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  1. Hi all I am doing the Car Limits airfield driver training course (https://www.carlimits.com/) this Thursday. This is a 4 person day. Unfortunately, and unbelievably, the 3 other drivers now can't make it. There are therefore 3 places available if anyone would like to join? The day is at North Weald Airfield (Essex). It is limited to 4 people/cars, so at the moment I will have it to myself (which I'm not toooo disappointed about, even though it would be so much more enjoyable to share the experience). Each place has cost £150. The missing drivers would welcome any contributions towards this if you see fit. Please PM me if you are interested. Thanks Jack
  2. Dyaque

    The Frog Car

    Just finished your thread in the Hot Rods section, Lewis. Quite amazed by your mechanical abilities, not to mention the time and effort you have found to put into that stunning car. Hats off to you, sir. So many awesome cars on here, and so many knowledgeable contributors... This is going to be a long road! Good days to you all. 🙂
  3. Dyaque

    The Frog Car

    Thanks too for all the comments on the colour (I for one am smitten) and pointers for stuff to do. Quite a struggle to keep hold of reality once you start dreaming with these things, isn't it?!
  4. Dyaque

    The Frog Car

    Didn't realise this was a garage goal until it was possible... Now feeling like a smug teenager. 😁
  5. Dyaque

    The Frog Car

    And a few from Snetterton on Valentine's Day. (Last one with my brother's S54 M Coupe.) Awesome day. Just so much fun.
  6. Dyaque

    The Frog Car

    Thank you for the kind comments. The "win" was the first job I've ever really undertaken on a car. The windscreen washer motor did not survive the trip home from the dealer. I'd tried cleaning the contacts and all that, to no avail, and was wondering what else I could do when I looked up how much a new one is. Only £20 or so! So I ordered one and, by the light of a couple of torches, figured out how to remove the old on and replace the new one (touch of lithium grease on the rubber mounts helped it on; no idea whether it's a good idea or not in terms of perishing the rubber though...) and it worked immediately! Hooray! The "draw" has been trying to replace the steering wheel. The original one has become quite tacky to the touch, plus I keep accidentally beeping the horn when reversing/cornering/etc, so I bought a new Prototipo while at Silverstone because I was overexcited and it seemed like the right thing to do. Once I'd figured out how to get the steering wheel off, though, I removed it to find a small pile of old-looking plastic crumbs under the steering column. Realising that whatever these used to be was probably important, I figured I'd just try the new wheel out for size. The size was good, but the new play in the column demonstrated what had broken. Fortunately the chaps at Pro-9 provided a cheap fixing kit (£18 in postage) which I fitted this weekend. Seems to work a treat and a good sight easier than replacing the bearing. There is a good thread on this exact problem here: But then, having sorted that, I fitted the boss I had bought from the wheel supplier and it doesn't really fit properly! The internals are fine, as is the height away from the dashboard, but there is a 5ish mm gap between it and the plastic indicator stalk housing! Argh! So that is going back and I'm trying to figure out which of the bits available on design911 are going to do the right job (thinking of a quick-release too as I like the theft-deterrent element). So the original wheel is back on the car for the moment and I don't think it's entirely my fault... The "lose" was, in truth, not entirely a lose. The fan belt developed a squeak on downshifts while on the track at Snetterton, but this quickly became much worse with relatively little further use (ok, during the trackday at Silverstone, but I wasn't mistreating it, I promise guv). A bit of research suggested it was fairly easy to tighten up, so I whacked the pulley off to find only 5 shims in the assembly; three inside and two outside the pulley. I figured to move another two outside the pulley to see if it made the difference, but could not for the life of me get the shims to stay on the bolt while holding the pulley on tight enough while fitting the cap and nut. I decided to tighten it all anyway to see it in fact it had worked but no, I just bent all of the outside shims well out of shape. So I admitted defeat and bought a new Porsche belt (the old on was "made in PRC") and 6 new shims. Given I was starting from scratch, all of the shims have now gone inside the pulley, the cap and nut went on without problem and the squeak seems to have been fixed (although I haven't driven the car since as it didn't have a steering wheel). Here are a few pics of the steering column and its fix. You can see the new (clean) plastic collar wedged into the bearing and the brown rubber collar to keep it in. Still haven't figured out how to post these in-thread, so hopefully they come out ok.
  7. Would love to see some more photos please, sir.
  8. Hmm, so separate registration is required is it? I had assumed (on the back of zero research) that the reg plate & attached DVLA record would automatically categorise as appropriate. Will have to look into it further. One question, if I may? Does the car have to live within the ULEZ to qualify for registration?
  9. I don't understand why we (the gov't etc) wring our hands about road safety yet seek to delegate responsibility to technology while allowing even the most basic, cheapest cars to get faster but ever less engaging. Driver involvement seems frowned upon, and we're suprised it's not safe? Why do we not retest drivers once they've passed? Imagine the general improvement in driver quality, not to mention the jobs created, if you had to retest each 10 years. The tests should include theory as well as practical, and could use a "points awarded" system to incentivise good driving skills with reduced insurance premiums (as well as / instead of the silly "pass plus" system now). Still, at least older cars should continue to hold value for the many people who don't want to be nannied.
  10. Yep, me too... Love the green!
  11. Dyaque

