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  1. I have no idea when this happened but the catches to release the back of the seat in my wide body have both broken off. I have transported one of my racing bikes to events in the back of the car so I can only guess it happened when I manhandled the machine out of the car. I have ordered new catches but I imagine I am going to have to strip off the covering from the seat back to effect the replacement. By the way they are sport seats if this makes any difference but has anyone ever done such a task before. I'll gladly have a go at the job but from your advice would I be better giving the job to an interior specialist.
  2. The Shere hill climb is also on 5th September, there is an autotest there as well. Whilst I would love to get over to Brands for the Porsche do I would also like to go to Beaulieu for the auto jumble but some of my old street rod pals are bringing their cars to the hill climb this has to be my choice. Have a great time at the Porschefest and don't forget to post up some pics.
  3. This isn't about a future event, it is actually about what happened today. I took my wide body down to the Worthing Lions classic car show held right on the seafront in Worthing. It was a very well attended meet both by participants and public and it was just so very good to be able to get outside, to have somewhere to show the car and talk to people. In fact I did so much gassing about the car which I am genuinely pleased to say was very well received that I got home with a sore throat, I feared I had got a dose of the covid. I'm now looking forward to making up for lost time and getting out to as many car meets as I can. Future absolute must attend are Boxengasse and Classics at the Castle, see you there.
  4. Oh dear, just spotted a couple of death bubbles on the rear of the drivers' door shut below the catch. What lies beneath I have quite a good idea and it ain't too pretty. I've had this before on a previous 911 which I did a backyard repair on. Just welded a patch, filled it and sprayed. The car was black so it was an easy paint match but I think this time I should go to the experts. My 356 is still with the guys at Classic Fabs so I reckon when that little one comes back he can have the 911 to play around with.
  5. Just wondering if you will be gracing us with your esteemed presence at Boxengasse in August??
  6. Good heavens no Clive, I shall be attired in the manner of elderly 356 owners with Dunn and Co tweed jacket, cavalry twill slacks, the Yorkshire shirt and rather racy silk cravat. Bang on !
  7. It's always the minor jobs, the unimportant ones that keep being put back until they become items that just have to be addressed. One such job was to fabricate inner covers for the brake discs on the rear, another was to hook up the handbrake cables. Whilst I was still restoring the old dog I decided that the stock handbrake had to go, it was an umbrella handle affair under the dashboard just like you used to find on old Ford Pops. Anyway I didn't have half the necessary parts in the cardboard boxes of stuff I originally got with the car so I fitted an early 911 handbrake assembly on the floor near to the drivers seat. The old rear brakes I had fitted were VW type because I wanted the 5 on 130mil PCD so I could run Fuchs rims. It was an easy hook up at the time with a small bracket being the cable end but this was where the transmission crossmember was now so the handbrake cable had no stopping point until Steve shaped and welded up a pair of mounts and tacked them under the trans crossmember, of course this meant cross member off, clean the welds, re-paint and re-install. Another small jobbie now done. With the oil aerating problems fully solved and the oil cooler being reinstated it was thought a small guard should be fitted to stop any debris from the front wheel cutting into it. This was done together with a mesh guard where there is a hole in the front wing which used to house a light or indicator, I really can't remember what but anyway no nasties can get through there now. And lastly, you'll be pleased to hear, was our small problemette of blowing exhaust gaskets every time the car was out for a test drive. This was a classic case of we'll sort this next week because we knew it was going to be a right a%@eole. The headers I'm running have very thick flanges which when installed left insufficient stud length for the nuts to grab onto. The only solution was to replace all the exhaust studs with nice new long stainless steel pieces. Unfortunately the old studs had been in residence for best part of 47 years and, not surprisingly, they didn't appreciate being disturbed, but, we drilled the bastards out, re-tapped the holes and now everything is screwed down nice and tight. Actually I have only just realised I haven't got a heater in the car, there must be a solution to this, I hope. Well, that's about it, I left Steve and co sorting out the castor, camber and we're still not too happy with the spring rates on the Koni coil overs but it's very, very near to being on the road, although there will be an interior to be organised as all the scabby bits of vinyl need to be replaced, and I suppose that will be a few more grand but hey ho, it's only money
  8. Wow 440bhp from a 2 eighty nine, I'd love to see the dyno sheet on that one. Love the quick lifts on the front, thinking 'bout them for mine and you got some serious rubber on the front there.
