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  1. I had a similar bucking problem, rebuilt and calibrated Air Flow Meter - and all now good!
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    Looking for a perspex glass for one if anybody has a spare or a non-working unit I could cannibalise, mine came with a nasty crack from the centre. Assume somebody whacked the central knob a wee bit hard in its life!
  3. Thanks for the friendly welcome, certainly is a very warming forum to newbies and dedicated owners. Some lovely looking vehicles owned by enthusiasts here, and also a mine of information available to all which is great. Certainly no newcomer to classics, own a tricked out 1967 Sunbeam Tiger (20 odd years) and relatively recently a 1973 Datsun 240z imported from California, but the 911 brings a very different smile after a 'spirited' drive. Just annoyed that I didn't scratch that itch sooner!!! LOL!
  4. Hi all, New owner, having wanting to scratch that air-cooled for many a year - and finally succumbed. GP White from 1985 , 915 box, with 110k miles, acquired by me in October. Jobs so far; new cam oil lines, refurb engine fan, rebuilt AFM, recon ECU (lots of dry solder joints, and more preventative maintenance), new braided brake hoses, injectors cleaned, CV boots, new fuel pump. Mostly for reliability and more to do but usable as is, and nothing major. Already booked for solo road trip to Angouleme in September to help out a mate racing an MGA. Likely to do Spa and Nordschleife soon also UK car spent most it's early life in London, then Colchester, and now with me Wirral, Cheshire. Nice friendly forum 👍 Pic from local C&C Liverpool. Tony
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