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  1. Wish I knew you in 2006 - looks like the perfect car for me and I’d have given you £14k!
  2. Hello all. 1988 3.2 G50 here. Lot’s to do to get it back on the road - first is an engine drop I did this weekend ready for a jolly good clean, a new starter, new clutch and a proper service inc valve gaps. Need some new tinware too as the front transmission side pieces are rotted through. Any recommendations for things to do while the engine is out? Going to renew the bushes on the ARB while that’s off....do people go for stock OEM or are polywatsies the way forward? Cheers and thx to all those of you who have contributed to the threads I’ve been getting advice from!
  3. Hi, just wanted to say thanks for this thread. It motivated me to take my old starter out prior to ordering the 10 teeth Powerlite. Turns out my 88 G50 also currently has a 9 tooth pinion so will order the 508 instead of the 508A that I was about too!
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