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  1. I ran this S4S for a while. I know this is newer than you are looking for but my experience with these was not very good. The cabin space is very tight and the earlier ones are smaller. The 4 cylinder turbo engine isn't the best and revs out without really getting anywhere. Compared to my 3.2 Carrera it felt slow. These need a cam belt change every 2 years and that's a engine out job. They do feel kit car like . Handling again wasn't as sharp as the Porsche. Great car for looking at in the garage and I loved the colour and wheels 😀😀
  2. These are a nice unit . Ray Smith audio.
  3. This code is on my steering wheel 911347084 09VERL. What's the last part refering to 09 VERL
  4. Thanks I will update add
  5. Carrera2

    Momo boss

    I bought this for my 1988 Carrera but never fitted it. Looking for £50
  6. Thanks will do.. school boy error.
  7. I bought this for a 1988 Carrera but never used it. Looking for £50
  8. Is the wheel diameter bigger?
  9. I have this on my 1988 3.2 sport . Is this an original wheel and how do you know ??
  10. It's in the thread earlier on suslysurdi. Great bit of reading 😊
  11. That is a nice engine bay. I was wondering what the black box was 😀 but never investigated. Love the red parts .
  12. I use the 2 bucket method and a good Swissvax wax then dry of with fibre cloths. I have applied a ceramic coating to my paintwork to try and protect it against more scratches ,this makes it easier to wash and dry . I then use Swissvax lotas speed to clean .
  13. Nice work lovely car.
  14. It's got front fog lights, electric windows and looks like air con. The C's had none of these as far as I know.
  15. Great work and a very interesting read. These cars do get under your skin and always need something upgraded or investigated. I suppose that's why we buy them 😀😀
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