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  1. wilson59

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Yes we can but the car will stay here so just more convenient for it to be RHD
  2. wilson59

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    I have been overtaking on the left hand side but it seems to scaring the cyclist too much
  3. wilson59

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    I want to make it into a stretched limo so our laws require it to be right hand drive
  4. wilson59

    GT3 Stick or twist

    I have the 997.1 seriously love it . The black 996 looks fantastic
  5. wilson59

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Thanks everyone and I hear all your points and all valid . I do intend to keep the car and if it was for me I would leave it as it not a problem . I want her to have a car that she will enjoy driving .
  6. wilson59

    Welcome to Impactbumpers

    Hi Everyone new to the forum . I have a couple of cars one being a 997 GT3 and a recent purchase of a 77 911 S . I initially bought the 77 car for myself but my wife has decided it suits her better . I will undertake a Left to Right conversion on the car to make it more livable for her . If anyone has any parts suitable to do a conversion please let me know . Thanks
  7. wilson59

    Porsche 911 RHD dash parts

    Hi All , I'm converting my 77 911 S from LHD to RHD so any parts that anyone would have to sell to help with the conversion would be appreciated . Please PM or my email paul@paedwards.com.au Thanks once again