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  1. Wow, just seen this post, a bit short notice but I'm going to do my best to meet up with you guys, however I may have to cut out about Southwater area and head for home as Sunday it's visit the elderly folks and all that stuff. Laters.
  2. And how could I forget Mr. Monk, my monkey bike a 125 powered ST70 which is for sale by the way. A better pic . . .
  3. It's hard to notice the benefit just from a seat of the pants feel but the change was firm to say the least before the Swepco went in especially 1st to 2nd but this has now certainly eased. And if you want to make life a bit easier get some of these hydraulic ramps. Just back the car onto them, a few pumps and up she goes. Before I got them because the 911 is so low I always had to faff around with two small trolley jacks to get my big boy jack far enough in to access the trans crossmember for safe lifting. Whilst I would love a two post fixed ramp, the restricted height of my garage doesn't allow this so these ramps are the next best thing.
  4. Here's a couple which should get ridden more that they do.
  5. Ok, ok I get your point, but, actually it has shut up the noise I had in fifth, it doesn't graunch when I select reverse and the change when cold is much easier. There was quite a bit of swarf on the trans plug when I pulled it so there has been some wear but overall it's an improvement, not massively but I wasn't expecting that. At the same time I changed the engine oil from 10/40 semi synthetic over to Porsches Classic 10/60. I can't tell any difference but it does come in a nice tin.
  6. A friend recommended I should try a different gearbox oil with the hope and intention that it would make a very noticeable difference to the gear change and overall performance of the transmission. The stuff is called Swepco, it's American and it's going in this weekend. I must say I'm somewhat sceptical over the possibility of an oil making such claimed benefit but we shall see. A report in full next week.
  7. Wow, what an eyeopener those few words were. I thought I was getting a bit too keen by taking all the wheels off to clean the insides of them and all the wheel arches. I'm definitely going to bin my chamois and the two bucket system makes perfect sense. Thanks for all the tips guys, our cars must be the very cleanest in the universe, but sometimes I just wished I lived in California. Hate Winter.
  8. There are a few of us, mainly DDKers, flying over to Stuttgart next weekend for the Retro Classic event in Stuttgart. Just wondered if any of you folks are going. Of course we'll be hitting the Porsche museum as well (and I'm going to Stuttgart Harley Davidson, just to get a T shirt). The show is over 10 halls and the exhibitors list goes on for over 24 pages so reckon it's going to be Mega, I believe it was started up to be in competition with the Essen show and Retromobile in Paris which is high on my bucket list.
  9. I shall be there in full vending mode, look out for the red Cayenne. There might be a few IB bits and bobs but I'll mainly have all the stuff left over from my 356. Hope that the rain keeps off and it won't be blowing a whoolie like last year.
  10. I had bought a nice CD/radio for my 356 but when I got my wide body it didn't have any music in it so I nicked the Sony out of the tub and fitted it into the Carrera. The first problem was no music in the 356 so I temporarily re-fitted an old Pioneer radio cassette which came out of a previous 911. It was only for the radio as all my cassettes are long gone with the flared jeans and tie dye T shirts. Still got yours have you? The second problem was that there was absolutely no radio signal in the Carrera. There is a signal amplifier in the car but the manual showed it was tucked up behind the dash in the offside top corner and the main problem with it was that there was no plug to go into the radio just the stringy end of a co-ax cable. It needed sorting and I did put this job off until I didn't have anything left to do on the car so I got stuck in. I had to remove the lock module which was in front of the amplifier box and remove a piece of the ventilation hose system just to access the demon piece. With it out of the car, it was only held by one 10 mil nut, I opened up the box to check the electrics. I thought the best thing I could do would be to fit a new co-ax cable with a decent radio plug so I got busy with the soldering iron and it looked like I would soon be back in business. But in addition to the plug in lead which came from the windscreen aerial there was a small black wire emanating out of the amplifier next to the co-ax. I checked my manual and this showed to it should go to earth, G105 to be exact but what was powering the amp? I hooked up the new co-ax lead and put this black lead to earth but the radio reception was rubbish. So I hooked this black lead to power and bingo, brilliant radio. But of course most radio stations are crap, garbage pop, rap and endless spouting from DJ's in love with their own voice. However, there is a solution and it's not carrying hundreds of CD's round with you in the car. It's called a DAB radio device. Now this my be old news to a load of you but these gadgets are great and blue tooth has made them even better. The gadget of my choice is a Pure 400. I had one fitted to my wife's Cayenne some while back so she can listen to the techno rubbish she likes, I'm planet rock meeself, but these little boxes are so cool not just to enable you to get all the DAB stations but linking it to your phone lets you stream music and of course you can play whatever you have on your own device. I got mine from Ebay, the cost was only £40 and I'm going to stick one in the 356 when I get it back from the workshop and just keep the old cassette player in the car. Well, no ones going to nick your piece of old technology are they?
