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  1. Seems like a new movement. Up the 987s! Perfect compliment to the in as a daily I think. With working Aircon 💪
  2. Interested. I do it with the 964 crowd usually but it's a great blast. Following
  3. Awesome. Thanks for the pointers. It's great to see the various communities for these models. Like most of the RND done at their first inception it's seems the owners have a fiddle. Try things establish what works and what doesn't. The dynamics of this car are very different to others I have owned but I find it a good daily albeit a bit of struggle getting in And out of but like my 68 I've developed a routine. I'll be getting into my IB when its finally done. Just never seems to be enough time for everything. D
  4. The SC has gone so to plug the hole I got a fiddled Cayman which is something I'm really beginning to enjoy. It's been fiddled and all the upgrades have been done on it . There's a few more to do but a really engaging car with the right amount of hp to not get you into ant serious trouble. It feel strange getting into so etching relatively modern everyday as apposed to so.ething more classic but as I'm getting older I'm starting to see the appeal. 🤦 Think the price range for these and their character better represent the appeal of the IBS I first got in to. When the early air-cooled cars were more affordable and the community less beard and vape and more skinned knuckles and Saturdays spent spannering. (Strictly my view) So the car has uprated suspension miltek exhaust lightweight flywheel and a GT3 steering wheel which is a nice touch. Think this might be a long term ownership as I've never liked the 911 variants of similar years. Who else has a Cayman ?
  5. Oh crap , that's the second one I've seen on fire in as many weeks. Drypowder and CO2 there's just no way you stand a chance. Sorry to see this Fraser .
  6. I've been after a set of recaro XL ones for a while now also have a loft full of stuff I can't even remember what's in there 🤦
  7. I have child bearing hips. I get bed sores with normal sport seats 😂
  8. Cheers Paul. Should be 3 weeks Dave
  9. Hi Longman Can I have these off you please. I am of the more ample gentleman size and these will be perfect for my project ib now the SC is gone 😭 I'm away at the minute in the north sea so can't collect until I'm back . Is this ok? Cheers Dave
  10. Had a system pressure control valve sieze in a 924 metering head before. Corroded in the sleeve. The shims are also stupid money from Porsche. System pressure is system pressure there's no hot or cold as it's dictated by the pump, control valve and the return to the tank . There is only vacuum at idle when the plate is closed on turbos there is a separate enrichment hose which boost enriches the mixture . Drops the control pressure off on full boost .
  11. Sorry Shrish wasn't a go just a friendly bit of banter.
  12. Awesome. This is now an oil thread 🤦💪
  13. Hi Nick Mine will be available soon. It's a late car mind, sport but original bar SSIs and stuff you can't see. I've just done a 🐋 tail delete on it althought it was optioned with it. Engine build and gearbox build recently Pm me if youre interested. Dave
  14. Les is right you know. You need fuel pressure kit to do this. Check the system pressure (which you can adjust with shims in the side of the metering head) . Make sure the wur is disconnected when you do this. Then flip the valve to the control pressure check the cold reading is in spec- plug it in the wur will begin warming up with the ignition on as it has a live feed. Wait for it to get to temp check the warm control pressure is in spec. If all correct then adjust your mixtures. Should be smooth from idle.
  15. I'm in this year if I'm not away but my IB is gonna be up for sale soon 🤦 so might be the 68😲 I'll stay at the back out of site!
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