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  1. Update on the problem. Ben at Dave Griffiths Racing took the starter motor off last Friday and one of the terminal eyes came off the wire and the other was loose. He's soldered new ones on and I pick the car up later. Just in the nick of time as I'm driving to Hamburg next week in it for Roughneck Brigade TooCool2Cruise gathering.
  2. What old man Griff doesn't know about the 917 isn't worth knowing!
  3. Thanks Jonny, You came up in conversation I had with Dave Griffiths yesterday.
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. No, it doesn't crank and the buzzing noise is much louder than the usual CDI noise. I've took the car to Dave Griffiths Racing, my local Porsche indie, as I'm not that hot on electric side of things
  5. Thanks for the reply jevvy. Hmm, it could be described as a form of chatter now I think about it.
  6. Good day folks, Hope someone can help shed some light on an intermittent starting problem I've got on my 1980 930. When not in use the car is kept in my garage on a battery tender. Always starts strongly first time when I take it out of the garage. No troubles when driving and the battery light doesn't come on and if I stop for fuel or 15 minutes somewhere it starts no problem.Trouble starts when it's been driven somewhere and left to stand...but not always. When turning the key it won't start and there is a buzzing noise coming from the rear of the car. I'll try this a couple of times and no joy. Leave it for 5 minutes and then it will start but sluggishly. Once running and back on the road and all is good again. Fitted a brand new Bosch alternator a couple of months ago as part of on going maintenance. Any ideas?
  7. The link still works. Cheers for making it available
  8. Good evening folks, What's the best way to remove the rubbery factory underseal? I've removed some using scrapers but it's very labour intensive. Also, what to use to remove glue residue after removing door and bonnet seals? Cheers, JB
  9. Cheers dude, I haven't made the shutz decision yet. What's the one that everyone recommends?
  10. Good evening folks, I'm ready to start welding in the new rear seat pans after cutting out the rust. What is the correct order to apply protective coatings? The new panels will be shot blast before I weld them in. Is it 2 pack epoxy primer first and then shutz, then top coat colour? Shall I use zinc rich 2 pack epoxy? Any advice appreciated. Cheers, JB
  11. Ah, A arms are now removed from car. I'll heat, chisel, grind the old ones off.
  12. Good day folks, I think I remember reading somewhere that there's a Peugeot tool that can be used to remove/install the lower ball joints on the front A-arms. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Cheers, JB
  13. Rose Passion have the electrical connector in their catalogue. There are 2 shown. Rose Passion reference numbers P18213 and P129214.

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