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  1. Talk with John at Unit 11 in Warrington. Great knowledge and good prices. 01925 852000
  2. I found the ride on 18s really suffers compared to the standard wheels. The AMG are heavy, about 3kg per corner so performance also takes a hit. They do look good though!
  3. How did I miss this.... Doh! Love those roads, really very special.
  4. These tanks contain various baffles and plates. They are almost impossible to clean internally so chances of residual debris getting into the oil system is high. Engine damage easily follows so a new tank is a wise move.
  5. that does not look like the correct bracket to my eyes. https://rennlist.com/forums/964-forum/420949-anyone-replaced-their-flywheel-speed-sensor.html
  6. I do hope he's got a good one, it will ask questions and he may well be surprised at how he answers. Imagine pressing a button and something actually happening rather than just selecting ANOTHER bloody menu. Ride comfort that relaxes the driver rather than the sharp brittle setups that are excused today. Refinement and engineering integrity that has been long since replaced by the bean counters.... THAT magnificent V8....I could go on:)
  7. I swapped the 18" AMG wheels for a set of original Monkur 16's yesterday and weighed the two. The AMG wheel were a massive 5.6 kg heavier per corner! The car now feels quite different. Immediate change to the steering and changes in direction and much more responsive to the throttle. Ride is improved but seems more noticeable at speed than around town.
  8. Try Frazerpart 0151 665 0911
  9. I used McMillan for a PPI. Not too bad but his bill for corrective work was a rip off and the work was poor. Came home with no power steering fluid after he was supposed to change it and Im still waiting for my exhaust silencer which he was asked to replaced with a cup pipe.
  10. so long you maintained oil pressure all is well.
  11. ras62

    Rod bolts (again)

    The initial 20nm plus 90 results in 45 lb/ft which is correct, about 50nm. A little grease under the nut to stop binding.
  12. I've never seen an engine removed without the gearbox.
  13. Hope it goes well. Its a simple enough job. Biggest issue is usually rust in the lower corners so good to keep some Krust handy and some primer if needed.
  14. Factory part numbers don't mean much to windscreen companies. They will ask the model of car so its worth checking top tint etc etc when discussing what they supply as some will be different from others.
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