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  1. A friend is selling this. Might be able to get it closer to £35k
  2. Thanks again Jevvy. That confirms the alarm is on a separate horn. It’s actually my regular horns that are knackered.
  3. Thanks Jevvy. I’ll test the horns as suggested above and report back
  4. Thanks Johnny Can anyone confirm if the factory alarm system uses the cars horns or a separate siren please?
  5. Just put the fuel pump relay in the horn slot and still nothing so I think we can rule out the relay. Does the factory Porsche alarm use the car horns? If it does then the alarm is working fine. As are the horns Any other ideas?
  6. Thanks Nige. Much appreciated
  7. I’ve heard they can be a pain to access. Should I be able to reach the terminals without removing the wheel and front bumper?
  8. I need some help please guys I replaced the steering wheel on my 88 and left the horn wire dangling in the steering column thinking it wouldn’t make contact with any metal. WRONG My neighbour woke me in the early hours of the morning saying my horn had been going off for over 30 minutes and switched itself off. I’ve now connected it to the new horn push and it doesn’t work. It’s not a fuse as I can hear the relay clicking when I press the horn button. So do we think I’ve damaged the horn/s OR Is it the relay? The relay itself looks fine. No burning or signs of overheating. Any ideas appreciated
  9. It’s not a decal. It’s actually printed on the horn button.
  10. That will be a no. Sorry guys 😂
  11. Open to any offers guys. Try me
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