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  1. I'm a cleaner and I had to sort out some offices this morning that I usually do on Friday but couldn't as I was knocking up some ballast and cement for a garden path. My wide body is parked at these offices in their secure and padlocked car park. I had a walk around and adjusted its' four seasons car cover back over its bumpers that the wind had blown off. It looked sad and unloved but I will get it back on the road soon, just need somewhere to drive it to.
  2. I put standard 944 front brakes on it and the rears are standard early short wheelbase spec 911 discs. The handbrake system is all new stock parts but the cable goes to a 911 floor mounted handbrake. I would love to get a pair of 944 turbo callipers for the front although I might have to fabricate a new pair of adapters for them and I'm not sure what the bolt spacing is on them. I don't know if I can copy over my posting history on DDK as there might be some copyright stuff I may infringe, just put DDK into google, search 356 then look for Project 25 and you can be bored shitless for hours.
  3. Not sure if I've mentioned it before but I have a '62 356 which is currently getting a 2.4 911 engine stuffed up its bum. I have posted a fairly detailed report on our good friends DDK website under 'Project 25' but the car is very nearly finished with the engine and 915 gearbox re-installed, hopefully for the last time. I reckon the engine looks pretty good with its Triple Webers thrusting up so I thought I would bung a couple of piccys here. The only jobbies left to do on the car is some wiring then a hook up for the clutch cable and sort out the throttle linkage, also we have to sort out sp
  4. My feelings are that the PCGB in all the good thigs it has done in the past is no longer a 'club' as we may know but an organisation and possibly a little too top heavy,
  5. As long as it gets me over to Box Hill for a pose then back home again I'll be happy.
  6. With my wide body SSE tucked away in storage for the Winter and only one restoration job on the go, an 'orrible 'illman 'uscky, some automotive joy came my way from my good buddy who is stitching together my Salinas Boys, Cole Foster style street chop down in deepest darkest Fenlands. And here it is, got my blingtastic polished forged rims mounted and the bike is taking shape. It will be dry built then lock down permitting I shall go to the workshop and take a ride on the beast then sort out any glitches or problems then it's tear it all down for paint. chrome and detailing. I've got no defi
  7. If you google Cole Foster you will see more of his bikes and gorgeous cars he has turned his hand to. I believe he's based around the Bay area of San Francisco which is a pretty hard core bike sector. And don't forget to check out Flatlands, there is a couple of pics of my old WL on his web site. Hopefully I can bang up some build pics as Mark gets on with the bike.
  8. Recently sent a US gallon of Swepco over to Steve at Classic Fabrications for the 915 that's in my 356. When the car is back on the road we can find out if the oil performs in a similar way. This might be a little while until some sort of conclusion can be gleaned.
  9. Sold my Harley WL45 just before Christmas. It was a fun bike with loads of thumbs up whenever I rode it but I just didn't ride it that often. OK, the virus has killed off all meets but even so the bike became just a garage queen. Even with a newly rebuilt engine, gearbox and carb it was still a bit hit and miss if it would start, it always got going eventually but you stood there just kicking the b1tch over and when it did burst into life because it wasn't ridden often the pint of oil that had over time drained form the tank down to the crankcase deposited itself all over my driveway, and th
  10. Bloody WOW, and I don't even like crocs!!
  11. I had an old 356 steering wheel which was all bent up, possibly the one from this car as it had quite severe front end damage when I bought it. I drilled out the hub to get the correct splines and made this fit to an old steering wheel that I had kicking around the garage. The intention was to get hold of something a bit more stylish, I would like the sport turbo wheel that is fitted on my SSE but these are rare and expensive so the old wheel has been retained, yeah it's a bit grim but it will stay until I find something better. Now the gauges are American Autometer which are the type which yo
  12. Well I really don't like the term 'six pot' , sounds like some pub frequenting sot. Can we just call it a modified 356, that's all it is. Whatever, my main man Steve has at last got his spraying finger out and the car is finally in it's baby blue and what's more it's baby blue all over, including the roof where there was a distinct depression not formally discovered by any of us. Which is somewhat strange but the reason why no-one noticed it was that for absolute ages the car was in one garage or another up on a ramp and therefore the roof area was out of visual inspection. I mean you get dent
  13. I'm a bit bored so I thought I'd chuck a couple more pics up of the old 356.
  14. I checked the gear linkage last week and all the bushes are new because I fitted a Porsche factory short shift kit not so long ago. I'm going to get it up in the air this week and take an oil sample and compare it with some new stuff. I don't know what I expect to find but it might give a clue. And very sorry for any folks in the new Tier 4, what a sod, we've just had our Christmas at a friends in Guildford chucked down the pan.
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