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  1. Hello Mark Thanks for the info. Is your car a 3 speed like mine then ? Did you ever find out how many 76 Sporto’s there are in RHD UK spec? is yours a LUX ? I’m guessing it’s just 4 or 5 cars that still have the sporto box? What’s the acceleration like from standstill In “D” ? Without using low .Can you just leave it in D on A roads ? Regards Timothy
  2. Hello I’m also interested in how many RHD 76 Sportomatic coupes that are left as Sportomatic . ( i.e not converted to manual) I’m getting a black sporto coupe sorted at the moment , engine rebuild etc , also what’s a Sportomatic like to drive, are they that bad to drive ? Does the Sportomatic gearbox make them sluggish? Thanks Timothy
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