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  1. I'm off to Porschefest on September 5th, went to the last one in 2019, it was great fun, anyone else?
  2. Apparently slow motion footage shows that Verstappen deliberately jinked right at the last moment and caused the accident! Definitely a racing incident, we're getting soft nowadays in F1, that's another reason why I get more enjoyment out of watching touring car racing, there is just so much more wheel-to-wheel action. Back to F1 though, it's damn good to see a bit of proper racing rather than overtaking only happening during pit stops because a wheel gets stuck when changing it!
  3. Yep Russell was kicking a$$!
  4. Really liked the format for qualifying today. Lewis still showing them how to do it. I'll plan to go next year as it's been a while (2008) since I've been as a spectator although I did a track day on the full GP circuit in 2018. When I see either Silverstone or Brands on TV the itch to get out there starts again. Let's see what tomorrow brings, so glad the crowds are back in F1, it really makes a difference.
  5. I'm happy to report I had the gearbox oil changed about a month ago and there is a definite improvement especially in the time it takes to get up to temperature. It's definitely less notchy going from 1st to 2nd when cold. The chaps who changed the oil told me the oil already in the car wasn't too bad but for me the peace of mind in knowing its been changed was worth it. I also had my valves adjusted along with a full service however I still need to sort out my leaky oil tank, onwards we go......
  6. Your sidelights and the green led should be on together with the dipped beam off. Pulling out the knob to its second position should turn the green led off and now the dipped beam should be on with the sidelights off. If you’re in or near Kent I can put you in touch with my auto electrician, he sorted all the electrics on my car.
  7. Thanks for all the advice. When I get the tank removed I think I will make a decision then. The Dansk is looking like a good choice if I decide to replace. I can’t see it being the kind of part where buying a genuine part will make a whole lot of difference.
  8. Oh! It would have been good to meet, if you’re going to Porschefest we’ll have another chance.
  9. It’s actually the vw’s that caught my interest, it was nice to have a mix and a larger variety of cars. My daughter now wants to test drive a beetle!
  10. I had the same dilemma but thought “what the hey” and went anyway even if it was for the run out there and back. We got there at 9 and left at 11:30, at which time it did look a bit rainy. Don’t beat yourself up there’s plenty more events over the next few months.
  11. And a few more…(god knows why some of them are upside down, I’m sure someone will enlighten me!)
  12. +1 with regards to them not using a scanner, I think it may be worth considering getting the rest of the car repainted as well to match the new paint, in my opinion new paint next to old won’t work especially with a metallic colour. Whichever way you go the paint should match all over the car. Leaving it for a while won’t make enough of a difference from the photos. It seems like he’s done a good job of painting the bits he’s done so far, getting the rest of the car to match will cost more money but it means you’ll get the most out of the money you’ve already spent. Good luck I hope it works out.
  13. Let's hope the weather isn't total $hit on the day, forecast is for rain, gaaaaah!
  14. Thanks for the advice chaps, I'll make my choice depending on budget going forward. At least now I am better informed.
  15. The leak is near the top of the tank luckily, they want 220 to cover the labour which I think is reasonable? I’ll definitely buy a new tank as I don’t want to go through changing it again.
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