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  1. Looking good Max, I've ways fancied a a 914 6. The closest I've come to a type 4 engine is my type 3 vw square back variant. I rebuilt it to 2l fitted a fruity cam and some webers doesn't half go now. There's loads of options on the type 4 base . You can build a serious push rod engine for a fraction of the cost of a 911 one. DBS
  2. PorscheApostle

    915 gearbox problem.

    Hi Jim if you post a picture. I can help. Dave
  3. PorscheApostle

    Back in an IB

    Les arcs I think in September just gone.
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    Back in an IB

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    Back in an IB

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    Back in an IB

    Hey up mate. Alp tour was great had a couple of (spaghetti cars) as henrick calls them joined us. Lambo performante and a 488. He wasted no time in embarrassing them in his 64 tiptronic . Lunatic. No spills this year for the first time in its history of the event. 904 was just Nirvana . I've seen Russ put one ( 356 Carrera) together. Not an easy engine to build. The IB shell should be off to Tony when I get back but engine will be a carerra 3.5 twinplug or 993 based short stroke with a custom crank. Transmission will be a beefed up oil cooled 915. Yeah stop in if you get a chance I'll be doing a couple 915 builds bring your spanners and I'll talk you through yours 😂 Bring the teas and biccys too. Freezing in the barn over Xmas! 👍
  7. PorscheApostle

    Back in an IB

    Cat does not give a rat's about my cars. Sure she does it just to wind me up. Not sure on the colour of the SC 🤦 Sky metallic blue or something. I know the 68 is Amaranth violet as somebody told me from the tipec crowd. It's a sport. Not all the pork is mobile some is in various states of build but the 3 that are working are the 68,C2,SC . 924 is nearly there.
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    Back in an IB

  9. PorscheApostle

    Back in an IB

  10. PorscheApostle

    Back in an IB

    Hi Nick, yes, I still work with Russell Lewis when I'm home. That said this acc is purely for pleasure of owning them as I've not been able to indulge much over the last few years as it's been to busy www.instagram.com/rsrporsche I'll post some more picks of the SC when I get back as I'm away offshore just now. I also have a 968, 924 with a 944 turbo s engine. A 964 C2 , A 964 C2 slightly mangled but getting put together, A 72 e that hasn't progressed much since I bought it, and a special IB I'm busy putting together. DBS
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    Back in an IB

    Hello peeps, after a sabbatical for a few years and as I've got an SC I thought I'd come back to the crucible where it all began. Had a good meet up with the lads and lasses at the Equinox Cruise and have just got back recently from the Alps with the L90 crowd in my 64 which was awesome. ( Not least of all we had a genuine 904 GTS join us) . I'm also building a special IB for myself so thought I'd share as it progresses. Yes I'm still building engines and yes I'm still Diving offshore but trying to get a bit more life balance by actually enjoying these fabulous cars for what they are. Great to see everyone still at it and hope to catch up with you all over the coming years. DBS