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  1. Yes please Richard, I'll pm you to arrange collection, thank you.
  2. Nice dedication anglophone1, perhaps whoever is attending from the forum should get together once we get there.
  3. Welcome to our cousin from down under! Nice looking example.
  4. Price has jumped up, now £405 AFTER discount 🧐
  5. I had the same concern at Beaulieu. What they say is any one group cannot be of more than 6 people and groups are based on social distancing so if up to 6 people are more than 2 metres apart from up to 6 other people that is considered to be two distinct groups and is allowed.
  6. I sent an email to the organisers. Right now it's in the lowest of the 3 tiers, if that does not change it should be good to go. They said if they do have to postpone it they will move it to next spring and as expected honour any tickets bought or provide a full refund. As of right now I will be going, the only thing concerning me apart from it not going ahead is the weather being pants, then again, that's always a concern!
  7. yes looks nice Ivan, I had one similar to this before I got the new one made
  8. Ivan many thanks I will investigate that over the weekend!
  9. Great tips gents hoping using those it will be straightforward (as possible)
  10. Just to answer my own question I’ve done some research and now I know where it sits. Thanks for the info longman. So in summary bleed first and if that does not fix it get a new clutch slave mc. Ok will get this done along with the service, valve job and new cv joint. Labour of love continues....
  11. So there is a clutch slave cylinder? Where is is located?
  12. Hello, I had a new clutch mc fitted and there is about a half inch to an inch of travel at the top before it firms up when depressing the pedal. The car changes gear perfectly and the biting point is spot on. The clutch mc was bought from my local OPC. Can anyone point out what I need to check please? Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.
  13. The old saying about 'good, cheap 911's comes to mind'
  14. Is the missing lid for the armrest standard for CS cars?
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