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  1. My fan unit in the front beside the fuel tank, has died, I was going to look at a new motor and fan blade combination, but I would suspect there are other gaskets and seals required, is it worth doing this or better to buy a replacement unit? Just wondering if anyone else has changed this unit
  2. Yes please! Will have to look at how I can arrange a collection, but happy to pay in advance.
  3. Hi is there any likelihood of any more bulk buys happening anytime soon, for wheel arch liners?
  4. Hi are the H4's still available?
  5. Darkstar32

    New member

    Welcome, Great pic, hope you have plenty of fun
  6. Nice find, hope it finds the home it deserves!
  7. Yes I need a couple of wings, and a few other bits, It's going to be a while before, I get it the way I want
  8. Just saying Hello, Currently I have a 1986 Carrera 3.2, which sadly needs quite bit of work, so always happy to hear from anyone about a good source of spares. Cheers Doug

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