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  1. Russ i don’t know how to post photos. Maybe that’s not allowed now
  2. So, everything back together and looks smart. Akternator was checked and confirmed as working well. HOWEVER, I still have no charge going to the battery. I have bridged the wires to the external SEV Marchal Regulator and the alternator is then sending 14.9 v to the battery at idle. Therefore I assume the external regulator is duff. Anyone know where I can get an original SEV unit other than from America? Anyone got a surplus unit gathering dust maybe? Trying to keep my car as original as possible. Terry
  3. Hi all thanks for your contributions. I investigated companies in North Essex. Results are not great, Was recommended to try Surtec650 or Iridite NCP conversion coatings. They have superceded Chromate which is a very hazardous process. However, those two processes do not take to magnesium. There is a company in Essex that do Chromate coating but are unwilling to guarantee their work on Porsche fan housings!!! Bit the bullet and went to Greatworth Classics near Banbury. They agreed to turn around my job inside 3 hours. Their workshops are amazing, with many
  4. Thanks to all the contributors so far. Phil- A1 Anodising and Pierce Polishing are a good way from my location so will not take those any further. Jonny Hart- thanks for the advice re the rivets, leads me to consider whether I take the fan apart now or consider a process for the item as a whole. I have found some companies within striking distance of North Essex so will check those out and report back. Happy to have further ideas. Terry
  5. Thanks for the lead Diesel76. Have checked their website and it appears they only do powercoating. I am after as near oem finish so their service will not be for me. Thanks Terry
  6. I have contacted Greatworth and can confirm they Chromate the fan housings. Terry
  7. Hello Ian thanks for your input so far Are your suggested company’s actually doing the refinishing or specialist Porsche people? i am wishing to deal direct with the refinisher and share my results on the forum. Terry
  8. Advise please As my OEM Alternator is out for a rebuild I want to refresh the magnesium housing and fan. I have sent both to be Vapour Blasted at a place locally. My question is, what to do to reseal the magnesium? Any experience to share please? I have been recommended to consider Surtec 650 or Chromate finish Your thoughts are appreciated Terry 911 SC 1980
  9. Have used AD08R extensively on my Lotus Elise. Amazing tyre, great on road, wet or dry and amazing on track at racing speeds, sprinting. Sadly, no longer available and has been superseded by AD 08 RS. These are not a patch on the former. Sorry not a review to report on a 911 as I bought S02’s as recommended on here!!
  10. Raisinn

    Side markers

    Had later wings, thinking maybe 1982 onwards. Terry
  11. Same here. Adjust until everything is locked up to the drum. Back off until drum is free to turn. Then I use the handbrake a couple of times to ensure the shoes have centred accurately. Then re- adjust until locked up to drum and back off so the drum turns without binding. hth
  12. Just been through this. My 911 first registered 1/1/ 1980. Took V5 to post office but they could not zero tax the car in March 20. Said write “historic” in taxation class , sign it and send V5 + V112 + V10 ( tax renewal) to DVLA to change the taxation class. Sent March and arrived 3/7 2020. (Bloody covid) 911 is now zero taxed from July by DVLA and gov.uk still shows next MOT due in October. I guess the V112 will exempt me if I want. I like a MOT centre to go over my car with fresh eyes so it will be presented. Terry
  13. Sounds like a butterfly link is stuck expanded. Or a broken spring.
  14. 1980 911 SC Guards Red. Owned this for 34years! Viewed a few of similar (5-6year) age before I bought this one. A previous Company owned car in Hull so good service history and condition. Bought at 58k miles. Now at 139k and still a lovely car. Terry
  15. Thanks flat6 misunderstood your post. no offence intended. Taking on board your comments too on the current market but it only needs one buyer who wants a completely solid car. Far better buyer than a £25k doer- upper imo. May be losing my garaging for this winter so one classic may have to go. Terry
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