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  1. Live life to the full chaps, I always say, we're here for a good time, not for a long time.
  2. I think you are right, however, it would be just my luck that I'd get the anal insurance company rep! What I like is how well LED bulbs actually work, but that's a topic for another post.
  3. Kept my old bulbs and have a nice MOT guy. That's all well and good but it's the "what if there is an accident" scenario that concerns me. Would it be enough for an insurance company to disallow a claim or leave us open to prosecution?
  4. Like anyone seeing this I said "Nooooooo" out loud. Does the punishment fit the crime? Like hell it does! What an absolute disgrace, we have a good legal system in this country but sometimes the sentences leave me so perplexed, I wonder if it's the sentencing laws not being harsh enough or the Judges not using them to their full extent.
  5. Same Yuasa for the last 2 years, no issues at all.
  6. Such a shame, I’m sure they’ll be accepting new members soon enough, bl&%*y covid!
  7. Hello, for those of you with experience of the 987 Boxster. My wife has a 2006 2.7 and I'd like to know that if I remove a caliper after clamping the flexi line, then when I re-attach the caliper and attempt to bleed the system is it a normal bleed process? My understanding is that as long as the ABS unit stays full of brake fluid then setting the cars computer into bleed mode is not required. Thanks.
  8. Guys my local Esso station is where I go to refuel with 99 Ron Supreme, I use a fuel card issued by fuelpecker (for Esso). It saves me, wait for it......6p per litre! On a full tank that's approx. £4 off. Not only that, any member of my family can use my card on any of their cars, petrol or diesel. Every type of fuel has a per litre saving which varies depending on the standard cost per litre. I have no affiliation, just wanted to point out the savings we can make. I emailed the website and they sent me the card. You link it to a debit card and a few days after using their card your debit
  9. Cheers Chris, time to get my read on!
  10. I only went through the switch hole same as PeterK, no need to lift any carpet AFAIK. The void is just the area you need to poke around in, for my case the wire was still around the switch hole area so I managed to snag it and drag it out via the switch hole.
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