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  1. Dyaque

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Thank you. Moss green indeed.
  2. Dyaque

    New SC Targa

    Stunning colour! Congratulations, you must be stoked with it.
  3. Dyaque

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Evening all Very excited to report that I now have possession of this '83 SC. It is my first Porsche and I think I am in love. Not much of a mechanic so I apologise in advance for ignorant and/or naΓ―ve questions. Best Jack
  4. Dyaque

    Wot size spacer ?

  5. Dyaque

    16x8 vs. 16x9 rears

    So, with apologies for thread resurrection and if I've missed something, no-one has mentioned rolling the arches to accommodate these wider wheels? Does this mean that a car on standard suspension (be it SC or 3.2) still on 6s & 7s should be able to accommodate 7s & 8s without arch modification? And is the same likely to apply to the Campys that Group 4 are making? Even going as far as 7s & 9s? Also not much comment on changes to driving dynamics other than slight loss of steering feel and a heavier wheel? Have I understood correctly? Cheers Jack
  6. Dyaque

    Trackers ?

    πŸ˜„ Problem solved!
  7. Dyaque

    Trackers ?

    @Wingnonut Did you reach a conculsion?
  8. Very good. Thank you for the prompt responses!
  9. Is there a deadline?
  10. Hmm, hadn't considered moving to the US but maybe... 😏 You raise a good point on shipling though; is that extra for a UK customer?
  11. Ah, well that's not such bad news. Is the tax for UK buyer still 20% (ie UK VAT)?
  12. Hi Jonathan. Is Phill's update on price still accurate please, and is this per wheel or πŸ˜‡ per set of 4? πŸ˜€
  13. Dyaque

    3.0 SC v 3.2 Carrera

    Exactly! Stockmarket chaos, Brexit armageddon, record classic car prices at auction, what could possibly go wrong?!
  14. Dyaque

    3.0 SC v 3.2 Carrera

    @Carrera-Al I hope you will accept my sincere apologies for not responding to your message sooner. This was exactly the kind of personal response that I was hoping for when posting the original question and, while all other responses were also personal, considered and helpful, the angle taken by your comparison somehow resonated; it actively helped to move my search along. Thank you very much for taking the time to add such detailed thoughts. I feel I also owe an apology to the other forum users for not having browsed the forum more thoroughly before posting the original question. Having now done so (but still only really scraping the surface), I see that the SC/3.2 debate seems constant, as does the general advice. I would advise any other newbie (if they find this thread) to spend time really reading back, to find more opinions. Finally, I am happy (as in keeping-myself-awake-at-night excited and terrified) to report that, assisted by all of your guidance, I am in the process of making a purchase. I hope to provide a full introduction shortly... Thank you all again for your input. Very much appreciated! Jack