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  1. Thanks for the suggestions chaps. This morning I received a large pipe wrench and also a deep 22mm impact socket from Amazon. I gripped the big washer, applied the impact gun and the nut was off in 5 seconds. Then I pushed the top of the insert through and out of the hole and removed the sleeve. Turns out the big nut securing the insert into the strut body had worked itself loose, it was still on the threads but freely rotated. I put some medium strength loctite on the threads and used my new wrench to tighten it up nicely, then relocated the top of the strut through the hole after fitting the sleeve and put the top nut back on, making sure the washer was held by my wrench before using the impact gun to tighten it all up. I then went for a drive to listen for any knocks, strangely it was really easy to find some roads where the surface was less than perfect (!) and I'm happy to say the noises have been banished! I can now change my strut inserts if I ever need to in the future and I have the satisfaction of solving this issue. Many thanks to all who contributed and my top tip of the day is to always be sure your nuts are nice and tight! SS
  2. When I try and loosen the top nut the whole thread around which the nut is fastened and the washer turn with it (im touching both parts that should not turn). How do I turn just the nut please? SS
  3. Cheers Chris, after your suggestion I checked out some videos on how to change an insert, I now feel I can check it, I will try tomorrow, hopefully it's a loose nut and not just the one in my head! SS
  4. Update, I've checked the top mount, bolts are tight, bounced the front up and down, nothing on the top mount seems loose, it feels more like something is loose rather than broken. You can seenthe movement clearly in the video, what is the culprit. I'll take the top nut off next as Chris has suggested. SS
  5. Also, I've read it could be the front upper strut mount bearing, how do I check this? SS
  6. Does that need an impact wrench Chris? Tried tightening with a spanner in case it was loose and it would not budge. SS
  7. Hi Chaps, After a great day at Cadwell Park I got back in the car today and could hear a clunking sound from the left front wheel. Went to my garage and the front wheel when rocked from top and bottom is producing the movement you see in the video. First thought is that I've broken the shock insert, both inserts replaced with new ones less than 2 years ago. Just before the mountain at Cadwell there is a left right chicane, I ran wide at the left turn and went onto the grass and the left wheel smacked the very pronounced rumble strip where you would turn right. The car caught a bit of air before coming back onto the tarmac. The car drives fine, brakes OK and steers OK but obviously that movement is no bueno, any thoughts regarding my diagnosis, new insert? Thanks. SS 20240420_092742.mp4
  8. Gents, many thanks for the suggestions. As suggested, I will clean it up first then get hunting! SS
  9. Agreed Mark, at least ive got a starting point now. Thank you. SS
  10. Thanks Mark, how easy/hard are these to change, what's involved please? SS
  11. Guys I had the car up on a ramp today to change the oil, there is a thin coat of oil underneath the engine (see pics). Where is the best place to start investigating please? Thanks. SS
  12. I have a cobra alarm system, this includes switches for the engine cover and trunk and also interior sensors and an immobiliser. It's plumbed into the central locking system and it unlocks and immobilises from the remote key fob. Paid around a grand for it 4 years ago. SS
  13. +1 for John, never had any issue with any insurer accepting his valuation. AFAIK his valuations are accepted without question. SS
  14. Well I humbly accept, very kind of you. I'll message you when I'm home later and we can discuss details, thank you Phill ! SS
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