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  1. He changed the clutch on my IB and also worked on a 944 of mine in the past, I haven't used him for years as he's on the other side of London and I've found someone local but from where you're based he'd be local to you. Over the years I've learned it's always good to find someone nearby.
  2. Amount spent to put right: disconcerting = LMAO!!!
  3. Try Peter Tognola at Tognola Engineering in Datchet. Not far from you, I have used him in the past, knows his stuff. Has contributed many times to 911 & Porsche World magazine.
  4. What strikes me is the price we paid back in the day compared to what you’d pay now, well, as far as 911’s are concerned!
  5. When did you lose your Porsche cherry? I'm talking about when you owned your first Porsche rather than your first drive of one. Provide the following: Age when lost: Model: Where purchased: Amount paid: Year of purchase I'll start... Age - 29: Model - 944 S2 Cabriolet: Where purchased - AFN Chiswick: Amount paid - £24,000: Year of purchase - 1997
  6. Thanks, it is interesting to hear about knocking it off when it’s on the oil gauge since that’s exactly what I was planning to do and I would then be able to charge it from my stereo. I shall have to see if I have the same issue. Otherwise, like you I’ll have to put it on the clock. The charging cable would still be able to reach either way.
  7. Hi David, received today, lovely condition, many thanks to you sir!
  8. Received the mag mount from eBay today, so for the sum total of £2.17 (plus 3D printing) here is the finished article, will be fitting it when I can start to feel my fingers after being in the garage more than a couple of minutes, brrrrrr!)
  9. My mate Paul Restell is ace, works on all my cars: 07770 794 445 Can handle electrical issues especially on classic cars. Covers the area.
  10. Hopefully someone will point me in the right direction. When doing some spirited driving where braking hard and often is required, after a while I hear what's best described as moaning sounds coming from the front of the car. Backing of and cooling things down makes it stop, subsequent hard braking brings it back. A further important detail, it does not happen when braking hard on a straight-ish road, it happens when braking is followed immediately by hard turn in. I think that last bit may be especially important. I uprated my tie rod ends to turbo items many years ago, the rest of the s
  11. This is the thin end of the wedge, the future will be an interesting place
  12. Happy New Year to each and all, may prosperity and good health be yours.
  13. I SO agree with you, I thought if it's anything like their writing it should be great but what it really lacked was entertainment value, my choice would have been the Lambo or the GT4.
  14. I watched both episodes, the winner may be a great car, but, completely disagree with their choice.
  15. I'm currently on my way to picking it up, looking forward to a virtual drive
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