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  1. In Australia we had 911T, S & Carrera. I haver a 911T which was the base model. Its a 1974 build, arrived in Australia in 1974 is an MY75 with 75 chassis and engine number.
  2. Hi Phil ... the blue car is now on the way to Sydney and will be there about the 20th of Sept. I won't be happy until I see it there all in one piece ☹️ In the short time I have had it its fair to say I have grown very attached to it, so I understand how you feel. He is in good hands and will be well looked after. At the end of the coming summer I will be taking him off the road for winter to do a lot of work to the interior and touch up the exterior. Not sure if I will go down the RS clone path yet, but I have plenty of time to think about it.
  3. Thanks guys, drives as well as it looks. Nice to know its a little rare with the factory RS flares 😁
  4. I have just bought a 1974 that has RS flares and no sunroof, it is #107 😁
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