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  1. Markmb2

    930 odd noise

    Yes that's the one, just Google'd and looked at the images. Thanks. The pipe that connects to the top has an open end (disconnected banjo) so I have put a nut / bolt and washers to seal it up. I've always been surprised at how well my car starts up from cold, even in the winter, even more so now I know the cold start valve has never been connected during my ownership. Working on the principle that "if it ain't broke, then don't fix it".... i will leave well alone especially as it's so difficult to get at. Out of interest, I will research and find out how it's meant to work.
  2. Markmb2

    930 odd noise

    Thanks David, I got the car back together today, finally and took the opportunity to change the fuel filter while the Intercooler was off. In doing the work on the BOV seals and trying to find why the car makes an odd noise as described earlier, I came across a pipe that was not connected. It has a banjo fitting on is rubber around 3/8" in diameter. The unattached end is in front of the metering unit underneath the air filter unit. I followed the rubber pipe back to a unit that is located on the opposite side (back), but not part of the metering unit. I don't know what this unit is o
  3. Markmb2

    930 odd noise

    An update and further question. I have now received the BOV seals from Pelican Parts (7 weeks!) and taken the intermediate throttle body off so I can replace the BOV seals. One seal had all but disintegrated and the other was on it's way, so now have fitted two new seals. I've not found any spilt pipes or damaged O rings yet but have noticed a single pipe blocked off with what looks like a pop rivet and jubilee clip. The pipe comes out of what I think is the control valve. It has been neatly done so didn't know if this is normal, or has been altered at some stage in the car's life. Hope
  4. Markmb2

    930 odd noise

    Thanks for the replies, I will systematically check and report back. I need to take the intercooler off anyway as I have to change the seals on the BOV as these click when the throttle is blipped. Currently waiting for Pelican Parts to deliver. I don't suppose the two issues are related. Regards Mark
  5. Markmb2

    930 odd noise

    I have an 86 930 with 74k on the clock. No issues with the way it runs or performs apart from an odd noise that I can't trace. I get a constant 'middle C' note when the car is under any load. It's the same note regardless of road speed or gear selection so i don't think it's related to the gearbox, engine internals or diff / drive train. My mate who is a race car mechanic (ex F1) suggested it may by a split pipe on the induction side, or air value that's not seating properly. On a trailing throttle or really light throttle ir goes away, but as soon as any pressure is applied to the pedal
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