    The Frog Car

    Afternoon all Thought I might share some pics from the 6 weeks of ownership so far, and create an easy place for pics to come; a bit of a blog of the slow evolution of this car and its history in my care (for my own sake as much as anyone else's). May I ask you to go easy on my mechanical ignorance and incompetence? I have wanted to get my hands dirty in cars for years but somehow never taken the leap, and one of the many attractions of buying this car is the idea of making a start. Someone has said in a thread somewhere, "just pick up a spanner and get on with it", which is pretty much the only way so far as I can see. And has led to precisely one "win", one "draw" and one "lose" so far, but more on those later. Also finding my way with how to post photos correctly... Hopefully this works, but maybe someone could point me to how to post the pics within the thread with comments around? Here are a few from collecting her on purchase. Bought from the very pleasant chaps at Pro-9 in Redditch after an accidental eBay search, having decided to give up looking for one for the moment. Ho hum... They kindly removed the whale tail, air con and centre console for me, and polished up the gearstick housing; I absolutely love the latter! "The Frog Car" (as my 3 year-old calls it) is a Moss Green 1983 SC with 115,000 miles showing but had a speedo change at 47,000, so is actually 162,000. The car had been in storage for 10 years and was recommissioned by Pro-9 for sale, which included rebuilding the 915 gearbox. They also fitted a factory short-shift with centring spring at my request. The 'box is a bit of a work-out to use, with a strong clutch spring that throws your foot off just at the biting point (not great in stop-start traffic), but it's a far cry from the smooth, easy shift in my old E28 M5, which was only 3 years younger. I know the 915 is a 70s design and that the G50 is a different experience; you can imagine how far behind the 915 must have felt by the time the G50 was introduced. The engine was rebuilt by Autofarm at 90,000 miles in September 2000. Given the 10 years of storage, this was only 25,000 miles ago. It's dry underneath, which is a nice touch! There's a nice healthy file of paperwork and stamps filling 3 service books. The good chaps at Porsche Inspections did a thorough check for me (thank you, Mr Glynn, for the recommendation) and pointed out the stuff my novice eyes had missed (despite looking for it) such as corrosion in a kidney bowl. There was also some rust starting to poke through into the front boot, above the bumper mount on the driver's side. Pro-9 fixed all this and a few other bits and pieces within the asking price, and I had them do other tidying for extra. I was not looking for a minter or a garage queen; I want to use and enjoy this car, and for my 3 and 5 year-olds to be allowed in without me feeling too precious about the interior (within reason, of course: shoes off and absolutely no snacks allowed in the car!). Really very happy with the results. I mentioned "slow evolution" above. There will be a few bits and pieces but nothing major for the moment. The advice on this forum has already been invaluable - thank you - and there are more questions coming shortly! I hope you enjoy the pictures. Cheers! Jack
  12. Congratulations (from another newbie)! Can't help with your questions, I'm afraid, but am looking forward to the pics. Jack
  13. Got it: Trimline Systems. Thanks, Matt.
  14. Turns out the limit was 102db on drive-by, and they would only do a static test (which was 105db limit) if you failed the drive-by. I must not have failed the drive-by!
  15. Evening all Thinking to replace the cushioning under (but retaining) the original leatherette on my front seats. Can anyone recommend a trimmer in South East London please? Anyone used J Cooper in Welling (although granted that technically they're in Kent)? Cheers Jack
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