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  1. Hi boydyrs I've had to shoot off to blow bubbles in the north sea, but the bits turned up from tony if you pop in next week think there are 2 in a box. Soz I didn't have time to sift through them. If you call the unit 01489877744 Russ and Ollie will be in all week next week. Dave
  2. Should know tomorrow or Thursday waiting on bits from her motorsport. Dave
  3. Wow like this. Gotta strip everything out but it was all returned not long before so should be a doddle.
  4. Blimey. Seems like lifetime ago mate. Yes with clinchy. Miss that car the flames and stuff .... Also don't miss it .... Just not a fan of boost 😂 The dynamic and enjoyment of na will always be better . Ultimately faster in the real world twisties. I like Baltic blue. It's peer pressure to change it 😣
  5. I think I've met Jevvy before. Colour change us a no brainer as there is duckall in it but what Colour? What is so horrendous about Baltic blue? Was thinking fast and furious carbon roof clear coat with corresponding bonnet 😂
  6. Righto I'll pm you when they arrive. DBS
  7. Soz didn't men to guzump Christian. I'm in droxford. I would have the bits next week so I'll check it's not creamed but I fitted doner roof skin from 993 so that should hve one too.
  8. Have 964 one Boydyrs as it came off my squashed 964. It's at the racing but need to check it's the same as the early cars. Not required for me so gratis if you pick it up.
  9. Have you got a link. I'm not on here much any more but do enjoy a good project. Mine will be mostly a go car so no polishing for this one. I'm toying with Baltic blue as I like it for a period colour and not too in your face but.... I suppose an RSR is pretty much as in your face as you can get.
  10. I do like the narrow lines of a 64 but Equally the RSR . Not a huge fan of the turbo as the rear trailing arms are different whale tail looks borrowed from the previous series. Love the offset on an RSR the rear wing looks purposeful and very 90s and of course it's NA. Btw Great news with your car. Christian told me about your thread. What a read but awesome it's back. DBS . Cheers Jamie. Making it wider so it can't flip so easy. Wont be long mate. On the road soon.
  11. Well the first part of the plan is a ruf style cage , carbon roof bonnet and doors . Haven't decided on whether I'm going wide body but have always loved the 964 rsr so think I'll have to go that route. I have some Kevlar wide body front wings, bumpers and skirts so figure nows the time to do it. Rears will be in steel . Colour will stay Baltic blue. In terms of engine . 4.0. 64 box with some custom ratios . But thats a way off.
  12. So after a few years of it sat under a tarpaulin and not having the time or will to look at it, I have finally got round to sorting my 64 out. It's been a bit of a sad affair but I'm excited about getting this back together a d I suppose it gives me the opportunity to do what I've always wanted with this car which has always been my favourite. After my spill I was lucky to get the car back but it is a cat D now so that's given me the green light to do what I want with it. Haven't quite decided which way to go but do know that it'll be staying a 964 .
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