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  1. That’s my plan and then see if that fixes things
  2. Noticed a minor amount of yellowish condensates on the inside of the filler cap and neck ( 3.2 Carrera). Is this normal / to be expected. Just started using the car after winter and very short running cycles.
  3. Looking to change the oil system pipes and hoses on my 88 carrera . Any advice on how to do this before I go any further? Can the pipes and tubes be removed from the vehicle complete and then individual pipes dismantled off the car?
  4. Hi David please let me know total inc p&p for ballpoint socket and I will transfer funds, I already have your details thx David
  5. Hi. David will have the ball joint socket and valve clearance feeler gauge is not already spoken for. thanks David
  6. The lights on my car could be better ...... have contemplated the idea of changing the fog lights for similar sized spot lamps so I can supplement main beam . Anyone already done this , is there a spot version of the fog used on the 911 (1988), or is the fog light a bespoke part ?
  7. Hi David Will send funds just let me know P&P thx David
  8. Hylomar blue and use thinners so you can brush it on with a thin film so nothing extrudes on the inlet .
  9. Had same issue on genuine Porsche discs which I think had been on my car since new 88 Targa 52k miles evident on both sides and in two places 180 degrees apart. Most likely caused as a result of the car parked with handbrake on for long periods of time with car seeing little use.
  10. Can someone please advise the details for Southern the company that recovers Targa panels Thanks
  11. I have tie rods just need to sort the spacers just need the thickness and also which bellows I need
  12. Gathering the parts to do this can somebody tell me the thickness of the spacer needed to stop the tie rod bottoming in the output of the rack please. Also which rack gaiters do I need , standard car or turbo? Thanks
  13. I am also looking for a set if FF doesn’t have these

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