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  1. Brads

    Rear tinware

    Just removed the air con bracket from the car so looking for the rear tinware from a non air con car, anything available? Thanks
  2. Doh!!!, I have reordered and will take the original order back, what a bloody numpty.
  3. Just bought a pair, thanks for the heads up. They are £14 each though not for two.
  4. Bushes removed from one spring plate today, what a pig of a job.
  5. Not sure what to use yet Chris, I will need to do some research and get back to you on your offer. Thanks
  6. Bolt out😅 mixture of heat and plus gas (wouldn’t use WD40 if it was free) now to remove the spring plates from the torsion bar, wish me luck.
  7. Stop bolt removed & arm fully lowered, I will give it another go today. Already applied heat until the threads were glowing red but worried that if I get to close I will melt the alloy.
  8. Loads plus heat plus a tight fitting ring spanner and lump hammer.
  9. I am trying to replace the spring plate bushes but having nothing but trouble. The bottom through bolts that attach the plate to the Swing arm are seized solid, I have managed to remove the nuts but the bolts are solid in the alloy arms and won’t budge. I have tried heat but afraid of putting to much into them for fear of melting the alloy. Any suggestions please?
  10. VIN number - WPOAB0919G5120422 Photo to follow.
  11. But it has the California license sticker in the side window
  12. I have a Californian import 1986 3.2 Carrera which has a speedo fitted showing kilometres not miles. Is this normally the case ? Thanks in advance for any advise.

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