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  1. Good points! You know things are never straight forward and this definitely isn't. I mean, what if there is an accident and an insurance company that the other driver was blinded? Could be grounds for a refusal and potentially a court case!
  2. I think whatever floats your boat. It's like a few years ago my better half wanted a Boxster and was making the choice between a 986 and a 987. She liked the look of the 987 more but the cost difference needed to be considered. I told her if she got the 986 (no offence 986 owners) and was then driving down the road and saw a 987 would she feel gutted that she didn't get one? Her answer was YES, so we got a 987 and she's very happy - which means I am too! So, if you like the look of the wide body just get it, otherwise when you're splashing that much cash you might regret your decision.
  3. What about LEDs that are CE marked? My understanding is that these are products manufactured outside the EU that are certified to be imported and sold within the EU. I have recently purchased headlight bulb LEDs from a company in the UK called classic car LEDs and these are CE marked and RoHS certified. Take a look at the picture from their website that shows the cutoff when using these. My car is being prepped for its respray right now but in a few weeks I will be installing these and providing some feedback.
  4. Hi Anil I used carmagic as well, excellent result, can choose original yellow tint but I went for bright white since I’ve changed my external lights to LEDs. I changed all the bulbs including high beam and indicator bulbs as well. You have the choice of paying a bit more and getting those coloured bulbs in the right LED shade, well worth it. Not only that they chucked in a spare clear LED gratis. Good communication with them, a guy called Engelbert dealt with my enquiries.
  5. +1 on finding a more amenable garage. My garage don’t bother with the emissions when I’m having mine done. If you’re in Kent or willing to travel PM me for details.
  6. If something for IBs could be arranged I’m in chaps...
  7. Hi all, Has anyone got a new toggle switch used to alternate between left and right when adjusting the electric side mirrors please? Thanks.
  8. Damnit I bought these from Des...911 two weeks ago 🤨
  9. I've bought the bracket and strap now so may as well keep the filter, I can't see it doing any harm unless there is a downside Phil?
  10. I’ve read the pros and cons of having one versus not and although I can see the merit of deleting this I’m leaning more towards the viewpoint that Porsche put it there for a reason and unless I know with certainty that it’s not needed I’ll keep it. I’ve read that some people having removed it smell petrol fumes on occasion which concerns me. I feel I don’t have enough information and because of this I’ll err on the side of caution and keep it.
  11. I went to see the car today to deliver some parts for the ongoing work. My painter showed me the broken strap and bracket for the charcoal filter. They both need replacing so I got online and looked for prices.....£240!! Now I do get the concept of ‘Porsche tax’ but this is ridiculously expensive. I eventually found a used one that with a clean up will be fine on eBay for £45 which I purchased but why is such a simple non-complex part so expensive?
  12. Matt you are the man! Much thanks and praise.
  13. Always been a dog person 🐕 interesting photos though 🧐
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