintuitive but that's how it was explained to me. There are quite a few paint systems on the market but one thing they have in common is they are very expensive. £100 a liter is not uncommon.
  10. Well done, cars like that and low miles are in short supply these days. Looks identical to my 97 apart different colour leather interior. Mine has been super reliable. They cost very little to service and most parts are easy accessible and cheap. I would get a good indy to give it a once over underneath, check bushes and anti roll bar/steering for any play, same for the propshaft donuts if there is any vibration at speed. Engine pads can make a mess if they disintegrate. The pano roof feels like a ton weight!
  11. That looks lovely, colour combination is superb. It looks as classy now as the day it left the showroom. The design has aged so well.
  12. Those performance numbers look very conservative John but the SL isn't about outright numbers, it's forte is adding speed with minimum effort and here the 500 wins hands down over the rather anemic six cylinder cars. I would guess most cars spend 95% of time being driven below 2000 rpm such is the torque available but its important to use the revs when the opportunity comes as like any multi valve engines they love revs. The odd Italian tune up is good!
  13. I ran a E34 M5 for years in the 90s and in many ways the build quality was as good as anything produced by Mercedes. Loved that car, it did everything well. I can scarcely believe I am about to write this but my SL500 accelerates quicker than the old M5 in nearly any scenario. It doesnt go around corners as well of course and the noise from the 3.8 six just pips the V8 but the R129 offers something fairly unique in the way it drives, different but similar I guess to the unique way the 911's drive compared to normal cars.

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