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  1. yes they're deffo blue black, i was just after general confirmation on here, and yes they are still available ..... thanks
  2. can anyone tell me whether the fiberglass whale tail was complete fiberglass or was bonded on to a steel boot frame ?
  3. wow thanks for all of the input, my cousin who had midnight blue in his carrera thought he had black seats till the light hit them and they sheen'd a blue tint, so i would say that they are the midnight blue but if your after a pair of black seats .... then they are black ? ? ?
  4. heres a porsche SC colour chart, cobalt blue ?
  5. ok these are the seats but we are in artificial light, i still aint made my mind up yet, but to the naked eye i still think they got a blue tint to them ? but i dunno what you all will think after the flash off the camera ?
  6. bugger me i gotta get up in the garage loft then .... will do though
  7. agreed thats why it took us 2 hrs to decide, even after 2hrs we're not 100% LMFBO
  8. jim they are black ! it took me and my cousin (who is a numbers data concourse expert on 911's) 2 hrs to decide they were the dark blue this summer in all that natural sunlight, but when i say dark blue i use that term very loosely, you cannot differentiate between the 2 types of seat, trust me you wont know or where to look to tell the difference, but even as i say that they could quite easily be the black seats as its that hard to tell, the point im making unless you are in the know you would not know the difference, it could even be the polish i used to clean them in natural sunlight picking it up and not the colour of the actual seats or even me and my cousin willing them to be the so called "blues" as they are worth a lot more than a standard black seat, regards ..... mark PS if ya know anyone who knows about the porsche 911 seats just ask them, im sure they will say the same as me
  9. hi jim, i have a pair of vinyl seats, to the un-trained eye you would say they are black but infact they are the more rarer dark blue but you would never know to look at, only in certain light do you get a slight hint of a dark blue to them but ya gotta look hard lol, regards ..... mark
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