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  1. Jus to say I found a stereo make called Keinzle. From Amazon. Was recommended on you tube by someone that put it in a 930. Looks retro, sounds nice and you get bluetooth for your phone / music. I'm very happy with mine. 85MY and yes a screen aerial which doesn't work. I don't care because I bluetooth everything and I don't want the expense of a new screen.
  2. Thanks Porsche Apostle, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. The SSE looks lovely but lacks power and agility due to all that weight. I found that driving it. And hello Beaky, I live in Stanmore and work in Finchley so hope to see you around. Thanks for all the comments here. Maybe I’ll stick with Twiggy and admire J Lo from afar. That’s probably the right thing to do.
  3. I love my 1995 targa but I’ve always loved the wide bodied cars. I test drove one recently with salesman in passenger seat having been told the SSE targa weighs 200 kg more than my 3.2 carrera, it seemed less lively (salesman was a big fella), but I can’t help but love the look. A 930 turbo is a bit too dear for me and honestly I don’t fancy the shove exiting a bend. Also not many turbo targa’s about. My question is, will the future values of the SSE rise or are they generally not popular, therefore difficult to sell? Do I have to buy a turbo if I want widebbody to ensure a good future value? Or do I just stick with my slim hipped girl? I can’t help it, I like a big booty! Opinions please..
  4. Thank you, I will give Ital a call. Wembley is close. David
  5. Thanks - Ive used them for scratches but didnt know they do accident repairs. I was very impressed with their work last time.
  6. Afternoon all, hope someone can help. My wife crashed her F type Jag and I need it repaired. I'm getting a quote from M&A coachworks who are great but I dont think my insurer will pay their rates. Any ideas, preferably, North London. T ha nks David
  7. Have a look on eBay. Plenty of LHD, not so many rhd
  8. Greetings. I'm David from North London, just joined IB. This is my eighth 911, but my first IB. In 1997 I had a 993 cab but it was tip and I didn't like it, and since then several others, my last being a 991 GTS Cab. I bought this one a few months ago in Preston. Its a 1985, I paid £28k and spent £6k on heat exchangers and bits mostly engine work. She's done 118k miles, had 20 owners but I love the colours, (the interior is Burgundy & v light grey) and Jaz has her running perfectly. I have every service bill and MOT from new and a full glass out respray done in 2017 for good bodywork. She's not perfect but runs beautifully and gets some nice attention. I have a slightly warped dash I would like to correct, but don't fancy a big glass out job. Recover? any ideas? Also has anyone here flared their arches to widebody with any success and is it a big job?

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