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  1. I haven’t taken the sump plug out yet so perhaps will do that tomorrow.
  2. Yes It’s not actually the sump plug but the oil tank magnetic plug.
  3. Phill you don’t know how relieved I am right now after you telling me that, I am just at the end of my tether right now as I am in the middle of repairing the wife’s VW aircooled engine after a fire & my bank balance has taken a massive hit because of it. Any more & I had just as well give up on the classics.
  4. Thanks for your replies, I am a bit concerned to say the least as a friend has just had his engine go bang which has cost him in excess of £10,000 to put right. The sludge was grey in colour and magnetic (I wiped it away with a rag else I could have posted some pictures) it was about a 1/2 of a thimble full.
  5. All cleaned out now, sorry. The sump plug has a channel around the central magnet and this was full of the sludge.
  6. Decided today to drain the oil tank (1st time in my ownership) and have noticed quite a bit of magnetic sludge around the drain plug. I have owned the car a 3.2 Carrera for the last four years but it hasn’t moved out of the garage for 3 of them as I just haven’t had the time to drive it. The previous owner was ultra fussy and had it serviced regularly so I would think that whoever serviced it would have cleaned the sump plug but perhaps not! I am concerned that there seams to be quite a bit of sludge so could anyone tell me if this is normal please?
  7. Cars in the garage (not at the house) will take one tomorrow
  8. Thanks for the link proporsche but the remaining threads have had it. I have ordered a new housing (the new kitchen will have to wait ☺️)
  9. Got one of the pipes of the thermostat housing but the other bl##dy one has twisted the thread off. Thinking now that I will have to try and get the flexi pipes off the cooler, remove the lot then try to remove the long pipes from the thermostat housing on the bench. This is starting to get expensive!
  10. Thanks for the tip Ian & Ivan after several failed attempts with heat & penetrating oil the two hammers worked straight away on the main engine pipe . Now for the thermostat housing. 2 down, 2 to go.
  11. Tank nut undone with no damage 😀, 3 more to go.
  12. Trying to undo the nut onto the oil tank but having no luck at the moment, I an concerned that if I put to much weight behind the spanner that I will crease the tank as it’s only thin metal.
  13. Thanks for the tips guys, I think that I will try to drop the lot from the car then try to sort it on the workbench. Neither pipe is leaking at the moment but I rather get them done before they start.
  14. Need to remove them as they are badly rusted, I want to keep the pipes that run along the sill as these were replaced by the previous owner about 5 years ago. Trouble is if I damage the alloy threads then to replace the thermostat I will need to undo these as well.
  15. I am trying to replace the 2x oil pipes from the oil thermostat to the oil tank and the thermostat to the engine but for the life of me cannot undo the nuts. I have tried heat,plus gas & virtually everything else available, does anyone have any tips on how best to undo these bl##dy things? Any help would be appreciated.
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