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  1. Mine was the same after a Winter layup. Felt it was missing and firing on 4 cylinders. Take for a drive, let it get to temp, and then drive it like you stole it. Problem cured. Runs sweet now.
  2. I fancied this Haith, but I've a track-day at Anglesey now rescheduled for the Sunday, so might be a bit too much. Typical, but not surprising as diaries fill up quickly for remainder of the year, now coming out of this stupid lockdown.
  3. June now all cancelled for me. Sept is a very small possibility, but looking more like 2021. Thanks again to @Richard Bernau for all your hard work on this, it has been greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi Matt, Can I have one please, will email direct for instructions! You can send over together with the front discs Cheers, Tony
  5. A very sensible approach, & well done Richard for all your sterling work!
  6. I'm certainly looking forward to Richard's Alps tour in June 😂
  7. http://www.ftech9.com/new-products/911-ssr Anybody have any experience with these solid state relays, perhaps more reliable.
  8. Ah that's interesting. I was sold a Momo steering wheel boss for my 3.2 Carrera but the hole in the boss is a tad too small for the steering shaft. But was told it's Porsche, so assume it will work on a 964. Ta
  9. Well done Richard for all your hard work, one Garmin locked and ready to rumble! Cheers!
  10. @Busybee you must have a very understanding other half 😂 I would love to upgrade on my stock 3.2 but runs sweet and will leave alone until after the Alps trip! 👍
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