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  1. Question is how much fettling to get them to fit. I’ve upgraded my bulbs to LED bought from a company called Classic car LEDs and rebuilt my headlamps after taking them apart and giving them a good clean and replacing all the spring clips (tricky little buggers!). What with all the C19 craziness going on my body resto is going a bit slow but once I get her back I’ll be reporting on how they perform. It’s a straight swap so if I’m not happy I’ll put the old bulbs back in.
  2. If mine wasn’t being restored right now it would be even worse as I’d be tempted to drive her. So, it may be a good thing as I’m nicely wrapped up at home!
  3. Tried to order says out of stock, typical
  4. There’s a uk based site selling issue 11 for that price and they will be selling issue 12 for the same
  5. Beautiful car, very eye catching want one!
  6. Thanks 786, they do look very nice but at £22 each I can’t justify the expense for a magazine although as a gift I’d gladly accept!
  7. Hi all, has anyone ever read a copy of ooomagazine? They are very expensive Porsche focused magazines I’ve only just heard about. A bit rich for my blood but was just wondering if one of us had read one and can provide more information, thanks.
  8. Slightly off track I’ve started to be approached by recruiters trying to fill ‘work from home’ contracts. Now if only I can get three of them on the go at the same time......
  10. I’ve purchased a quick release adapter that is about 20mm thick. Even without it my wheel is ok with my seat all the way back. It’s tricky getting the distance right.
  11. Now that is a bit of good news
  12. Richard very eloquently put. Like many others on this forum I'm guessing we are mostly of an age where we have elderly parents. My own are in their 80's, my father has diabetes and is recovering from a hip operation after spending quite a while in hospital. I am seriously worried about how they would cope if they became infected. This situation should not be underplayed which is what I think is currently happening.
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