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  1. Fantastic day at Brands today, full day of driving, weather was great, plenty of good cars out there and a good catchup with some top blokes. Highlight was booking 2 sessions with an expert race instructor for my daughter and seeing her driving the circuit and getting better and better and more confident throughout the day, magic for me as a dad.
  2. Hi Ian I'll take it please. PM me your payment details, thanks. SS
  3. I've found it best to park the car and leave it (last year parked at the Bugatti circuit). I don't do tenting as I prefer staying at a decent hotel near a tram station. The tram takes you right into the circuit and runs most of the time. Next year I won't bother buying grandstand tickets. Apart from the start and end of the race there's no need, I'd rather go to different vantage points over the 24 hours. I will buy a weekend ticket when I get there, general access tickets are easily available at the circuit. For the drive down definitely take the 911, as its a special trip I don't worry about fuel costs, I build that into the budget and as others have said the journey there and back is a lot of the fun. Whatever you decide you'll have made some good memories, enjoy the time.
  4. I've had so many things I've tried to fix or improve only to break stuff. On the plus side you've revealed a weakness which was waiting to be discovered and have ended up dealing with it.
  5. Hi Felix I've received them thanks, now I just need to fit them!
  6. I agree with that for some people but others? I'm not one to tailgate or get stupid and aggressive or unsafe but on occasion I've been very patient and then flashed someone to move over. Now, I've driven all over the world in many countries where a flash is no big thing, you move over for someone, they want to get past, no biggie. Here, it's like a personal insult to someone's ego that they are getting flashed and they go straight into stupid mode and then just stay there, I mean what the heck is that about? I need my medication 💊
  7. Exactly! Why so bloody minded?
  8. Rant of the day..... Why oh why do ar$eho!e drivers on a 2 or 3 lane road that is empty insist on sticking to the right hand lane. Or when they overtake someone just sit there in the right lane with nobody in front of them!!! Van drivers in particular are bad. I tend to just go to the left lane 50ft back and keep pace with them rather than undertake which is what I used to do in younger days. Absolute bast@%£'s!
  9. I'll take them please matey.
  10. Never heard of iRacing before. I do have a steering wheel and set of pedals and use my PlayStation mainly for the ring and brands. Since I started trackdays I've pretty much stopped virtual driving, there's no substitute for real world experience even if its non competitive. Good luck with it though, as long as you're having fun enjoy it.
  11. Today is 9/08 in America land, the 908 was a brilliant racing Porsche. The link to the article provides a brief history … https://flip.it/E14AUa
  12. SurlySurdi


    Sad news today, RIP your majesty.
  13. Damn it, I'm green with envy! 🤑
  14. SurlySurdi

    Back in Black

    Full respect to the old fella, those fighter jocks....phew! I can attest to first hand experience in one of those big macs, blooooody fast!!
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