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  1. Lovely grub.... RETRO: My 911 F40 Diablo SV McClaren F1 MODERN: Koenigsegg CCXR Porsche 918 LaFerrari Aventador SVJ ...yummy!
  2. Apparently no spectators are allowed and only those who are members of the same household can share a ride.
  3. I've just signed up for a 12 month SIM only deal with Virgin. £13 a month gives me 6GB/month with unlimited calls and texts. If you sign up right now they have increased the data allowance by a 6 times so I'm getting 36GB/month!! That's a pretty sweet deal.
  4. Tried pm'ing you ajd, it says you're not able to receive messages?
  5. Can you put me down for one in black please? Thank you.
  6. I sit corrected, to be honest either car in my garage would be totally acceptable! I love the first film, second one was 'ok', the last one, meh.
  7. Danger Zone - Kenny Logins Bad Boys (first move) opening credits tune (no words) when they're in the black 930 and Martin Lawrence drops some fries in the car!
  8. I'd like to get hold of one copy to see IF it's worth it, but there's always other priorities on my money like children, the wife, the mortgage, food......... On a positive note, my car is having its sealer coat applied this week before paint is applied towards the end of next week, all the rust is now gone, panels all straight etc. Will create a new post detailing it all.
  9. Great Job looks fab
  10. Question is how much fettling to get them to fit. I’ve upgraded my bulbs to LED bought from a company called Classic car LEDs and rebuilt my headlamps after taking them apart and giving them a good clean and replacing all the spring clips (tricky little buggers!). What with all the C19 craziness going on my body resto is going a bit slow but once I get her back I’ll be reporting on how they perform. It’s a straight swap so if I’m not happy I’ll put the old bulbs back in.
  11. If mine wasn’t being restored right now it would be even worse as I’d be tempted to drive her. So, it may be a good thing as I’m nicely wrapped up at home!
  12. Tried to order says out of stock, typical

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