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  1. Hi All, I’d like to loose the whale tail, so looking for a spare boot lid etc to spay up ... any thoughts or advice appreciated...
  2. Er wow ! I thought I might be starting something! So I’ll run with what I had put in last service then! Thank you all for your replies awesomely varied as always ps dare I ask about tyres ....
  3. Hi all, Any my thoughts or recommendations on an oil I should use in my 88 3.2 to top it up, no track days just toad use of about 3/4 k a year...? many thanks Michael
  4. So the sun is here ! So something was sure to happen wasn’t it The rolling lock lock on the front of my targa roof seemed loose, then about 10 seconds later a little screw popped out and the rolling lock seems to be moving freely inside the frame of the roof.... can anybody help me with how to fix it back in place as I’m obviously going to have to open it up in order to get to the screw... I think thank Michael
  5. Blimey! Now I've got some thinking to do! Thank you all for your thoughts! hmmm Ive been talking to La Rosa Porche close to Sevenoaks in Kent and they were suggesting a "single out" Dansk. I do like the idea of spicing up the noise a little but keeping it looking pretty original with this car....
  6. Hi All, Im still looking and she's growing 18 months now... Best M
  7. Hi All, Ive got a hole in my 3.2s exhaust, so time for a change... Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated... considering a stainless version at this point but is there a version out there that might allow me to hear a bit more of my lovely flat six... many thanks M
  8. Hi All, I am still looking to buy a seat for my youngster to go in the back of my 1988 3.2. Im scouting places for the Porche prince but no luck as yet. If anyone fancies selling theirs id be super grateful! Best Michael
  9. Hi, I’m Michael, baught a 3.2 targa back in June, I love it, and can’t belive I didn’t do it before ! Had various 997s and I seem to live it almost as much as my daughter !
  10. Hi all, I’m looking for a baby seat for that back of my 88 targa. My daughter is 15 months so would like her to sit in the back. I’ve done a fair bit of research and rear facing isn’t going to happen so a forward facing Prince for the occasional trip is needed Many thanks michae
  11. Thanks guys, My need is a bit sooner so I’ll post a “wanted “ thank you ! best M
  12. Thanks Roy, ive read about these any thoughts on where to pick one up? best M
  13. Hi All, I am failing fast fast getting a back seat for my 1.5 year old to go in my 88 targa.... All advice and help appriciated ! Thanks

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