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  1. oo7

    Jump Start

    All sorted, thank you for your help. I feel like i've just changed the engine in the car, by simply moving and charging a battery back up 🙂 Thanks again for your help.
  2. oo7

    Jump Start

    Ok, so i've tried the following but it didn't work. Can anyone suggest or point out what I am doing wrong. 01 - move the battery as i couldn't get the positive clip around it (unscrewing one bolt and moving the battery is about the most advanced mechanical work i've ever undertaken) 02 - i still struggled to get the positive clip around it, but I think it is on it? 03 - attached Negative to the suspension bolt (as this worked for me before on a previous car) 04 - i'm using this portable Jump Start, which works fine on other cars i've had in the past
  3. oo7

    Jump Start

    Ok great, thanks for your help.
  4. oo7

    Jump Start

    Hi, I've tried searching the forum, but I can't find instructions on jump starting the 911. I've also searched the manual and don't see any instructions in there? On Google, i've found the following - https://www.porscherepair.us/porsche-911-1984-1989/jump-starting-car.html Before I go ahead with the above, could someone with a little bit more knowledge me confirm if the above is ok 🙂 I don't want to damage the car in anyway. I stupidly had every window, door, boot, trunk open to air the car in the weather today, and i forgot to turn the interior door lights off, and the car hasn't had a drive in 3 weeks. Tried to start it there and it struggled.
  5. oo7

    To Lower Or Not

    Ok great, thanks guys, Much appreciated.
  6. oo7

    To Lower Or Not

    Hi, I have kept my 3.2 Carrera completely standard, however I am contemplating lowering it by just 10mm - 20mm (max). I have a few questions which I hope someone can help me with. 01 - Someone mentioned to me previously that the 3.2 Carrera suspension can be lowered quite easily without requiring a replacement of the suspension springs / arms etc? Is this true and advisable? 02 - Any reason you would recommend not lowering the car?
  7. Haha, thanks all. I prefer the black in the photos but up close the coloured work very well with the cream and brown interior. It actually makes the car feel more old / classic... instead of shiny new Porsche badges (which was my worry). I was concerned the coloured crests might have made the car more 'modern' but it does the opposite IMO, when viewing them in the flesh.
  8. Hey, I took the covers of my 3.2 Carrera to let some sun and fresh air at it... and a quick spin to the shop. I also changed the centre crests from black to OEM coloured centre crests. I wasn't going to change them, as I wanted to keep the car completed standard / factory based, however I found out recently that both crests were an option from the factory. I think it works well with the cream, but still can't decide which I prefer. Would you stick with the black or keep the coloured crests on?
  9. Hi, Is there any other number or reference to a standard 3.2 Carrera, similar to how the Turbo equivalent is titled the 930?
  10. oo7

    Washing Your 3.2 C

    I presume the car dryers can be dangerous for the paint if you get too close to it... or would you perceive it to be a better option because less contact with the paint?
  11. oo7

    Washing Your 3.2 C

    Wow... beautiful
  12. oo7

    Washing Your 3.2 C

    Thanks all 👍🏻
  13. oo7

    Washing Your 3.2 C

    Thank you for all of the replies. My car is cleaned and tucked away for a few weeks, while I start the build of a storage until for it (notice measuring tape on the ground 😅) At the risk of sounding like a mad man... do you wash your washing mitts and towels in your washing machine... while your other half is asleep in bed :-)
  14. Hi, I’m interested to know what your washing process is for your 3.2 C? I know some people wouldn’t put a power hose near it, while others do recommend it for cleaning out arches etc. Also, what do you use for washing the body & paint on the car?
  15. Great, thank you. I think a door to drive into the unit, and open the side of the unit to get out.

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