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  1. Hi i have a pair suitable for a borrow body car. they are used and will need a blast and repaint but they are solid . £100 the pair, delivery to be arranged by courier if your choice or pickup from B912bx Can get pics if interested. " narrow "
  2. After years of procrastination I am in the market for a speedster, 89impact version but others considered. I am aware there's a few out there for sale already with reputable dealers but I'm posting this to see if there's anything interesting out there. I have for a good few years followed the market and am aware of a few written off cars, some evocations and other misfits. I'm interested to hear from any private potential sellers that may have a car for sale. I am considering anything initially, LHD / RHD , damaged or a project. If you have one or know where there may be one for sale please get in touch, initially by email. orangecaymans@yahoo.co.uk steve
  3. Correct email orangecaymans@yahoo.co.uk
  4. For sale is a pair of alloy impact bumpers. Blasted clean and in very good condition. No delamination . Bellow holes all good. The rear maybe a USA spec as I believe it has wider spaced holes for the different width rubber overrider. £150 each or £250 the pair. collect from B91 Birmingham Orangecayman@yahoo.co.uk

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