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  1. The slitting approach looks a bit like this:- (Just one pipe for me [SSI fitment] so left the lot on the car) My tool of choice is a cordless Dremel type tool, with a Dremel "Speed-Clic" 38mm cutting disk setup. These do not break like the pot-hard cheapy disks. Slit on the bottom of the nut (the 6 o'clock position. Photo from the ground up. Split on the top - approx 1-2 o'clock. Cut quite deep. Then thumped towards the interior of the car with a chisel:- The nut hinges open nicely. You can see the aluminum oxide on
  2. Wonderful car and I love that interior. Mine has a 3.2 tail - which was news to me when I came on here. The flat back look is growing on me though; weird! Given enough time I might even actively like the lines of the Targa! 😉
  3. Realise this is an old thread but found it interesting. I had a VX220 Turbo in the past with a (standard) intercooler in front of a rear wheel in a side pod complete with a scoop. A VX220 handles quite a bit like an IB 911 by the way! The charge temps were high, and easily over 75C. Many of these cars were modified and ran in excess of 300bhp and there was a competing camp of fitting ever bigger and better intercoolers behind the scoop and fitting an air-water heat exchanger with an additional radiator at the front. The later was more successful. In general its very hard to
  4. Just having a go at this business in order to fit some SSI HEs to my SC. The two hammer trick is a good call - I was telling somebody last week how well this works with ball joints. My oil tank and engine connections have loosened, but I ideally need both rearward facing pipes of the TS and neither are moving thus far!!
  5. I think that plate is meant to be "Fem Dom" https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Femdom I suspect the crazy deposit is more to stop ebay chancers "buying it" on spec then turning up and trying to haggle or not liking the smell of the headlights or something.
  6. Very interesting read. A lot more complicated than I might have thought after also dreaming of EFI.
  7. All the ebay ones were from China though - or at least looked that way from the delivery time estimates. Very cheap! (Edit - looks like that one might be actually in london!)
  8. The 20quid delivered one doesn't look too bad when turned off. Bluetooth seems to work well. (The remote doesn't work but I wouldn't use that) They have 4.5 stars on Amazon from eight hundred reviews. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aigoss-Bluetooth-Digital-Handsfree-Wireless-Black/dp/B07RBW1KVH/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=car+stereo+bluetooth+vintage&qid=1580812786&sr=8-4 Its whats in the photo on my "new member" thread. I would have liked to pay maybe double/triple for something a shade nicer - but not 300quid for something with less features. John
  9. I will have to look at the receipts for where it lived at that time. It was originally bought from Bradford JCT600. Thanks for the comments folks - as I said I'm learning to love the blue. It could use a clean in the above photo of course! Hoping to keep it mostly original - though I do fancy some early style heat exchangers or SSIs. I don't like a too sporty exhaust note but its really very hard to tell its a 6 cyl at the moment. It sounds like its common for them to be quite modified then? I ditched the lotus because my kitcar is more fun and wanted something to pamper and
  10. Blue heaven 😉 That red and avocado is incredible!! Hahaha!!
  11. (Though the variety of weird and wonderful interiors seems to be part of the fun!)
  12. Thanks folks. Iris blue is correct I think - will check the paint code. As far as interior colours; I think of this clip (only substituting 'bathroom' and '911' and 'white' with 'black') :
  13. Hi folks! Great to find a good forum for the 'best' 911 vintages! I've been an owner for 10 days of a light blue 1982 SC coupe. Its got a somewhat questionable blue interior which - having looked at interior parts prices - I'm busy learning to love. Its had engine/gearbox/suspension rebuilds as well as a respray - so condition appears to be good other than a bit of poor wiring and an intermittant fuel gauge (so far). First picture I took of the SC attached - and the last picture of my previous car, which has gone to make financial room for the Porsche. I al
  14. I'm already sure my input here hasn't been useful. I'll stop cluttering it up more! 😂
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