  9. Hoping this will work. Can't seem to post as a pic so have a look at : https://youtu.be/-D_ND0xpSc4
  10. Sincerely hope the weather gets a whole lot better for that first ride.
  11. Zoomed up to the Fens to see how my scoot was progressing and it's looking good. The Perla saddle Mark bought for the bike got thrown in the trash because it didn't follow the lines from the tank to the rear fender which means Marky boy is going to have to make one. We mocked up the controls and bars to ensure I could reach every thing and that's were we are at. Quick pic :-
  12. Got a few bits done on the Cobra last week. Pulled the engine and trans out mainly to get within the chassis to make a start on the door hinges which are only tacked on at the moment but they seem to work fine so no more mods will re required here. A fairly major task was to position the Wilwood brake and clutch pedals and the Demon Tweeks throttle pedal. Like many Cobras the driving seat will be fixed so the pedals will have to be able to be moved. This got sorted by copiously drilling the base plate and I shall be having flexible pipework feeding the master cylinders from remote canisters to enable this movement. My pal got some front body mounts punched out of stainless and these sit perfectly on the front chassis and hold the body really firmly. One small hiccup was after the pedals were mounted I clambered into the driving seat and realised the steering wheel was too far over to the right so we are going to have to slice the column mount and re-weld it about 5 cms to port. I did have thoughts of tearing the car all down to have the chassis with the newly fabricated centre console steelwork powder-coated, but this seems unnecessary work. The only part of the chassis that will be seen will be a minor section in the engine bay, the chassis itself has absolutely nil rust, it's in very good shape so I'm very sorry but it's just going to get a thick coating of coach enamel and that will be it. It's not something I'm too happy about it but it's not a show car however, I will bling up the engine to make amends OK
  13. Hello Kats n Kittens, certainly had some fun this week. Top chap Patrick whose middle name is Weber stripped down the naughty o/s bank of carbs and as thought found half a British Rail cheese sandwich clogging up the jets and emulsion tubes with a few crumbs also residing in the float chambers. After blasting the crud out with a couple of tins of super strength carb cleaner then reassembling with new gaskets, the engine was running like a dream. We were so pleased after all the grief we were giving it plenty of beans plus a few revs too many and we didn't notice the oil pressure had climbed to 90 psi. We did notice it had when the gasket got blown out of the oil filter and the engine dumped about a gallon of crude on the workshop floor. Big oops. On detailed inspection what had happened was that the oil relief valve had become stuck, not seized, it just looked like there was a tide mark which had the effect of holding the valve. A light hone of the chamber and a lighter rated spring sorted this problem However I still had the old oil frothing problem so after speaking with experts ie guys that race 911's it was decided to pull the oil tank, cut it open and totally re-vamp the pipe-work and internals. Hopefully the photos will illustrate what was done but basically is re-route the return pipe so it came into the top then exit onto the side of the tank where the oil will enter into a swirl function then through a perforated system to eliminate all froth. The feed pipe was moved from the bottom to the side with a swan neck suction feed to the bottom which will stop any oil seeping down into the engine when it is not running. Lastly we enlarged and smoothed the chambers in the oil filter housing to aid flow. That got stitched up with all fingers crossed that there were no leaks, there weren't, started the engine - 50 to 60 psi and No frothing of oil, absolutely nil aeration. Deepest joy, a massive relief after all the problems. So the end is nigh, just a few more little jobbies to do, one of which was to junk my old bike cable throttle system and braze up some old 911 parts which will give a straight and direct pull back to the carbs. There is a bit of fabrication to do on the rear disc brakes - dust shields - unobtainable then take the bugger for a test drive. I'll let you know how I get on.
  14. A little update and the carbs are giving us a load of grief, in fact it's give up time and the car is going down to Plymouth where there is a race shop with a rolling road and full stores of Weber jets, emulsion tubes etc. What I should have done initially was to have raided the piggy bank, the big piggy bank and bought a pair of PMO's but the Webers were half price of them and it's so much cooler to say 'oh yeah they're Webers mate, instead of 'actually they're not Webers, they're PMO's' what? Anyway the rolling road guys should get them sorted without too much drama or cost I hope. My good pal in Devon is pulling out the oil tank and slicing it in half to redirect the return oil pipe entry point and to baffle the internal section of the tank which I am reliably informed will alleviate my oil aerating problems, which has been a bugbear for far too long. So with these immediate problems behind me I really do think I m not far from hitting the streets, just remembered, got to buy a couple of front tyres for the 6" x 16 Fuchs although there is loads of tread left on the existing Pirelli 195.45s, they have to be about 15 years old or more and they hard as nails. I'm going for some Toyo 195s with a 50 ratio just to bring the front of the car up a tad.
  15. I have really been neglecting my Cobra build up due to my 356 very nearly getting into its finishing stride plus I have been doing all sorts of work at home completing all the masses of work in order to complete the build of a big summerhouse and equally large recreation room in my back yard, like 230 square meters of painting, 24 square meters of patio, I had to re-do one of the roofs blah, boring blah. Anyway Cobra, and one small thing I have managed to do is get the title of the car to be changed to Ford Cobra. That is what is now shown on my V5. OK it's a fibreglass kit car but it's not a MG special because quite a few cars have MGB suspension - very sad, nor is it a Jaguar special because a lot have XJ front and rear suspension - also sad but less so - my car. However I'm not going to tell you how I did it even if you ask me, I have vague thoughts of getting hold of one of those Czech aluminium bodies and call it a Cobra revocation. Yeah - borrocks. Here are a couple of piccys, the body is off again just to make work so much easier and there are the two individual roll over hoops, much nicer than the single piece, Nice close up of the stainless headers twisting around the MGB V8 steering column. Actually the stainless steel isn't the overpriced stuff you can get from Car Builders Solution or Demon Tweeeks, it's high grade stuff used in the milking industry, so there. The hoop is the basis for the firewall plus a mount for the door hinges and my mufferless side pipes and the rebuilt Tremec T5 trans. If you skwint you can just see the bracket that takes the caliper for the handbrake on the prop. I mentioned Car Builders earlier but I think I shall be getting one of their Cobra rads because they do look perfect for the car. 300 sovs though but hey ho it's only money.
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