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  1. Seems to have varied by market Here in Australia they got to pretty poor Eurovox. Now people want crazy money for those.
  2. Did this (VDO) . Took me an hour. Best thing I have DONE.
  3. Merv

    Washing Your 3.2 C

    I use a microfibre kit, garden hose and a good chamois. Then the garden leaf blower to get the water out of the crevices. Works well.
  4. Very few folk putting tails on any more. The opposite here. The clean look is the way to go.
  5. The VDO at around 75 pounds here is a great unit. Clear phone and streaming and nice unadorned look.
  6. Mine is also 88 and they are rectangular. All plastic and clip on. Pretty sure they are original. Am I missing something
  7. Lovely car. They have lots of character. And hold value. Also greetings to everyone for a happy and safe Christmas. It is Christmas Eve here and the dinner is almost ready!
  8. Merv

    K@N air filters

    Paper filters work better seems to be the majority response.
  9. I saw one this colour this last week at one of our meets. Love it!
  10. I would too but its a bit far. You have done a great job there. Summer beckons!
  11. Replaced by a colleague who sent me his spare.
  12. Merv


    Thanks Phill. A fellow PFA member is spending me his spare, so it will be swapped out. Simple device really, but the halves are firmly glued together. (image not mine)
  13. Merv


    Spoke too soon. Now it is kaput again with no continuity anywhere. Will need to open the thing and see what the problem is.
  14. Merv


    Edit: Removed the TPS and set it up on the bench with proper connectors and was ready to split it to find out what the problem was. Beforehand I gave it a good spray out with automotive contact cleaner and then vacuumed it out gently. Now it works! I get continuity around 80% throttle opening. Will re-install and test again there.

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