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  1. Oh wow, you mean Vincent as the guy who's nickname is just "Vincent"? I will ask him, never know You are right, maybe almost impossible also to deliver. Right now I am in London. So anything around here is cool. But I am also in Munich, Germany in a bit for a few weeks, so anything there is easy too. You Great all these potential wings pop up here, would be the easiest to find one here But do you guys also have some tips for me what I should avoid, make sure it´s with it etc.? Like e.g. if cracks like this are doable to repair or make sure the not metal parts are not damaged
  2. Hm, yes, but I would keep the "old" lid also... never know if I wanna switch back. But thx mate!
  3. Haha, whale watchting! 😁 Just to have asked: there is not one swimming around in Prussian Blue (Preussisch Blau Metallic) even?
  4. Very rude But can you send me photos and a bit of details to yours?
  5. Hello together, I have a 3.2 Carrera Coupe (with back wiper) from the year 1986. It was factory delivered with a whale wing, but when I bought it it was without. Hearing all the stories (I know different opinions) on the increase in driving stability I want to buy a used one now. I read a lot about it already, original one vs. aftermarket, metal, not metal, buying better including the bonnet that it fits properly, and I see some with little damage like cracks on the plastic or metal etc. etc. So my question would be: what is important to look at when I buy a used one? What is a no go, wha
  6. One more question I go the original Porsche rubber, people told me. How about the screen if necessary? Also Porsche part or anything I should take care of brand-wise?
  7. It´s not all over the wheels that bad, but each of them has a bad part like this. On the fronts (polished outside) the center black paint got affected too. Photo also here. Thx a lot for your advice!
  8. Thx everybody so far, that gives me good feeling already. Maybe really necessary also to have a proper look that it´s not a longer issue and rust grow already too. And sounds like screen breaking when putting it back in is not a regular problem. I live London East... so if there is a recommendation in that area?
  9. Thanks a lot to all of you! I fight for getting them replace with new as they had been new conditions. But it´s tricky. I ask Canford Classic and see. Thank you
  10. Hey guys, a valet car washing used the wrong chemical on my almost new original Fuchs wheels, so the anodizing got damaged (and the black center a bit too). They now offered to pay for refurbishment. Already a loss, refurbished then 11 months old (new) ones, but ok. I found Nick Moss (early911) seems to be THE man to come close to original, but I can´t reach him so far, seems like he is out of business maybe. Has anybody a recommendation on that same level? I mean that you put an original next to it and seems the same? The car wash is suggesting now companies with no references on Fuchs W
  11. Hello together, at my car there is lately coming water (drop by drop) out between the windshield seal and the glas. On the left bottom corner. And the right bottom is wet too. So people told me two options: 1) change the seal/rubber. They are old, but not too hard or something. Seems like a safe option to get a new rubber, but then they warned my glas can break while putting in and out. That´s pricy then. 2) option let it get sealed at the right places. What is your experiences on this? Sealing and having trouble maybe soon again with an old rubber and can´t check how it looks under (rus
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