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  1. Yes that would be interesting and you would be most welcome to have a drive. I must try and get over to your neck of the woods sometime
  2. Brummies car says hello! Still loving it and have done 2.5k trouble free miles so far
  3. I bought my ducktail from EB Motorport directly and it is absolutely superb. The quality is amazing and its super light
  4. Bugger we are away in France 4th-17th Aug. If this gets moved then please PM me as I would love to join you chaps
  5. That looks amazing Busy, sounds like a fabulous buy. I keep meaning to take a couple of days off work to come across to your neck of the woods and have a good blat. I've always particularly wanted to drive the A470 past the Storey Arms (having crossed it on foot in pain lugging a bergen many a time!) and also the road out of Bala past the reservoir. Do bear me in mind if ever plan something similar as I would be well up for it!!
  6. Is that Recaro seat not pretty wobbly?
  7. Hi Leics Thanks for putting me onto Motordrive. I tried to ping you a PM about your seats as Im currently discussing ordering options etc with Darren and would be grateful for your thoughts on a couple of things. However you cant receive any messages at the mo..Is your inbox full? Cheers
  8. Im in Herts. Good stuff, I bet the 991 looked massive next to the IB
  9. Hi Busybee Yes all good with Brummie's car thanks. I have put close on 2k miles on it so far around my local b-roads and it has performed faultlessly. The car is a blast to drive, pretty manic with its lightweight flywheel and Brummie's brake set up inspires confidence: really progressive and powerful. As a 911 newbie, that flat 6 engine noise is the best thing though. I did have a slightly graunchy 5th into 6th gear issue sorted by Steve at Jaz: annoyingly it turned out that someone (not Brummie) who had been in the gearbox had put it back together slightly incorrectly. Obviously that was an engine out job so it was not cheap. Steve was very complimentary about Brummies work though so that was good to hear. It would be great to meet up with some other forum members, as hooning around on your own early am on a weekend does get a bit samey. However with young children, my pass is time limited.
  10. 993 engines are pretty expensive to get hold of these days arent they? Doesn't Neil B have one for sale for £18.5k? Id be interested in hearing the engine's full specs and how much Colin has done to it. This guy spent £30k on a 993 rebuild (admittedly its a 3.8) http://aircooledbug.co.uk/porsche-993-engine-rebuild-3-8-conversion/ If you want a well sorted 300hp IB then I would have thought such a car is going to be £55k+ isn't it? However I get the impression the hot-rod market is very difficult to understand as the devil is in the fine detail. £45k would be a good fair offer though wouldn't it? That would allow £10k for the sills etc and then the new owner would have total peace of mind. Probably all wrong, but my ignorant 2p
  11. Hi All I have recently bought a set of Design911 CF buckets off fleabay and before I ask a garage to fit them (and have the familiar sinking feeling that comes from giving someone else money to do something I should have the courage and skills to tackle myself!) I thought it would be worth reaching out to this parish for any advice The car is a 78 sc (formerly Brummies) and currently has some Porsche elec seats (993?). Brummie mounted the seatbelt buckle straps on the centre tunnel. I have taken the passenger seat out which was attached to the OEM seat rails via 4 bolts with a kind of captive nut arrangement on the other side. The rails are 40cm apart, however the D911 mounting bracket holes are 35cm apart when mounted to the seat. My current thinking is that to do the job I will need to: -buy some kind of mounting bracket to bridge this 5cm gap between the factory rails and the seat mounts. I see that D911 do "Planted" seat brackets but a pair of those would be nearly £250 which seems pretty mad. If I had an engineering company contact Id get them to make up a steel plate 45cm wide with most of the centre cut out but I dont, so.. Are there any other options? -also buy a set of seat rails/sliders (the ones on the existing porsche seats seem an integral part of the seat base and seem to be welded on). I see that D911 sell seat sliders for £35 but I seem to recall someone on Rennlist saying that they were not that great with play in them. Can anyone comment or recommend a different source for seat sliders? I havent got a clue re bolting it all together as of yet but any tips re this would be great Thank you
  12. Kenny, I would really love to hear about the 9eleven headlights once you have your hands on them as I am very tempted myself to go for a set of these. Any chance of a review and a few pictures in time?
  13. ok thanks very much Jevvy. You are right, Paul has kindly explained that he widened the hinges outwards by a couple of inches to clear the oil overflow tank on the RH side and the fan/blower on the LH side
  14. Hi All I am about to have a ducktail fitted to my car but the bodyshop have informed me that the cars hinges do not align with the mounting holes in the duck. The duck is supposed to be good quality which leads me to wonder whether the hinges on my car have been moved at some point (its Brummies 3.6 transplant 78SC). Could anyone help with the standard distance apart between the hinge mounting points on a ducktail, or the standard distance between the hinge mounting points on the car so that I can work out what is at fault? Thanks very much chaps

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