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  1. yes, was told by local OPC the 00 version went NLA in 2014 , the bigger one pictured is the 01 version, was worth a punt on trying it but am happy now its all working fine. when i get the old girl finished i will need to put all of this type of stuff on Ebay. now just need to decide on the head unit. cheers Phil
  2. ordered a wiper pivot for an SC with whale tail which did look the same on the parts diagram but is longer and fatter than my old turbo, but as can be seen on the pictures the actual part with the ball joint on is identical as it has the same number stamped on it, but no way of getting it to fit on my spoiler so i got my original held gently in a vice and used a ball pein hammer to gently pein over the shaft so it took up the wear in the lever, all now back together and works perfectly. is nice to work on old cars where things were made so there is a chance they can be repaired, unlike todays motors which have most things made out of composite material which is made to throw away when worn out. still looking at options for radio but will try and get the car on the road for summer cheers Phil
  3. perfect, thanks for that, will post some pictures when i get all installed cheers Phil
  4. thanks for the information about it Nathan, the SC version looks the same on the porsche parts list and is still available, so i have one comming and i will let you know if it fits and works. i am still in need of versions of period radios fitted to our cars, if anyone has a picture of one feel free to post it. cheers Phil
  5. hi yes its where the pivot arm meets the base of the stem, you can just see a small amount of rust dust on it, and as can be seen it catches the chrome screen trim as its got that much play in it :o( and don't look at the bodywork just below that, will have to go back to the shop :o( :o( was just wondering if there was an alternative out there from another marque that fits, if not will try weld or braze and see how that goes. cheers Phil
  6. hi Gents work on the old girl is comming along, interior is now fitted out and all under bonnet/ boot now back together. now to the questions: what is the best option for a period radio? is there such a thing as period looking but with modern features dab etc ? i have the period speaker covers comming but what is the best options for speakers that fit in the standard hole in the door pannel? the rear wiper pivot pictured has a lot of play in it and thus the wiper does not park correctly, but is NLA is there an alternative version out there or is it a case of trying to repair it? cheers Phil
  7. finally got all the electrics working even down to the glove box light. the above fault i had with the front fog lamps was down to a combination of incorrect wiring on light switch, fog lamp switch and a poor contact on the dip beam fuse, so have removed and cleaned all fuses just to try and prevent other faults. so next job is fit the interior, all nice and new from southbound trimmers. one of the pictures below is of the electric mirror switch, i was not looking foward to sorting the wiring out but the new switch came with the coloured wire locations, might help someone who removes their trim only to find the sticker on the switch missing just like mine the correct fuel tank clamps all now fitted, thanks Jonny. will post some more pictures when it starts to look like a finished car. if anybody wants any specific pictures to help with their restoration just let me know and i will try and get some. cheers Phil
  8. thanks for the picture Jonny and thanks for the info on the relays. is there something different in the way a red relay works or is it just a higher amp rating? so many other people have been playing about with this poor car over the years it will be nice to get it back as original condition as possible . one more question, not easy but a right answer will win a prize :o) i am having problems with the front fog lamps, i can only get them to come on via the fog lamp switch when the lights are on main beam, i am pretty sure the pull light switch is wired ok. very hard to explain the full extent of the issue but it seems to be with the grey wire from the pull light switch which is for the number plate lights, if this wire is removed the fog lights work on main beam but when this wire connected it turns the fogs off. cheers Phil
  9. thanks Ian i just use an online PET https://www.jasmine-porschalink.co.uk/porsche-pet-diagrams-88-c.asp which covers all porsche models -930 turbo near the bottom- if anybody needs to look up any parts. i think you are right, the picture in the above PET looks right but the number listed, and what i ordered -see pictures- is nowhere near what the picture looks like. will order your number and let you know cheers Phil
  10. 2 more questions for now and still in need of help with the ones in the above posts: when using the headlight wash should it squirt fluid onto the screen at the same time? and should the 2 missing relays be red? slightly better quality pictures cheers Phil
  11. this old girl has had a new fuel tank fitted, so i got the mounting brackets from Porsche 911 201 311 00, but they are way to big to fit, they should fit in the small hole pictured next to the tank- curvature of tank is where the spare wheel fits. anybody got a picture of what they should look like? cheers Phil
