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  1. The reason to replace is only personal preference. The extra indicator lens are a little bit more complex because when they replaced the headlights they didn't move the position lights inside them. So it remained as the american version when lit, position lights are beside the indicators.
  2. Thanks Graham! I really would like to replace the bumpers, since the headlights are already Euro. Brazilian licence plate does not fit with the US ones and Euros are much prettier. The car was imported to Brazil in 2009 and I bought it in 2014. It came from California and now shows 216k miles on the clock.
  3. Thanks! I intend to keep it this way, for sure!
  4. Hi guys! My name is Pagliaro and I live in Brazil. I own a 1980 SC Coupe, US version, for about 5 years. Here she is: Previously I had a 1979 SC Targa. This one: And thats all for now! I have some issues to solve in my car, so I'll be asking some questions soon, hehehe..... Regards!
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