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  1. Many thanks. This helps and a fully agree on the 'spare'!
  2. Same link I used Ian. I was really asking for any experience in their use, especially the prime function.
  3. Has anyone had experience with these? They look good value, but making sure they are compatible with the late 3.2's. https://www.ftech9.com/new-products/911-ssr-pp
  4. Ta Roy. Will check it out.
  5. Edit - fitted a new battery and its starts perfectly! I was led to believe the battery was 3.5 years old (hence initially ruling that out) when the code I found on it says 6years. Thanks for the help! I might also replace the DME before long but it seems that there is no solid state version for the 87-89 cars?
  6. Cleaned all the earth connections and tested for resistance. All good. Also cleaned the connections on the starter and solenoid. Tested voltage at the yellow cable from the ignition to the solenoid when cranking and it just dies. So I suspect either a faulty electrical module on the back of the ignition switch or more likely, a battery that won't crank any longer. Battery voltage is fine and it is less than 5 years old, however if it won't crank ... maybe time for a new one to test that aspect.
  7. Many thanks. The Starter cranks about once or twice only, unless on some occasions it spins up normally and starts. The headlights don't seem to dim at all. I had replaced the woven earth straps with 2 cable types a year ago at different chassis points. I will check the voltage across the battery while cranking in the morning and the solenoid connection and report back. If I do need a new battery what cranking amps are recommended (I have a CTEK 5.0A charger/maintainer)??
  8. On occasion my 1988 3.2 911 won't start with (immobiliser off) but then it will start vigorously and idle and run perfectly over the next few weeks. Today I have the battery fully charged and showing 13.9V, (2) grounds all good, lights work fine and the starter just starts to turn and then the ignition lights and gauges on the dash just die. I can check the solenoid connections tomorrow but could this be the DME relay or even a faulty IGN switch? Many thanks
  9. Merv

    What Tyres!?

    I got the Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE003s and they are excellent in wet and dry and quiet - cost around $AU750.00 for the set with a front end alignment. Most popular tyre for the 3.2's in this country.
  10. If you pay a lot more for something, it has to be better? Same with car polishes.
  11. Keep us posted and enjoy the fact that you are doing this yourself. Always more satisfying.
  12. Nice progress. Just keep it off salted roads! Can't believe some of the corrosion in your pics. The motor sounds good and strong now.
  13. Sounds a good development Mark. I have done a fair amount of restoration on seats and steering wheels and the prep was always the time consuming part.
  14. Cleaning and conditioning the leather is one process. Using a dye is another.
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