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  1. Has cranking feed and goes via a thermo time switch. Sprays neat fuel in under cranking and cold conditions only.
  2. That' looks like cold start injector. Fuel.
  3. Think we caught the fortnight after your trip RB. We were lucky there was heavy snow the weekend prior to arriving. Calais - Grenoble. Grenoble - megeve. We did petit St Bernard , galibier, col de iseran , bourg st Maurice and a bunch of others. Based ourselves in Megeve and we joined by others from Europe. Was epic and different as it was so late in the year . We came back via Rheims and had a night there as well as stop over at the old race circuit. Good crowd of guys committed to driving and a good craik too. Was one of the best I've done. D
  4. So this trip which happens annually was on and off more often than I can remember in its planning phase due to the dreaded covid. Lucky enough a few of us committed to the trip last minute and we scored incredible weather with mostly dry alpine routes . The snow in the background was residual from the previous weekend so we were very lucky to catch the weather last week in September. Didn't have an in for the trip as it's still in build but the 68 proved a very capable car in the mountains. Hadto throw some money at it to get it ready but it was worth it .
  5. Yeah Russell Lewis (RSR Engineering) hasn't worked in place for a few years now. He's working from home. He had a feature in classic Porsche last month. It's just Me, Bart and Ollie now. D
  6. I did a vid a while ago, please excuse the thick spitting image Yaarpie accent , hope this explains it better than my bumbling drunken post.
  7. Edit : Sorry it's late and Ive had a few whiskeys 😂 Reading that back that's arrrr5e about face. Likely to be your 4 point pinion bearing Phil . From 5th and reverse you've got 1st 2nd 3rd 4th at the 4 point pinion bearing side so certainly sounds like the pinion 4 point bearing has failed . Best of luck
  8. I'm going with pinion bearing at rear of gearbox has collapsed . From the tail of the box moving to the bell housing you have 5th and reverse then a pair of bearings that supports the pinion and input shaft at the rear, 4th , 3rd ,2nd and finally first. Then you have the 4 point bearings and retainer crown wheel and pinion etc. By the sounds of it the noise deminishes as you come down the ratios suggest the issue is the support for the gearsets furthest from the retainer plate have an issue. If not that 1st gear needle roller as the noise disappears when 1st is selected . Remember gears are i
  9. Sounds like a boost leak Mark. Common area is where the intercooler presses into the throttle body . There's 2x O rings there . They are prone to splitting. There are a number of other places but I'd check there first as you won't otherwise be able to check unless you're under load. D
  10. Quote indeed . It's a miracle cure. Like sawdust in your Landover diff. 😂
  11. It's because 1st and second gear sliding sleeve is asymmetrical. 1st is cut one way but second is symmetrical so plays ball one way but not the other after a period of time depending on how poorly your gear selection is. The edges round off and the dogteeth flatten. The best way to operate a a 915 is clutch all the way in , positive movement and as fast as you can. On a freshly built box(IE all the necessaries replace not just a refresh synchro job) you physically can't beat the synchros. Or you can add swepco and that'll sort everything 😂
  12. This will be 1st second sliding sleeve and 2nd dogteeth. Nobody changes these as they're very expensive and new synchros mitigate any selection issue on the gearsets. It does mean you have to wait until they line up but really this is the issue.
  13. Yes it is an amazing dance to get it all to work that requires everything to be right but it's very satisfying to see when it does.
  14. You'll get more performance on EFI and ITBs . There is also the ability to run other features not available at the time( ifts, knock , a proper map for your chosen cam etc) The MFI system relys on a very rudimentary map . Trouble comes when going larger than 3.0l as there is no OE space cam to run this capacity. So in turn you have to get one made and the pump modified like Porsche did in the RSRs . Porsche modified their own pumps from Bosch for racing.
  15. So, as there has been massive mission Creep on this I'll share it in the right section as it's effectively 964 engine transplant thread. State of play so far is I've started the bottom end of the engine and have started building the suspension and brakes . More photos to follow but here's some of the bits just now..
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