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  1. Works for me! 😁😁😁
  2. Evening all It is entirely possible that my research skills are wanting but, having seen one for sale, I am struggling to find much info on Leistritz mufflers. They seem to have been OEM equipment on some 1960s and 1970s cars, and there seem to be positive reports of these earlier versions' quality. But from the later '70s onwards (i.e. 911SC) there seems little info to hand on the web. Can anyone point me at a decent resource to help identify and learn about SC-compatible mufflers please? E.g. whether a specific model is a "sport" variant or not, whether it is stainless or mild steel, etc... Would they fit SSI heat exchangers? The final piece is of course your opinions of what might be a reasonable price? I don't know if these are common or sought-after(?), but what kind of price level would you expect for one in reasonable condition? Many thanks in advance. Jack
  3. A good friend recommends BMR highly. Ex Munich Legends guys who really know and care about these older, rarer and more unusual models, apparently. Congratulations on your purchase. I'm a massive Beemer fan, but this is the last of their cars that I find interesting. I hope it gives you much enjoyment.
  4. Dyaque

    WLTB: megaphones

    Jaseeaton's have gone. So I'm still looking... 😁
  5. Thanks. I spend quite a lot of the time in the region of 2500rpm, so that's probably not for me. Cheers anyway. Jack
  6. Thanks, Jevvy. Learning slowly..! 🙄
  7. Hi Jase PM'd you but realise I probably should have posted here instead (apologies). Are these still available please? Jack
  8. Dyaque

    WLTB: megaphones

    You are right - my first search failed and I thought I'd imagined it (I'm going to blame my phone 😶). Have pm'd him. Thanks
  9. Dyaque

    WLTB: megaphones

    Can't help but wonder whether anyone has a set they no longer want (to fit SSIs)? Thanks Jack
  10. That looks ace 👍. Hope it got the attention it deserved. As does this. Are those yellow headlamp lenses or just the background sunlight making the bulbs look dull?
  11. Dyaque

    Nice noise

    So I just saw your thread on DDK. http://www.ddk-online.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=44&t=65463 Seems it needed a fair bit of "fettle" to fit?
  12. Dyaque

    Nice noise

    @ignatzcatz What make/supplier is your set-up please? Of course you know that video with sound paints a million words, too... 😉😁
  13. I think it's even louder than mine was when I took the muffler off! Do you have one of it at full chat?
  14. Hi sopor, are you still interested in one or both of these? They are good and comfy but a just too wide for me on the track. Good condition other than a couple of nicks in the side of one (see photos). Cheers Jack
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