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  1. What other air-cooled shows? Don't say 🥊 gas. We know what that is.
  2. Didn't realise there was a whiff of carbs to this of late. Always seemed like a good event in the past. One of the few I'd go to. That's a shame.
  3. Hello mate can you pm me or call me if like my 964 quarter back please. 07834315640
  4. As Ivan says, there's a sleeve insert on the OE knob, that said many have been bonded on to stop them rotating. 🤷
  5. Not sure I'd pay the premium to get in one now. It's slower, more expensive to run (turbo brakes , turbo wheel bearings etc) Ultimately if you're getting a wide body SSE can you stretch to a turbo? I bought one back in the 2000s for 11k in guards red.m491 option. Great show car gets a lot of attention. But not very thrilling to drive. D
  6. Sadly , there's nothing special about a clubsport. Apart from the price of course Certainly not the difference between a 968 coupe and a 968 clubsport. Except for the clubsport decals. 🤷
  7. Totally get the idea, but a fully refurbished wur is £250 from kmi. Agreed an AAV is not so that cost is there. On balance as you eluded to, project isn't finished yet so once an affordable cost has been established that would serve all CIS applications the appeal would to owners of Sc's , turbos Carrera 3s and early cis 911s the market would be there for all the options. I've never had a CIS car I haven't been able to get to run well by Purley applying the CIS basics. The system does work but if there are any deficiencies with the engine (vac leaks ignition etc ) it will not tolerate those. As I'm Johnny will attest, you can't put an upgraded spark box on a sick engine in order to solve what appears to be an ignition issue. On a healthy engine having a reliable electronic fuel system control would be very desirable. Much like having a modern spark control and circuitry is desirable . Look forward to seeing the end product. DBS
  8. As admirable as your endeavours have been Peter, I cant help but think that this will never be a cost effective method of adapting a CIS setup to run more efficiently. 1). Porsche (Bosch) developed this system to run effectively as a homogeneous setup. 2) these cars are worth a significant amount and most folk wish to keep them original as designed from factory where the system does work for the tech available at the time. 3) EFI alternatives have been developed many years ago for this application and are readily available should you wish to adapt a 930/66 engine for this application. 4) with respect I can't see why this setup would appeal to anyone versus an efi setup that would be more cost and comprehensively more effective. This ground is well trodden and as apposed to JH product that deals with deficits in ignition and maintains originality this solution cobbles together later tech (ICVs) CHTs etc to deal with a problem that for the majority of 930 owners doesn't exist or present a tangible issue. I like the idea and as a standalone project for yourself I see the appeal but as you've discovered establishing a stable cht without using say a Carrera setup where the cht was machined into the head the dissipation of heat from the heads does not give a fast reaction to the control pressure that you would otherwise see in the oe platform from a live feed. An EFI system wiyh with larger injectors on Carrera manifold would realise more bhp and mapable fueling(Megasqurt , Motec etc). The stock system has its limitations and they are not exclusive to the AAV or the or the TTS . The CIS system can support BHps up to 400 mark and then the CIS system cannot deliver the fuel even with a 3rd injector such as Kremer developed. I bolt on removable solution is usually the appeal for most but the question you need to ask is why would people do this? I've refirbishe 3 original wastegates for a 930 last year at serious cost purely because owners want the original systems. A turbo smart wastegate is by every measure a better product. But people want the original setup 🤷 Not hating just my experience. DBS
  9. https://www.heritagepartscentre.com/uk/n0154841-speed-nut-4-8x19-8x12-7.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAgJWABhArEiwAmNVTB2-nDjPk4O6eXMCNJVJk1tzL7sLZXMaFNTwwZ466eaCEZIefaYSWBxoCYhEQAvD_BwE
  10. I think it's called a 'chimney nut' Phil. Can you not just order it from Porsche 🤷 Porsche call it a speed nut 99959157402
  11. Think your clutch friction plate is bonded to the flywheel where it's been standing. See if you can start it in first on a clear road . Drive it will judder until it starts as itll be in gear get some speed up apply the brakes and dip the clutch it should break free. D
  12. https://sharkeyewheelaligners.com/ I have this little setup in the workshop. It's convenient if you have a ramp and the 1m tables can be levelled up and accept skid and corner weight scales. I believe they do a more basic setup but really this would be more than sufficient for the home garage. The tables are stackable do take up roughly a large tall table area. If you're serious track guy it would be worth the investment but in my experience most people who get fancy 20 way adjustable suspension , never adjust it once it's been setup for the road. Total waste if money unless you are racing a car at different tracks in different conditions. D
  13. Believe it or not, this is the best method for Geo. It's been done like this for ages. The string box sections the car and the distances from the rims to the string are set. A car is series of three boxes front middle and rear. The idea is to get the thrust line down the centre. If you equal the toe across both Axel's IE 0 toe,the box sections should be equal if not you have a chassis subframe or trailing arm / wishbone issue. You get the thrust line correct and then you adjust camber toe and caster . The geo is started at the rear and the front rack is centred turn to turn. A car should brake and accelerate in a straight line on a level surface it should Track straight to. The management of the the suspension travel and change in camber / contact patch of the wheels is then another aspect of spring rate bump and rebound. But strictly speaking getting the basics right (thrust line and toe ) will be the best starting point . String has been used in the pits for eons. It's a good system. D
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