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  1. I'm pretty sure it's not engine oil as it does smell different. Either way, I think investigation and repair are both beyond my meagre skills (and even less time). Will give Bob at RGA a call tomorrow. Thanks for the inputs.
  2. Thank you all. Very helpful indeed. Am I right to think the inner bearing should also be regreased if you're doing the outer one?
  3. Eveving all I last drove my car properly in late July when it was very hot. Out of 2 journeys one day and 1 the next, each about an hour, the middle one suffered a very pronounced clutch judder when taking off from stationary. This journey had much more stop-start than the other two journeys, but there was no clutch judder during the other two. A quick search here suggested I should check the adjustment on the clutch cable, and that remains on my to do list. But... I have just been out to the car and there is a large oil stain on the garage floor under the gearbox. My car has previously been remarkably dry underneath and this is an unwelcome development. It looks like the oil may be seeping out of the housing bolts but I see that the offside CV joint is also oily. The nearside also is but nowhere near as much. I hope that the photos below give a good idea. Is it fair to think that the judder and sudden oiliness are linked? Is there probably more to the judder than clutch cable adjustment? Grateful for your thoughts. Jack
  4. Ian May I also register an interest, in case it's not suitable for either Lee or Matthew for some reason? Jack
  5. Great pics! Well worth all the (team) effort! 👍
  6. Dyaque

    Front valance

    @MarkJ Mark, the valance is available if you would you like it.
  7. By a couple of mm, as in the photo? Thank you for going to the trouble of looking it up, Roy.
  8. Thanks, Roy. So if I can move the washer back and forth across the axle axis then I probably have an incorrect washer in place which has too great an aperture?
  9. Evening all Am I correct to think that the diameter of the hole in the front wheel bearing thrust washer is larger than then axle spindle it sits around, so that the "moved back and forth" described in Bentley is lateral movement across the axle and not rotational movement? Thanks in advance Jack
  10. Discovered the reason for the tumbleweed... Lepsons do not work with anodised wheels, neither refurbishing them, reanodising them nor painting them. Thanks for the pointers on where else to look, Richard.
  11. Dyaque

    Front valance

    So sorry for the delay @MarkJ, I have only just seen your post. Someone else has put their hand up for the valance for when they are back in the country. Am just checking with them if they still want it and will let you know (in case you would still like it). Best Jack
  12. Many thanks @Roy M
  13. The other question, of course, is how do you get the old stuff off? Would this stuff work or am I in danger of bringing the paint off too?
  14. I'd like to rephrase that. Modern mass-produced vans and hatchbacks are pretty much as quick as supercars of the 80s, without any of the feedback or "experience" of driving. Speed is definitely a factor but, as is said many times above, awareness of and use of that speed is (to my mind) often the critical difference. I may also have exaggerated my experiences in backroads. Truth is, I rarely get above 60 before better sense takes over... 😇 So good to hear; I've been saying this for years! And everyone objects! And when tested on why they're objecting, it's because they know they'd fail! 🤣 But imagine the job creation as well as the general improvement in driving. I don't understand why so much effort goes into limiting behaviour rather than improving it.
  15. I think a massive part of the problem is the gradual removal of feedback from new cars over the last decades. The whole reason I went for an IB is the visceral experience. A 964 tested back-to-back against a 3.2 just had less to it. Yes it was quicker but it was more removed. In an IB or anything from the 80s and before, you really know you're doing 40 and 70 is a thing. But now I am followed at 80 on B roads by what looks like perfectly a reasonable-looking (as in, not a thug or racer) a young girl on her way to work in her Fiesta who (massive assumption on my part) has no idea how fast she's really going or how long it will take to stop. The sooner the masses for whom driving is a chore not a pleasure are removed from having to do it themselves, the sooner the accident stats will fall. Until then, I fear blind blanket dumbing down for us all...
  16. My Fuchs are currently with Lepsons in Gillingham for painting but this thread has got me thinking of returning to anodised instead (someone has previously diamond cut the rim, which does not work for my eyes). Has anyone any experience of Lepsons for anodising?
  17. Afternoon all I was very excited to acquire and fit a stainless Dasnke 2 in 2 out (thank you again to the vendor) and love the way it looks and how it sounds as revs climb above 3k towards the recline. The problem is that I really do not love the resonant boom that imposes itself on the cabin occupants between about 1.8k and 2.5k. Having changed back to a mild steel sports 1 out box, there is definitely more noise at these revs but it is so much less apparent that I had not previously noticed. Is this just one of those things, or has anyone discovered a trick to muting the boom? I heard once that welding straps around the box helps, but am not sure if I trust that source... Any tips please? Cheers Jack
  18. Thanks, both. Al, the sealing strip is just reflecting the garage lights. It is black. Phil, the plastic trim snapped off as I was cleaning underneath it. The black gunk was underneath it, seemingly attaching the strip to the door metal. Cheers for the tip re caulking.
  19. Result! Sanded and sprayed the plug contacts on the switch and now all is strong and groovy! Note to self: start with the electrics...
  20. Just that there is no noise or any other evidence of response. The roof itself is not jammed as I have closed it manually and it opens fine. I have checked the runners where the cables join and everything seems to be in order. Operating the switch opens the roof but has no effect whatsoever when trying to close it. Thinking about it now, I guess it could be a problem with the switch rather than the motor... Will go and have a play with that.
  21. Ah perfect. Thank you for the offer but I am not close to you. Will invest yet more of my savings with Matthew...😁 Many thanks
  22. Afternoon all Does anyone know what the black sealant gunk is that joins the window frame to the door, as shown in the photos? Cheers Jack
  23. Afternoon all My sunroof motor has decided not to close the roof. It opens it fine but has no response at all when asked to close. Is there anything I can try other replacing the motor? Thanks Jack
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