  11. I'm not sure if you have drilled the holes yet but whilst really liking spoilers on coupes and targas I do feel the addition of a spoiler upsets the delicate lines of the cabriolet. The cabriolet is very different vehicle to the coupe and should be viewed as such. Purely my observation on the matter, do what you prefer of course.
  12. Hi Phill, forgot to mention it's Pierce polishing in Charlwood at the very back of the aircraft museum. Great guy, recently polished 2 sets of Fuchs for me.
  13. I experienced a couple of delays this week when I was eager to get on with bolting the top of my engine back together. A minor issue with the central heating boiler not coming on one very chilly morning, a reset of the pump, thermostat and timer sorted that, then a very minor issue of the shower extraction fan not working, dismantle, clean, oil the motor bearings and all Ok again, then assemble and secure some Quickfix racking for an elderly friend. An hour at the most for this I thought, took me 4 hours. At last back in the hut and with the aid of some photos of the un-stripped engine I had stored on the laptop all the bits and bobs and brackets and bolts found their respective homes. The fan was a bit of a bugger to get central in the housing. Just bolting the alternator in caused it to go off centre so it was a case of move it around bolt to hole to next hole then tighten the bolts in odd sequence it finally spun without any contact on the housing. I whipped the plugs out for a clean and gap check and they all looked good. So the total cost of this little exercise was £570 near as dammit, made up of injector sonic cleaning at 360, polishing and plating at 100, re-bushing and checking the alternator 101 and tenner or so for sundry parts, the 5mil studding and I had to get a new rubber gaiter that joins the two inlet manifolds. It's not over the top with gobs of chrome etc, but it should be fairly easy to keep clean and respectable. Obviously not a show car but I wont be too embarrassed now to open the engine lid.
  14. Oops again, actually Mr. Morgan gave me a minor telling off for not having the securing screws with the alternator, so thank you Mr Hart and I will give those fuel hoses a good check. I would like to replace them with the new-ish black finished A and N fittings but this would be mega money I'm sure. Just got a text from my polisher to advise my fan is done and all the stuff is back from the platers. I'll pick 'em up tomorrow, can't wait, ooo it's just like Christmas!
  15. Oops I forgot to give you the cost for cleaning the injectors. It was £300 including sending them back via DHL courier which I thought was very fair. Another expense came via a phone call yesterday from J.Morgan & Son to advise me that my alternator was ready for collection. Like the injectors, there was no malfunction with the alternator but as it was off the car I dropped it over to Morgans in Dorking just for them to give it a clean bill of health. And all was well with the piece apart from the bearings and bushes which were showing some wear, more so with the former. So that took care of £84.60 plus the vat but it is nice to know there should be absolutely nil problems with it in the future. I'll give Morgans a plug because they do a right good job in fact I also took the starter motor and alternator from my small block V8 Ford that is going into my Dax Cobra kit car. I bought the engine knowing that the starter and alternator were u/s, the seller told me this but I thought Morgans could just give then a quick check over and it only took them a couple of days, some brushes and parts and they are back to full working order. For that I'm very pleased. One small problem I knew I was going to have was that the alternator is retained onto the fan housing with 6 x 110 mil long M5 cross headed screws. Now if your engine is out of the car you can access these screws easily and get a good purchase on them to securely tighten them. Unfortunately if your and my engine is still in the car there is no way you can get to tighten these screws. There is not enough forward room to push on a screwdriver. So what I needed was a bolt or cap screw variety. I tried quite a few places and although I did find an hardware supplier who could provide me with the type and size I wanted, they needed an order for a hundred. OK we'll forget that, I can really see me having a use for 94 x 110 mil bolts in the near future. Engage brain and what I could purchase was a metre length of stainless M5 rod. Back in the garage I chopped this into 6 suitable lengths the TIG'd stainless 8 mil nuts on each length, voila, there's my six bolts, job done. The tig is only an inverter, it wont do alloy but it's good for stainless. Now I'm just waiting for the clamps and hardware to be cad and pass'd and then try and remember where all the stuff was screwed and bolted

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