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  1. Ah good: was wondering how the Premium Contacts stack up against the Sports Contacts... Would you say they're comparable?
  2. I'm not a fan of the overriders but agree they are part of the car's visual character. I have also revised my view of their usefulness having been rear-ended at (very) slow speed in slow traffic last year. Not a single thing is bent, which it would probably have been had the rubber not been there.
  3. 🙋‍♂️Guilty..! I'm in here all the time looking stuff up. I just struggle to find the time to do the work, let alone post about it. I also feel sheepish posting about what have to date been pretty menial jobs when there is such a wealth of knowledge both in the forum archives and in its current users. Must just get over myself and try harder.
  4. Dyaque

    Front valence

    Willing to discuss offers if anyone is interested?
  5. @sopor Felix The notifications seem not to be working for PMs. (I did not get one for your message on Weds...) I have sent you some details. Thanks Jack
  6. Dyaque

    Front valence

    Red front valence for SC, with ventilation grills cut in the corners. There doesn't seem to be any rust but it has clearly lead a life. £100 Collection from London SE26. Thanks Jack
  7. Afternoon all I have posted this on eBay but would be accept £50 plus postage from a forum member: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/164932329686 Cheers Jack
  8. Hi @McLooper Also very keen to know more about this as doing the same (although my valence looks different to yours). Please could you give links to the parts you used (especially the intakes for the fog light holes) and let us know how you got on? Cheers
  9. Blandford St, Marylebone W1, this morning. Looked lovely.
  10. Those wheels suit your car so well, Phil. Ace buy. 👍
  11. Similar problem here. Having been happily loyal to Conti SportContacts for years, I now can't find any anywhere. Nor S02s, although having read this and the SC Tyres thread I suspect that these may not be the best choice to mate with my Bilsteins. So onto Michelin Sport Pilot 4s, then, and again amazingly hard to track down! They also don't seem to do an "N" rating for my sizes, so I'm looking at 91Y (205/55/R16) for the fronts and 92Y (225/55/R16) for the rears. To fit to 6J and 7J Fuchs (I think these are the sizes I bought the car with, even though they're also the recommended sizes for my current 7J and 8J Campagnolos - 🤷‍♂️ any comments on this would be appreciated). Found some on Demon Tweaks eventually and have ordered them. I find myself strangely nervous about trying something new after maybe 15 years on SportContacts! But looking forward to it. I look forward to hearing about others' experiences on them and the comparisons.
  12. Dyaque


    So it seems that Castrol changed the name of Optimol to "Molub-Alloy" a few years ago (https://rennlist.com/forums/997-forum/891082-optimol-paste.html) What I can't figure out (having run out of steam with too much internet searching before breakfast) is whether the "Molub-Alloy White Paste T" in a tube offered by Motobins is the same as the "Optimol TA" in a tin offered by Motobins... The Rennlist thread suggests is might be without actually specifying that it is. Is there a "Molub-Alloy TA" or is the new T the same as the old TA? And how much does it matter anyway?
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