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  1. Aspro

    Best rust treatment for surface rust inside sills?

    You want to use a rust converter before any cavity wax or the like is applied. Yes cavity wax alone will slow down the rusting process but it’s best to treat it beforehand. I highly recommend Dinitrol or Bilt Hamber products.
  2. Aspro

    Restoration Costs in England

    Long distance restorations are like relationships, they don’t work in my opinion. You really need to be overseeing the work as it progresses to ensure quality and see exactly where your money is going. Yes workshop rates are cheaper here. Probably half if not less than what you’ve quoted. But I’d say the savings aren’t worth the aggravation. Just my opinion. Good luck
  3. Aspro

    3.0 SC v 3.2 Carrera

    True but at the time they didn’t have a G50 to compare it to 🥴
  4. Aspro


    Please keep us updated. Keen to see the quality and fit of this set. Thanks
  5. Aspro

    370mm Prototipo Replica

    Hi Guys I’ve been reading through lots of threads regarding steering wheel options. In my opinion the Prototipo is the best looking aftermarket wheel.Must be flat for me. I’m thinking sourcing a 370mm replica would be a better option than the original 350mm. Just wondering what people’s opinions are? Also, I’ve struggled to find the 370mm for sale anywhere. Even on Rennsport. Can someone please point me in the right direction. Thank you
  6. Aspro

    Ebay joker

    Can’t see any today. Give it a day and they’ll all pop up again
  7. Aspro

    Ebay joker

    It’s no one we know as far as I’m aware. Probably not even British. Search Porsche 911 in classic cars and 20 listings with massively underpriced cars pop up. It’s been going on for months. As mentioned above, every time they’re removed they pop back up. Makes it very difficult if you’re a legitimate buyer. As a result I stopped using eBay in my daily searches. Any reputable seller should be using other platforms. Any buyer should be cautious of everyone.
  8. What widths do you guys recommend on a narrow body 3.2??? Jonathan has sensibly advised 7&8's for obvious reasons but I'm tempted by 9's on the rear. Thoughts?
  9. Aspro

    Group4 16” Campagnolo reps

    Sorry guys. I did do a search but missed that thread. To be honest the search function is glitchy af. Keep getting error codes
  10. Hi Guys Has anyone pre ordered a set of these yet? I had a lengthy chat with Jonathan from Group 4 wheels yesterday. I’d like to state I have no affiliation with the company. I think he’s done a brilliant job with his 16” design. His passion and attention to detail has produced a close to perfect reproduction. As far as I’m aware no one else reproduces a 16”. Available in 7,8 and 9 width. Offsets are same as stock Fuchs. Any thoughts?
  11. Aspro


    Reviving an old thread here. Do you still have these wheels? Can’t PM you Chris
  12. Aspro

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Love it. Is that what a 23 window gets you in Porsche money?
  13. Aspro

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    Hey Ron Nice to see you here. I’ve been on ssvc for years. Even bought parts of you at Stanford hall a few years back. Thanks for the advice.
  14. Aspro

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    All true words. I’ve spent the past week researching actual sales in the past 12 months. 3 very similar vehicles, spec and mileage have sold for £50k. All 3 were from reputable dealers.
  15. Aspro

    Baltic blue 3.2 on carandclassic

    I think I like the pinstripe too but full leather probably appeals to more people.