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  1. Standard pistons in the 964 are offset, one bank the offset works with the engine rotation while the other works 'against' rotation. You can rotate the pistons 180 deg on one bank as the crowns are near symetrical and this helps the motor spin up quicker and gains a little extra power.
  2. Sounds like a really good project! Regarding pistons, why not use Capricorn pistons and barrels? Also would it not be better to use offset gudgeon pins and make them handed specifically for each bank?
  3. As said your contract is with ATPower. No idea why you should have an invoice to pay with Racing Lines unless you instructed them to identify why it had failed. Simply ask for a refund from ATPower and if necessary pass it over to c/card claim back dept. Good luck.
  4. My advice would be to shun the crazy pricing of many southern builders and look to someone like Unit Eleven in Cheshire. The pricing will be a pleasant surprise, and with ITB's needing to be set up, Wayne is right on the doorstep so a win win.
  5. http://www.catcams.co.uk/acatalog/Porsche_911_Flat_6cylinder_Aircooled_Engines.html
  6. Well worth investigating CAT Cams of Begium. Their pricing and camshafts are excellent. They also make OEM spec.
  7. I did wonder how our set up worked, odd it didn't last long for such a simple item. tbh I would have expected to vacuum line to be left open i.e not connected to the inlest system at all so to provide a fixed pressure with the fuel requirements being taken care of by the ECU.
  8. What was wrong with the FPR? Have ATpower provided you with a new one?
  9. they want you to recover the diagnosis charge from ATPower 😣 Taking to P me thinks. I would pay by c/card then claim the money back. You probably won't get it but their time will be taken up defending the charge😉
  10. It was a real pleasure to follow G38 at pace, she's a nicely thought through package. Well tied down and strong under braking and composed through the corners. Plenty fast enough on those type of roads imo, more power up top would probably spoil the drive and be pretty inaccessable anyway with the current gearing. I generally drive the 64 below 5k as its so torquey but occasionally use the top end where it is especially quick. It's a great car to cover the miles in, but the same is true of many 911 models.
  11. Not many people understand the risk of SOR unfortunately. In a tough sales market such as now the risk is even more marked as cashflow shrinks.
  12. A big thanks to Haith for taking the time to organise things, we had a great couple of days and dont mind admitting I'm very jealous of you guys having those spectacular roads on your doorstep. 430 miles and 27 mpg for the old girl while I think Peter is still looking for the hole in the tank of Darth turbo!
  13. The Rennlist Mortonic v Motec debate was very informative. People assume the latter was best which is highly debatable, especially as Motec doesn't run knck sensors which is always a concern when changing timing/fueling. How do the 3.2 based cars control sequential injection as this is done using hall sensor in the 964 dizzy?
  14. Mate of mine will be joining us in his special 930 Turbo. A gazzillion bhp depending where the boost knob is left. We'll probably have to set off Sunday to account for the fuel stops:)
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