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  1. Funnily enough thats one of my next jobs, just prior to shut down I got the Porsche relay holders and relays to fit to the original fuse board. I'll see how that goes first but the Wipac units looked relatively inexpensive compared to other led units I've seen and even if I did try that route having the relays in wouldn't do any harm. The Wipac unit would look to get around the issue of led lights not being certified in an H4 unit/reflector though.
  2. I saw that someone on, I think it was, a Facebook group suggested these, or something similar to them, could make a cost effective way of fitting Led headlights to an IB 911: https://bearmach.com/wipac-s7097-led-7-led-black-halo-headlight-set-suitable-fordefender-rhd-vehicles-s7097led Any thoughts? Regards Mark
  3. Stellify


    OK thanks, the sets of (4) speediness I've seen for sale are for 2 of 9x17 + 2 of 10x17 I assume these are for front and rear respectively of a wide bodied car?
  4. Stellify


    I'm trying to get the RUF CTR look while maintaining the option to reverse to standard easily - so extending the wheel arches is beyond the scope of the project, but I have been looking at the Speedlines (not sure if they'll fit on a narrow car though)! I'll see how the bumper mods go first. I did get myself some inspiration and a model to work from on ebay the other day though. Mark
  5. Stellify


    My experience with fg is canoe repairs, patching holes in ford escorts in the early 80's, and re-roofing a flat-roof garage, so nothing with any finesse.. take your point on the use of hand tools keeping the irritating dust and clean up time to a minimum. Nice idea on the fog lights, but mine doesn't have separate fog lights (I believe) they are built into the rear lamp cluster, see attached. I was mainly wanting to copy the 'CTR look' so was looking to replicate the small square lamp or reflector in the valance area of the two original images I posted. Regards Mark
  6. Stellify


    My plan will be to have a practice on something similar first with various tools and techniques before starting on the bumper, so if you see a Reliant Robin, Lotus, TVR etc. with similar slots cut out you'll know what has happened to it!
  7. Stellify


    Thanks for the pointers, appreciate it. Hadn't thought about using a router either.. Regards Mark
  8. Stellify


    Thanks Steve thats good to know. Did you do anything 'clever' when you mounted them, I was going to remove the impact bumper shocks and potential make up some tubes to mount the bumpers on - but would appreciate any pointers? Mark
  9. Stellify


    OK thanks, are you suggesting it's something I could do myself - if the supplier wasn't willing to do it?
  10. Stellify


    As part of a pre-summer freshen up I decided I was going to swap my standard, blistered again, bumpers for fibreglass ones, then spend some time getting the originals in shape to no doubt be refitted again somewhere down the line... The type I finally settled on were the "Yellowbird" style with the Clubautosport ones looking the favourite. The only thing thing is I'd prefer the rear bumper to have slots, as in the two attached images. The only option I can find for this though is to buy the 'proper' Ruf ones but at over $4k for the rear one alone they are more than I'd be prepared to spend. So, two questions please: 1. Does anyone know of a suppler of the Yellowbird Slotted rear bumper for someone on a modest budget? 2. Can someone suggest where I may get the small square reflector, or fog light, that appears in the rear valence part of both the bumpers on the attached images? Many thanks Regards Mark
  11. Thanks both for the pointers, hopefully will get time to explore during the week, will let you know how I get on.
  12. I know I'm resurrecting an ancient post, but: I've got exactly this problem, pulling the pedal all the way up 'cures' it, for a while.. Any idea on what the root cause is, and what I need to change to cure it permanently? Thanks Mark
  13. I'm looking for EB Motosport GRP front and rear bumpers for 911 RS SC (Narrow Body) - if any body has a surplus set? https://www.eb-motorsport.co.uk/products.asp?type=14&sub=27 Thanks Mark

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