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  1. oo7

    Recommended Oil

    Thanks all, much appreciated as usual.
  2. oo7

    Recommended Oil

    Thanks Nige, much appreciated. I would have thought that the oil was quite subjective alright 🙂
  3. oo7

    Recommended Oil

    Hi, I checked my oil yesterday and it's getting close to the low marker. Considering this is my first time adding oil to this car, can someone recommend: A - the best oil for it B - how much should I put in C - i presume you can put the oil in when the car is cold (unlike checking the oil when it needs to be at operating temperature) Thanks in advance for your help.
  4. Thanks for this... looks great
  5. I’ve just ordered a set 😅 Keep an eye on the ‘For Sale’ section of the forum over the next couple of weeks 🙂 I’ll post a pic when I have them fitted.
  6. Thanks Busybee, had a look through them.
  7. Didn’t like the look of them? Not sure what to do. I think they might lift the colour of my car, but i’m worried they might look ‘out of place’.
  8. Cool, I think they would work well with the beige. Did you find them on a particular site, or can anyone recommend a source?
  9. Ok cool. Does anyone know if they came out of the factory on a 3.2 as an option. I’m somewhat of a purist, but I don’t mind changing things on the car IF it was an option for the car back then. Each to their own 🙂
  10. Thanks guys. Can you change the centre console in the wheel, or is a sticker the only option?
  11. Hi, I’m thinking of putted coloured centre crests on my wheels but i’m worried it might look a little naff? 01 - what are your thoughts? 02 - can you swap out the centre of the wheel or are most just stickers? here is a link to my car / colour / spec -
  12. Hi, I brought my car on a 200 mile spin at the weekend, which is my longest trip since owning the car. I thoroughly enjoyed it even though it p*ssed rain for the 100 mile trip back. I spent 2 hours washing and drying the car after the spin and I noticed 2 stone chips. I’ve had a look online and found these guys - https://www.chipex.eu Has anyone used them before, or has anyone any other recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. oo7

    PDF or Kindle Manual

    Ah perfect, thanks Nige... lots of reading to do 🙂
  14. oo7

    PDF or Kindle Manual

    Hey, the link above is dead for all of the manuals. I've searched quite a lot online but can't find an owners manual at all. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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