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  1. Brycieb

    Widebody wheels

    Funnily enough they are the same as the wheels I currently have and are trying to replace 😂
  2. Brycieb

    Widebody wheels

    Thanks for the help everyone, very much appreciated.
  3. Brycieb

    Widebody wheels

    Thats a shame although I did think that was the case. Would 8 front 9 rear be more like it? And should I be looking for 15 or 16s?
  4. Brycieb

    Widebody wheels

    The same as a supersport I think.
  5. Brycieb

    Widebody wheels

    Hi all I've been searching to see what size Fuchs I need for my SC widebody conversation and find it very confusing with all the different options. I've been offered some 7x15 8x15 Fuchs replicas so was wondering if these will fit? Thanks In advance
  6. Yeah I probably will now knowing why it's got the older style 5 digit gauge
  7. Yeah I'll be able to get the gearbox number but not untill later in the week. I've been having a little Google and it seems the most likely reason is that it's had an early 915 gearbox installed.
  8. Thanks Ian, I've just been and took the gauge out and it looks like I have the wires for an electronic gauge taped up behind the dash! Why and how would someone convert a car to a mechanical Speedo? Could it of had a replacement gearbox from an older car and that's the reason why? So confused right now 😕
  9. Hi all I've got a 1981 911 SC and the mileage counter doesn't work but the Speedo does. I have just been looking for a replacement but all the SC gauges I've found seem to me electronic where as mine is cable driven, Should mine be cable driven? The reason I was looking to replace rather than repair is because I was also told the SC gauge for a car my age should have 6 mileage digits and not 5 like mine. Anyone any ideas if I have the correct type of gauge or not? Thanks
  10. Thanks is pal I'll inbox you 😉
  11. If you'll do £40 posted I'll take it
  12. Brycieb

    Exhaust for 3.0 SC

    Is it the standard system or aftermarket? I'd like one with a bit more noise while I'm changing it. You'd have to tell me what it's worth I ain't got a clue and would only really be interested in the pre silencer and back box, unless you was letting the lot go really cheap.
  13. Brycieb

    Exhaust for 3.0 SC

    How much? Is it a one in one out?
  14. Hey all Looking to upgrade my exhaust soon, the back box is on its last legs and the pre silencer has seen better days. The heat exchangers actually look in decent shape. Just though I'd put a wanted add up incase anyone has any bits floating about they would sell before I buy some new bits. Would consider any type of exhaust but wouldn't mind one that has a little more noise than standard. Thanks
  15. Brycieb

    Hood Cover

    Would you take £200?
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