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  1. Mine idles at 900. My old 356, well it just ticks over around 600 😁
  2. Image from the Bentley shows little that will assist, I suspect. Check the wires carefully against the image off the switch you have already posted and match that to the wires from the new flasher/indicator. Make sure the switched and constant power are connected correctly as it is easy to misread the wire codes/colours and that the earth is attached (really important-did you earth the new flasher switch?). You could test your light switch by disconnecting the battery and using your ohm meter, test the continuity of the various positions and terminals on the light switch.
  3. SWF should be fine. It is not the one for later cars with the added #58 terminal? On yours, check on the red/white (switched power) and the red (only; constant power). Make sure they aren't swapped. And also that you have good ground! Run an extra one to make sure. SW black; WS white; RY Red; GN Green; GE Yellow; Gr Grey; BR Brown ground; BL Blue; Li Violet
  4. SWF should be fine. It is not the one for later cars with the #58 terminal? On yours, check on the red/white (switched power) and the red (only; constant power). Make sure they aren't swapped.
  5. Sorry I meant light switch, not ignition. Which new turn/flasher switch did you install?
  6. I did the same job recently and the tricky part is the connections to your ignition switch. I found one of mine was incorrect on the ignition switch. Also if your car has had an immobiliser in the past disconnect that as well as the old connections to the former light/turn switch.
  7. Merv

    Sports Seats

    I did read about that option. Here with our heat - a leather dash would be a disaster.
  8. Merv

    Sports Seats

    Ah ha! That explains about the bolsters. Even my wife likes these seats and that says a lot.
  9. Merv

    Sports Seats

    Thanks. I would have sworn that the bolsters were leather by the apparent grain. No point in using Leatherique then! Ripper seats, however. PS Like the radio Longman. Have the same.
  10. Merv

    Sports Seats

    My '88 came from the factory fitted with these sports seats. I have read in different places that they were 'part leather', "leatherette', etc. What was the material used in these? The side bolsters on the uprights are certainly leather. They are electrically adjustable and extremely comfortable, possibly the best seats I have had in a Porsche.
  11. Merv

    Nice noise

    Interesting. Not seen them on US cars or ones here with our ADR's. Will keep looking.
  12. Merv

    Nice noise

    Good for you! On your rear bumper there are some inbuilt reflectors. Were they a UK thing as I haven't seen them here (OZ)?
  13. I bought the kit for the transmission bushings. They fitted really well, as described. Then when I pulled the original engine mounts out to replace them with some OEM ones that I had. I did measurements on the old rubber engine mounts when I removed them from the mount frame - and the dimensions were the same as the SP spares. So, I trialled the spare set of SuperPros in the old mount frames (figuring same hardness front and rear). They were the same dimensions and also fitted well. Time will tell on the engine mounts.
  14. If you contact them you can get the detailed specifications. They know their market well. Then measure your engine mounts bushings and your transmission mount bushings (width, depth). Suffice to say the split bushings supplied for the transmission member fitted perfectly as did the engine mount bushings. I have fitted many sets of rubber bushings engine and transmission mounts on other 911's and these ones do the job well.
  15. Not sure what you mean (sorry don't know your name). https://superpro.com.au/find/superpro-sway-bar-bush-kit-for-a-superpro-suspension-parts-and-poly-bushings-for-porsche-911-1965-1994-911-coupe-92-01-70-12-72-/productnr-SPF3863K/cid-999501281/vid-3745 https://www.ebay.co.uk/c/1944244058
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