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  1. I purchased the first year of 000 and it is very nice. No DIY, but rather in depth editorial and photography. It was a splurge, which unfortunately I didn't continue. Pete Stout is a great guy, and also hosted "Rare Shades" which was pretty interesting, as it gathered PTS and rare color P-cars. Scott
  2. Yeah I have Mick & David looking into the crazing issue. Scott
  3. I've not owned the car very long, so haven't been able to capture a shot I really like, but here goes with a few from this weekend. I am contemplating a ride height adjustment on the car, as it sits a bit high. But, it drives so nicely, I don't want to mess with a good thing either. On a somewhat related note, I was able to drive for an auction - the RM Sotheby's Ft. Lauderdale auction, and drove a 76 Ice Green Metallic Targa with about 36k on the clock. I was really impressed with how the 2.7 ran. Nice little car. Scott
  4. Funny... I just ordered the current version from Amazon for the same reasons. Scott
  5. Indeed. If only my son were still at that age... Scott
  6. Thank you. I have always been a fan of Iris Blue, and certainly wasn't looking for a green car, but was really fond of this one. Scott
  7. Keeping the green theme going... I have recently acquired an '86 Carrera, Paint To Sample - Viper Green Metallic, which I've learned has also been called Emerald Green. Apparently, the color was offered in 76-77, but not since then. The interior is black, and the only real options are a short shifter. Otherwise, pretty standard. The minute I saw it pop up in a PCA advert., I knew I wanted it, as I have not seen another this color - just a few early Turbos, and maybe a Targa from that era. It has been well-cared, but also driven. I am truly amazed how well these 3.2s hold up. I know this is predominantly UK-based, but I am in sunny Florida. I got the Porsche bug back in the early 2000s, and currently I have this, along with a '68S (which spent a lot of its life in the UK), and a 2006 Carrera S. Truthfully though, I may have gotten the Porsche bug very early on, when I was 16, as my first car was a '67 Beetle. Scott
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