  12. yes i will get some decent pictures taken in the next day or so. i contacted the local OPC and they said that is the only screen available now, the one that was in it was starting to delaminate and was so scratched from the years of wipers going over the screen it was very hard to see out of. am still looking for any information /pictures anybody has about the passenger side mirror, should it be ecectric and if so a picture of the chage over switch would be great. i have the letter of authenticity and it says about sunroof with black headlining, is that a common option on these cars? looking at the climate controle? unit on the handbrake console i have 2 brown wires comming out of the rear-on picture- i thought all brown wires are earths, can anybody confirm where these wires go? tonights job is getting the washers and headligt washers to work. Nathan, if you are restoring a series 1 928, as i guess with most old cars, budget 2x what you think it will cost to restore and don't do it hoping to make money when you want to sell it, there are many half finished project 928's for sale when people realise how much work/money is involved to get it back on the road. cheers Phil
  13. many thanks Jonny. ah yes just had a look and somehow i did not see the big metal pipe outlet inside the car which must feed the hot air from the engine through my said hole, i am used to working on cars with hot air comming via engine coolant..... but just had a good look in all the boxes of parts removed and cannot find these hot air pieces which fit in the outboard holes, will look on ebay for some. cheers Phil
  14. just checked under the rev counter for the change over switch for the passenger side electric door mirror and cannot see it. if anybody can take a picture of the switch in their car that would be great if i contacted the factory do you think they would have a build sheet for way back in 1977? cheers phil
  15. right gents will try and post as many pictures as i can, allways good to see what they look like, and will also ask many questions as i did not strip the car and this is the first 930 i have ever worked on. i am not new to restoring Porsches, but - and i mention this in a hushed voice as i don't want to be stoned- the other ones i restored have a V8 in the front :o) see below links https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/827378-smoking-and-a-928-a.html https://rennlist.com/forums/928-forum/951203-a-pos-se.html i still have them both but fancy a new challenge. back to 930's questions, probably dumb but as i say this is the first 930 i have worked on 1) the holes in the front floor are the ones one either side but closer to the inner wings than the holes for the heater system, pictured directly below the earth point on the drivers side. anybody know if they are just blank plates that are riveted to the floor?, or if anybody has a picture of theirs that would be great. 2) do the front wipers park on the drivers or passengers side? or anybody got a picture of their wiper arms in the parked position, just so i can see where they should sit on the screen. 3) it has had a new front windscreen fitted with a wire comming off it with a line around the screen and a line down the middle, llooks like 1 elemont of a heated rear screen,the original screen does not have this. is it an aeiral? and if so is it a wrong screen or is this all that there is available? again any pictures of your cars with or without would be great. all for the time being, any answers are much apreciated. cheers Phil crap quality pictures i know, will try to get better ones but the last picture is the best for the question about what should cover this hole, this is on the drivers side. cheers Phil
  16. sorry for the delay gent's am working on it through the night so as to get some peace and quiet. good idea Nathan, i will start a new thread later tonight with a few more pictures and questions. cheers Phil
  17. i will check for a hidden switch under the rev counter. just 2 more quick questions: have fitted a new wiper motor, which of the 2 pictures is the correct position of the wiperlinkage at park? and has anybody got a picture or part number of what should be in the large holes on the floor, they look like they were riveted in. thanks for the quick response to my questions gents and i will post some pictures of the whole car later. cheers Phil
  18. that confirms it, i just have 1 switch on the drivers door, many thanks Simon
  19. many thanks for the quick reply Phil, yes the metal pipe goes through the inner wing and yes it should have a plastic end piece on the end, but as long as it does not actually go onto anything i can live with that, and the passenger side mirror must have come off a later model as it has 5 wires comming out of it. will post more pictures later today and will have more easy questions as i go along cheers Phil
  20. am just in the process of rebuilding a 77 model turbo and i have some questions: the drivers door mirror is electric and has the switch on the top of the door card, should the passenger side mirror be electric? and if so is there a change over switch so both mirrors can be electrically opperated using the drivers door switch? the small pipe in the attached picture is behind the fuse box in the front, it is part of the tank vent system but where does the other end of the hose go to? nothing worse than trying to put something back together when someone else took it appart. cheers Phil
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