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  1. Hi Wayne. I’ve also got my car in at Bob’s. Saw your targa in the paint booth. I’m going for the widebody look- hopefully no problems once he takes off the wings etc. I feel I’m in good hands with Bob, he’s done loads of them. Looking for Turbo sills if anyone has them.
  2. Hi Wayne. Did you get it done? Where did you go in the end?
  3. I’ve got one for sale - purchased in error from eBay £90 unused. Pm me
  4. I’ve got to chip in here. There is no way 1 Ruf = 1/2 a Singer. I agree Ruf doesn’t try to be cool, but honestly, have you seen those Singer interiors. Like Saville Row for Porsche. I’ll bet given the choice, 8 out of ten people on here would go for the singer
  5. Stunning 3.2 Targa sport in Meteor grey with 915 5 speed gearbox. Full glass out and repaint in Summer 2017 with refurbished wheels, new torsion bars, refurbished Targa top. All new bumper fittings, seals, indicators, kidney bowls etc were replaced by previous owner. There are minor paint bubbles to NS headlight, NS B post and lower sill. Gearbox strip and rebuild at 78,000 miles and then again at 109,500 miles (clutch done then too) Interior removal and refurb in 2014 (£6000) New standard complete exhaust fitted last year prior to MOT along with new window, door and roof seals. It's not a coupe so there is still some wind noise but better than most. This car has had fortunes spent on it over the years and £1000's recently. Large service history and lots of original receipts, MOT certs and Tax discs.. A real pleasure to drive roof on or off and will be missed but it's time for a change. Any inspections and test drives welcome. The car is currently in North London. Lots more photos and a file full of history. 24/05/2019; I purchased the vehicle.117,000 miles, Taken to Jaz Porsche who did the following, Speakers and wiring, tuned engine, new heat exchangers and crossover pipes, new hoses, fan belt, 2 new rear cv boots, refit drive shafts new engine oil cooler, new o rings, new front tyres, 4 wheels repainted satin black, Period looking Kienzle” Stereo with Bluetooth and phone mic fitted, lots of ancillary work done. davidkaye7@gmail.com
  6. Thanks Nige and Ian. I got that "off the cuff" from an independent Porsche Garage. It staggered me. I thought a top end rebuild was about £3k. I'm interested to hear that two head studs does not mean a rebuild. There is a slight oil leak from two cylinders both drivers side, that the inspector said are probably head studs. Also 2nd gear syncro is poor. I'm doing some more investigation, but really don't want to buy a dog that will cost a fortune.
  7. Kevinkjse was right in his post above. Two head studs showing real signs of wear. If this is the case it might need a rebuild. I’m told £15k for a full rebuild. Perhaps cheaper if just top end but scary none the less. Thank goodness I had an inspection by Bob at Porscheinspections. Best £410 I’ve spent. (Trouble is I still like the car).
  8. I’m looking at a 3.2 Targa SSE 1985 in Birmingham. Only done 72 k mls but was in storage for many years with not many services. Serviced in 2009, 2015 and 2018. Seems to drive fine but I’m concerned it might be a dog. Anyone know of an inspector for B’ham / Walsall? The last owner bought it in 2017 and has used it very sparingly. Anyone know this car?
  9. Jus to say I found a stereo make called Keinzle. From Amazon. Was recommended on you tube by someone that put it in a 930. Looks retro, sounds nice and you get bluetooth for your phone / music. I'm very happy with mine. 85MY and yes a screen aerial which doesn't work. I don't care because I bluetooth everything and I don't want the expense of a new screen.
  10. Thanks Porsche Apostle, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. The SSE looks lovely but lacks power and agility due to all that weight. I found that driving it. And hello Beaky, I live in Stanmore and work in Finchley so hope to see you around. Thanks for all the comments here. Maybe I’ll stick with Twiggy and admire J Lo from afar. That’s probably the right thing to do.
  11. I love my 1995 targa but I’ve always loved the wide bodied cars. I test drove one recently with salesman in passenger seat having been told the SSE targa weighs 200 kg more than my 3.2 carrera, it seemed less lively (salesman was a big fella), but I can’t help but love the look. A 930 turbo is a bit too dear for me and honestly I don’t fancy the shove exiting a bend. Also not many turbo targa’s about. My question is, will the future values of the SSE rise or are they generally not popular, therefore difficult to sell? Do I have to buy a turbo if I want widebbody to ensure a good future value? Or do I just stick with my slim hipped girl? I can’t help it, I like a big booty! Opinions please..
  12. Thank you, I will give Ital a call. Wembley is close. David
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