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  1. Carrera2

    Rial wheels

    Cheers Andy, when you fitting the new wheels.😀
  2. Carrera2

    Rial wheels

    Thanks Graham, trying to keep the garage tidy is hard 😂 floor won't be like that for long.
  3. Carrera2

    Rial wheels

    Well got these wheels fitted and I do like them against the red paint. Just need new wheel nuts to finish it off. They appear to be very well made and a German built wheel if that means anything 😀
  4. Carrera2

    Rial wheels

    Same as these ones.
  5. Carrera2

    Rial wheels

    Hi chaps I was looking at a set of 7 and 9 Rial wheels . Anyone used these before they are the deep chrome dish with gold centres..
  6. Looking great and that is some effort so far.
  7. Carrera2


    There is never a right time.☚ī¸â˜šī¸
  8. Carrera2


    Seen them Graham and they are very reasonably priced. Looking for around ÂŖ800.
  9. Carrera2


    Hi I am looking to sell these wheels only Gloss black 16 inch 71/2 front and 8 back. These are in great condition. I am looking for a set of fuchs .
  10. So is this saying 255 left on the road? What years are these from and to.
  11. Was trying to find out how many of our classic Porsche are still on the road but can't seem to find any numbers.
  12. Just been through this post and some great work being done but a very solid car . Lovely attention to detail.
  13. Cheers jevvy looks like I might be at my lowest setting. How much more would be in this adjustment do you think .
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