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  1. Thank you mate, yes we can’t wait! And I can’t stop looking at all the pictures I took of it😁 Hope so mate thanks again for all your help and advise really appreciate it🍻
  2. Hi mate, thank you. We are really pleased with the car. our trip takes us down the west of France the north of Spain south of France into Italy then back up through the alps in Austria Switzerland etc with all those good driving roads through the passes, Stuttgart of course, up to Hamburg back down through Belgium back across the ferry and time permitting a quick lap of uk😅
  3. That event looks fantastic! we arrive on the 21st April so perfect timing 👍
  4. Yes mate, it looks great as is. It is a factory carrera sport though and I have the original wing, valance, spoiler, lights etc. i think I will fit them at some stage.
  5. Thank you mate yes it was a very busy two weeks i think I just started following you on insta as well! ill have to work out how to upload photos😩
  6. Hi guys A quick note to say thanks to everyone who offered advise and support to buying our IB Targa. I found the ideal car through one of your members and it is now safely tucked away for winter awaiting our return in April next year to start our UK and Euro trip. I was told that getting insurance for an non resident would not be possible but found it no trouble whatsoever through Lockton insurance. Huge thanks to Anthony from Porsche inspections for an awesome job in finding that one car I looked at was not the real deal. Saved me a lot of grief. he also mentioned that the car we bought was one of the best he’d seen in a long while, so that’s great piece of mind. So now we are proud impact bumper owners and we can’t wait to get to enjoying it on our big trip next year thanks again guys for all your help Merry Christmas Rob
  7. Hi mate that is a stunning looking car. One of my mates here at home has a cassis red 964C4 and we all love it. We take the mickey and call it the pink panzer. i fear though that it may be a little above my budget what sort of price? cheers Rob
  8. Hi mate prefer a 3.2 the newer the better. The structural and mechanical condition will be the important bit the colour not so important. all the solid colours would be good though red, white etc. I have been looking at a couple of Baltic blue ones and they look great cheers rob
  9. Hi Mate thank you so much for your info your car looks fantastic, certainly an inspiration 👍 cheers Rob Annett
  10. Hi John thank you for your info i have also contacted Anthony from Porsche inspections so I will contact Porsche valuations as well is bob Spratley contactable through Impact Bumpers? thank you so much for your help cheers Rob
  11. Hi Shirish thank you for your reply and the info i haven’t found a car as yet but I have a list of available cars currently for sale through various specialists. Some will be sold prior to my arrival and I’m sure more will pop up so it’s going to be a case of luck as to what’s on the market when I arrive. i have contacted Phil raby and he is on the lookout for me. I will however contact Williams Crawford as well so thank you for that contact great tip for the insurance as well mate do you know if peter Morgan is still doing ppi,s? thank you so much for all the info Shirish I really appreciate it👍 Regards Rob
  12. Hi guys my name is Rob Annett and I live in northern New South Wales in Australia. I am new to your site and have also just joined Porsche Club GB. i currently own a few Porsche’s but not an impact bumper car but I hope to change that. my reason for joining Porsche club GB and joining your forum is that my wife and I are travelling to the UK in April next year to road trip around UK and the continent for three months and we plan to do our trip in a g series targa. I am heading over to UK at the end of October to purchase the car (all going well🤞)and will store it with a friend awaiting our return in April 2020 as you can imagine it’s proving quite a task to figure out the pros and cons of buying a thirty ish year old car from the other side of the world so I figured what better way to do it than to ask Porsche guys for any help they would be kind enough to offer. I would be very grateful if anyone could help in recommending Porsche specialist dealers, Pre purchase inspection specialists, insurance company that will cover a non resident driving the car in UK and Europe (I do have a British passport though as I was born in N Ireland) registration and any other help I can get. i have also had a look at your for sale section so if anyone is selling a rhd targa I would be very interested in having a look I am a long time Porsche nut and past president of Porsche Club NSW here in Australia looking forward to any help you guys can give. thanks heaps Rob Annett
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