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  1. I’ve not tried as it’s still in transit. it’s a bolt in half cage so yeh top comes straight over the sunroof aperture. I was thinking of reducing its overall height by the difference of the sun roof box, still using the bolt in option.
  2. Good afternoon I’ve just bought a tool cage from a non sunroof car withe the view of fitting to a sunroof model. Having searched around I can find little information on the height difference between the two roofs. Im looking to modify the cage to fit. I’m aware that it will alter the structural integrity of the cage, however it’s only for the show/look. any thoughts? thanks i
  3. Thanks for that. just waiting for my retrofit cdi to arrive and I should be ready to go.
  4. Can I ask what to do with the cut out in the head where the injector would have been. will gasket and isolator surface? thanks
  5. 8adgerx


    I did have a look through a thread that kind of fizzled out, I shall do another search.
  6. 8adgerx


    Has anyone come across a bellows delete panel ? I would like to infill, a solid grp or paintable rubber or impact plastic would be ideal TIA
  7. The car needs to be reliable it gets driven in all weathers. I have a supercup (fabspeed) on it which does sound epic. I will be doing cams pistons etc and have ordered the retrofit cdi. it will be a slow rolling project. I’ve just bought some k&n’s for the time being. I know not the best but the top end rebuild is next on the list, I’m not sure on the foam filters as I’ve seen them catch fire.
  8. That looks like them what year do you reckon that car is ??
  9. These are the tubs I have but no lids. can anyone identify them??
  10. What are people’s thoughts on air filters ??? to go on Weber’s. cheers
  11. Can anyone give me some advise. I would like to go back to a points distributer removing all cdi etc. The car is a 81 us import, are there any replacements available ??
  12. Ah yes those I’m still undecided abut filters. I like the clean look of the trumpets, however not being over precious the car does see rain. I do have the tubs but no lids yet.
  13. Ah that’s great news. I get the porting principle and the tip with the hylomar, just unsure of what you mean by isolators ?? typically not arriving until Monday now.
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