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  1. I used MT autobody repair in Bilston. It's hard to find a decent body shop but this guy was recommended through another IB guy who had his car resprayed there.
  2. Managed to get round to booking the car in to get things sorted out. The front bumper was removed and blasted and painted re fitted. There was some other bits that needed done so got them fixed. The small rust area in the b post was fixed. They also checked in side the sills with a bore scope and couldn't see any problems in that area😊 span widgetspan widget
  3. Wow someone really wanted that car. As they say it's all about finding the right buyer. This will probably be tucked away in a private collection and hardly used.
  4. It's on pistonheads for over 150,000 . I think it will be lucky to see 130,000 and there will be a reserve on it to do it might not sell. There is also a red targa on collecting cars. Wonder what that will go for 😊
  5. There is one coming up for sale on collecting cars. This should be interesting to see what sort of money it fetches 😨😨
  6. Hi Shea are these figures good then? I thought the lower the number the better??
  7. Reduced to £50 any takers?
  8. I have these 2 door sill cover in a chrome finish with a Porsche logo on them. Looking for £70 plus postage.
  9. May might be ok depending on how all this goes☹️
  10. I had the same idea with the weather being so nice I had to get out. Hope to get a meet soon.
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