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  1. It’s more the whale tail style I’m after. If I knew how to post pics it would be this one http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-used-parts-sale-wanted/1010468-wtb-early-carrera-3-0-turbo-whale-tail-rear-rubber-spoiler.html
  2. Hello! Well as the title says anyone running an early turbo spoiler on their 3.2 similar to the orange one in the IB title? Mainly looking for opinions on fiberglass repos as I’ve deleted A/C from the back and keeping the weight down would be a plus. The car has the front spoiler but the previous owner removed the rear wing and replaced with a flat lid. Thoughts, opinions? Will be between the early turbo tail or a duck. thanks
  3. just came across this and wanted to say thank you
  4. Will check a glazier or the above link. Thay do look good on the mantle piece tho!
  5. Im just after the fuel/oil level gauge. Mine still works fine although the glass is delaminating on one side.
  6. kempus

    Speaker covers

    Excuse my ignorance but are these the same size as to the ones on the rear self?
  7. No problem Ivan, was just incase you changed your mind.
  8. If not sold can I take it?
  9. What still for sale? Looking for Fuel Gauge and Oil Level or just the glass if it can be separated?
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